7 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Insurance Interview


If you’re applying for an Insurance job, it’s likely that you’ll have to go through an interview with one or more people in the company before you can land the position. This isn’t just to make sure that you have all the skills and personality traits needed to be successful at your job; your interviewers are also taking a look at whether or not you would be an asset to the company and a good fit for their culture. To help increase your chances of acing your interview, here are seven tips from someone who has interviewed many others in the past and knows what works best.


Research the company

When you’re interviewing for a job at an insurance company, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Here are a few tips to help you learn more about the company and what they’re looking for in a candidate

1) Go on their website and see if there is any additional information on their insurance products.

2) Research other companies in the industry (look for interviews with employees) to get a better idea of what this company offers.

3) Review social media pages to see how well-liked this employer is within the industry.

4) Speak with friends or family who have worked for this particular insurance provider before, or contact alumni from a school where this employer has recruited from before.


Start a list of questions

When you’re interviewing for an insurance job, the best way to prepare is to know what questions you might be asked. Here are seven of the most common questions, along with some tips on how to answer them

1) What’s your idea of a perfect workday?

2) How do you react when faced with a challenge?

3) What do you like to do in your spare time?

4) What would you like me to tell me about yourself that I don’t already know?

5) Tell me about a time when your creativity saved the day.

6) Tell me about a time when things didn’t go as planned and how did it turn out in the end?


Bring your resume

You should always bring your resume to an interview, even if you think the interviewer knows everything about your work history. This shows that you’re organized and have taken the time to prepare for the meeting. Plus, it gives you a chance to highlight any special skills or experience that might set you apart from other candidates. If you’ve been laid off recently, update your resume with what you’ve been doing since then. And when updating your résumé: be sure to delete any job positions where no company is listed on LinkedIn; this could indicate possible criminal activity.


Find out when your salary will be reviewed

1.Find out the review schedule for your company. Some companies review salaries every year, while others do it every few years.

2.Do your research before the meeting. Know what the industry standards are for your position, as well as what other employees in your company are making.

3.Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments.Your boss will want to know what you’ve been up to and how you’ve contributed to the company. He or she may ask about why you’re interested in moving into this field and why he or she should hire you. Come with an answer ready! Prepare by doing your research beforehand. Ask yourself: Why am I interested in this field? What is my goal? How has my experience helped me prepare for a career in insurance? For example, if you have managed risk successfully at another company, be sure to mention that on your resume or during the interview. If not, consider volunteering at a local food bank where risk management skills could come in handy–experience is key!


Come with examples

Whether you’re a first-time insurance agent or a seasoned pro, it’s always hot best to prepare for your interviews. Here are seven tips to help you ace your next insurance interview

1) Make sure you know about the company: It’s important to understand the history of the company and what makes them special. Doing so will allow you to be better prepared for any questions they may ask about their organization. 2) Know about yourself: It is also hot best to prepare for your interviews if you know yourself well. If you don’t have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, then how can you expect someone else to? Knowing these aspects will make it easier for others to sell themselves.

3) Develop relationships with key people: Relationships take time and effort to build but can pay off in spades in the long run.


Dress well

One of the best ways to prepare for an insurance interview is by dressing well. First impressions matter, and you want the interviewer to see you as a professional. Wear a suit or dress pants and a blazer, and make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. Additionally, avoid wearing too much perfume or cologne, as this can be overwhelming in a small space. For women, it’s important to wear a conservative hairstyle that doesn’t require any styling during the interview. Men should keep their hair short and tidy so it doesn’t get in their face when they talk with the interviewer.


Do your homework

You wouldn’t go into a job interview without first doing your homework on the company, so why would you do the same for an insurance interview? Research the company’s history, their product offerings, and any recent news stories. This will not only help you better answer questions, but it will also show that you’re truly interested in the position. It’s ok to be nervous: Even though the interview is just a conversation, it can feel like an exam when you’re sitting across from someone who has all of the power. Hot best way to prepare for this is by preparing answers to common questions like: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What motivates you to succeed?

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