Analyst/Researcher (Local Consultant): Standards Certification in Ghana, Ghana at International Executive Service Corps (IESC)

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Analyst/Researcher (Local Consultant): Standards Certification in Ghana

Location Ghana

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Feed the Future Ghana Trade and Investment Activity (GTI) is a 5-year project aimed at growing and diversifying exports to boost national GDP and household income for Ghanaian citizens through the adoption and enforcement of internationally recognized standards along agricultural value chains, the reduction in time and cost to move goods across borders, and increased investment, especially among small and medium enterprises.

A significant component of GTI is to improve the quality of high-value agricultural goods and products by strengthening traceability systems, incentivizing SME awareness and use of these systems, and ensuring that the enforcement of SPS standards aligns at the national and international levels. To do this, the project is seeking to support export-oriented enterprises to adopt and achieve compliance with internationally recognized market driven standards.


GTI requires a consultant to conduct an assessment of the most relevant international market-driven standards certifications for targeted export-oriented agricultural value chains (TBD) that the project will focus on for traceability interventions. The assessment will provide information for export oriented small and medium sized enterprises in Ghana, including exporters, processors, and packhouses through easily accessible guides that catalogue standard certification options, particularly for accessing EU and US markets, and provides guidance on related compliance requirements, benefits, and estimated costs.

The consultant will collect information from available secondary sources, as well as interviews, as needed, with relevant stakeholders including the Federation of Association of Agricultural Exporters (FAGE), Ghana Export Promotions Authority (GEPA), agricultural exporters to the EU and US, the Ghana Green Label (GGL) Foundation, and international buyers of agricultural produce from Ghana.

This assessment of relevant international standards certifications is the first step, and it will lead to the establishment of a database of relevant international standards that are in high demand from international buyers and are locally accessible to Ghanaian exporters. As part of the assessment, the consultant will be expected to make recommendations on the most suitable Government of Ghana agency to host the database.


The Scope of Work for the assignment shall include:

  •  Conduct an assessment to determine the most relevant international standards certifications for agricultural products within target value chains (TBD) to access international market channels, particularly the EU and US.
  •  Provide summary guidelines for each relevant international standard certification identified, including the compliance requirements, benefits of certification, and cost estimates.
  •  Make recommendations on the most suitable Government of Ghana agency to host a database of guidelines for each international standards system.
  •  Deliver recommendations to GTI team and selected stakeholder.


  •  An assessment report of the most relevant international standards certifications with recommendations on host institution for database of guidelines.
  •  End of Assignment Report, including summary of activities undertaken.


  •  Practical knowledge and experience with international standards certifications for agricultural products demanded by US and EU buyers.
  •  Experience of working in the agriculture sector and with export commodities in Ghana, preferably within target value chains (TBD).
  •  Must have a minimum of 10 years’ experience conducting agricultural marketing research, including a deep understanding of international standards systems.
  •  Experience working on USAID funded programs is preferred.

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