Assistant Research Officer – UZIMA Study at Wellcome Trust

Research Medical Specialist I - Paediatrics

The main purpose of the job is to manage the data science studies at the Kenyan Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)-Wellcome Trust Programme, which is one of the other sites distributed across Mombasa, and Nairobi. The UZIMA-DS project is funded by the NIH Common fund with a broad aim of setting-up studies to investigate trajectories of long-term life and functional outcomes and their correlates among participants in the birth and earlychildhood development cohorts in rural and urban settings of Kenya. The data harmonization and empirical assessments may involve correspondence with other Kenyan sites participating in this proposed work. In particular, the Assistant Research Officer will work in consultation with the site PIs to submit protocols for ethical/continuing/amendment review, prepare study logistics, to supervise data collection, conduct empirical assessments, and participate in communications and engagement strategy.


  • Principal investigators

Location: Kenya


  • The post holder will be responsible for overseeing project operations including costs; and monitoring of the logistics for running the study.


In the UZIMA-DSI project, we aim to set up a study to assess and to predict the long trajectories of health and functional outcomes of participants in the Early Child Development cohorts of neurological and other neuro-behavioural studies. We hope to harmonize current large datasets from birth cohorts such as KIPMAT and Early Child Development cohorts and conduct empirical assessment of neuropsychological and functional outcomes in the participants in these cohorts. It is hoped that the resultant multimodal datasets artificial can be subjected to intelligence and machine learning methods to develop, validate and disseminate predictive models that identify children and adolescents at high risk for poor neurodevelopmental and functional outcomes.

The Assistant Research Officer job will involve implementation of the UZIMA-DS projects, including supervision and collection of data and conduct of follow up empirical assessments in participants from Kilifi, Kenya. They will be involved in management of both internal and external communications with our collaborators, ensuring availability of logistics e.g. use of fully translated battery of neuropsychological and mental health assessment tools (Kiswahili and Kigiriama), identifying and engaging key stakeholders particularly within the county, and providing with mentorship and guidance in communication.

The post holder will be able to work unsupervised, but will be expected to constantly consult with the principal investigators. The post is both mentally and technically demanding, involving a high level of understanding of the nature of challenges of people living with neuro-disability and comorbid mental health problems, and communication and coordination with other studies ongoing in the group.


  • Preparation of logistics for the studies including preparation of protocols for ethics review, and coordination of training of members of staff involved in the Kilifi site
  • Participate in data collection, eg conducting empirical assessments as assigned by principal investigators and ensure appropriate collection, storage of data
  • Help with supervision and coordination of members of staff in the epilepsy studies, particularly the clinicians, nurses and field workers
  • Arranging for site visits or on-site trainings by our collaborators as well as team building activities of members of staff
  • Act as the liaison in communications between the principal investigators and collaborators or participating sites
  • Help with safe record keeping of the UZIMA-DS study documents including processing materials for any emerging protocol amendments
  • Identify stakeholders and determine strategic engagement strategies with the communities and county and hospital administrators
  • Provide professional support in the preparation of the UZIMA-DS reports including reviewing, editing and providing rigorous feedback on drafts of papers to ensure high standards.
  • Possess excellent organisation skills for overseeing training of staff, safe record keeping and operational costs of the project
  • Able to work flexibly and productively with colleagues, researchers, external delivery partners and multiple stakeholders



  • A Bachelors’ Degree in the field of Nursing or Public Health or Epidemiology from an accredited institution.
  • At least 1 year’s relevant experience conducting research, managing communications and project management of research studies.
  • Excellent hands-on communications skills with local or international collaborators
  • Experience in conducting studies involving research subjects from the community or hospitals
  • Basic understanding of data analysis, that is useful in tracking study progress and for graphical presentation of the same


  • Excellent interpersonal and engagement skills
  • Understanding and exposure to Good Laboratory Practice


  • Demonstrate high levels of integrity and confidentiality
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, presentation and communication skills
  • Basic analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills;
  • Team working and ability to work in diverse teams
  • Flexibility, adaptability, multi-tasking and attention to detail


  • Based at the KEMRI/Wellcome Trust office in Kilifi.
  • Occasional travel to visit collaborating sites or training.

How to apply

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