Call for Experts – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Expert At International Centre for Migration Policy Development

Organisational overview

Following ICMPD Member States’ adoption of Strategy 2025 in June 2020, the ICMPD team, under the leadership of the Director, Policy, Research & Strategy (PRS), Deputy-Director General, developed a comprehensive Strategy Execution Plan (SEP) as a framework for implementing and monitoring the progress of Strategy 2025. The approach of the SEP is to elaborate and operationalise a results architecture and results-based system to (1) continue and deepen ICMPD’s focus on results, (2) support ICMPD’s continued development of innovative solutions that address key migration challenges, and (3) increase the capture of and communication about ICMPD’s contributions to the migration landscape. Building on an organisational theory of change, the results architecture provides strategic guidance that ICMPD’s leadership and staff can use to steer ICMPD towards increasing the organisation’s impact.

Project background

As part of the SEP, the dedicated Strategy, Knowledge, Evaluation and Impact (SKEI) unit is providing services across ICMPD in the areas of strategy development and execution; monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL); and knowledge management (KM). Staff in this unit are helping ICMPD to develop its results architecture and system. One key component of this work is to support projects and programmes to align their objectives with ICMPD’s strategic objectives as outlined in Strategy 2025 and to strengthen their project designs using a theory of change and other MEL tools. These services support a project- and programme-level focus on results as mapped and linked to strategic objectives, which support staff to capture, explore, and use their results to strengthen their work as well as contribute to ICMPD’s strategic results. The SKEI unit is also building on a separate project undertaken under the PRS Director to develop KM processes and systems for the organisation, which can better capture, manage, transfer, engage and employ ICMPD’s expertise and other critical informational assets in pursuit of the organisation’s strategic objectives and continuously increasing focus on results.


Under the direction of the Senior Policy Advisor M&E, the MEL Expert will be responsible for supporting SEP implementation; planning and managing MEL-related project logistics and tasks as needed, including project administration and substantive support to MEL focused activities; and KM tasks as assigned.


The tasks to be completed by the MEL Expert within this assignment are the following:

Activity 1. Contribute to implementation and operationalisation of the SEP at the organisational level, where needed and as assigned.

Activity 2. Support ICMPD projects and programmes to develop theories of change and MEL frameworks and plans, where needed and as assigned.

Activity 3. Provide input on KM systems, processes, and practices, where needed and as assigned.

Any other tasks, as assigned.


The MEL Expert will be expected to provide specific deliverables related to the tasks assigned. Such deliverables can include theories of change, MEL plans, logic models, logical frameworks, MEL frameworks/results chains, monitoring matrices/tools, and others.

Maximum number of working days: To be determined, based on assigned tasks and needs.

Reporting lines

The Expert will report to Dr. Jacqueline Berman, Senior Policy Advisor, who will be in charge of the overall supervision both in terms of administrative and content issues and who will provide input and comments on deliverables as needed.

Qualifications and Experience

• A minimum of Seven (7) years of relevant work experience in strategy development and MEL, including, but not limited to:

  • Significant experience working with quantitative and qualitative measures/indicators, methodologies, data collection, analysis and MEL project management tools
  • Development and deployment of monitoring systems, including reporting on progress against indicators
  • Evaluation approaches, methodologies, design, implementation, analysis and reporting
  • Evidence-driven learning strategies, resources and tools
  • Familiarity with knowledge management principles and good practices, as well as the operationalisation of KM systems and processes.

• Substantive knowledge of migration issues, especially migration policy.

• Ability to work effectively with colleagues from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

• Well-established and highly effective oral and written communication skills, including analysis for and drafting of strategy updates, monitoring reports, evaluation reports, lessons learned outputs and related strategy, MEL and KM outputs.

• Ability to work independently and efficiently, and on some occasions, under tight deadlines and in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision • Computer literacy with practical experience using Microsoft applications as well as quantitative and qualitative data analysis and visualization software in an MEL context.

• Excellent oral and written command of English, good knowledge of French is an asset.

• Demonstrated track record of professionalism, collegiality, teamwork, personal efficiency and effectiveness.

• Experience in an international and/or international organisational context

• Advanced university degree in migration, political science, international relations, law, social science methodology or similar fields.

Background information/documentation to be provided by ICMPD

  • Timesheets and Payment Claims Templates
  • Any other relevant documents related to the assigned projects

How to apply

Application Process

Interested experts should send their CV with a reference to this announcement in the subject line of
the email to, and address it to Ms. Noor Elkholi.

Due to the high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The applicants should be available for a face-to face meeting or an interview via videoconference.

The assignment is subject to project funds availability and/or final approval by the donor. The invitation to an interview does not establish any right to future employment.

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