Call for Experts – Principles for Peace Initiative At Interpeace

Call for Experts – Principles for Peace Initiative

The Principles for Peace Secretariat is seeking leading experts and institutions to support the International Commission on Inclusive Peace in its mandate.

B. Background

The Principles for Peace initiative combines a top-down and bottom-up approach and leverages research, participatory consultations and public engagement to fundamentally re-think and re-frame peace processes worldwide and to develop and establish a much-needed new set of principles, informal norms and guidance for how to structure, sequence and build more inclusive peace processes. Grounded in evidence, experience and broad participation, these principles will center accountability between actors engaged in peace processes and the societies they serve. The Principles are to be actionable and accompanied by practical guidance to ensure implementation and monitoring.

The initiative is based on four building blocks:

  • The independent, International Commission on Inclusive Peace: A diverse group of eminent experts and leaders will provide thought leadership, amplify local voices and aspirations and will lead a global participatory process for the development of the Principles for Peace.
  • Consultations: Local, regional and global consultations in partnership with local and International actors . A series of global consultations will seek input from a broad range of partners and actors in the peacemaking, peacebuilding, humanitarian and development field.
  • Thematic Research: To distill existing knowledge, to fill gaps, and to inform the work and recommendations of the International Commission on Inclusive Peace.
  • Global engagement through global outreach, online citizen engagement and country and locally specific campaigns: Amplifying local voices and positioning local perspectives, lived experiences and aspirations at the center of global debates.

The initiative was formally launched in December 2020 and includes an International Commission on Inclusive Peace (ICIP) that commenced its work in January 2021. More than 25 local and international peacebuilding, development and humanitarian organizations, research institutions, UN entities, as well as governmental and regional members have already joined the Stakeholder Forum which convened for the first time in March. The governments of Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland are supporting the initiative politically and financially.


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C. Description of the Assignment

The International Commission on Inclusive Peace (ICIP) brings together an impressive and diverse group of twelve committed leaders with a wealth of experience in politics, mediation, civilian peacebuilding, peace-making, and the humanitarian, development and stabilization field. The ICIP will lead the global and participatory process to develop and establish Principles for Peace over a period of two years. The ICIP will focus global political engagement and will give prominence to local perspectives and lived experiences as well as everyday aspirations for peace. The work of the Commission will be informed by evidence-based thematic research and a global participatory bottom-up grassroots process with on-the-ground consultations and mass mobilization campaigns. The ICIP is mandated to act as a listening commission, including the voices of thousands of people into the process of developing and establishing Principles for Peace.

The ICIP convened for the first time in January 2021 to discuss the roadmap and its working methods for the next two years. During the meeting, the ICIP identified six themes that are relevant to the establishment of new Principles for Peace. The six themes are:

  • Pluralism & Inclusivity.
  • Sustainability & Long-Term Solutions.
  • Local Ownership and Responsibility.
  • Security Actors and Stabilization.
  • Values & Cultural Integrity.
  • Norms and Institutionalization.

The six themes will be accompanied by several research partner organizations and experts that will act as a sounding board for peer review and as a stand-by research capacity to conduct additional research if needed.

The overall purpose of the assignment is to support the ICIP in its mandate to develop Principles for Peace through providing thematic expertise and acting as a stand-by research capacity. This can take several forms and will be tailored to the expertise and profile of individual consultants and institutions. The Secretariat will work with consultants to define the deliverables and the research questions in more detail.

D. Objectives and Scope of the Assignment

The objectives of the assignment are to contribute to the Principles for Peace initiative through:

  • Act as stand-by research capacity and extension of the Secretariat Research Team.
  • Work closely with the Secretariat on potential deliverables as listed below.

E. Timeframe and Potential Deliverables

The Secretariat will create a roster with all interested individuals and institutions. The roster will last until December 2022. Within this timeframe, the Secretariat will contact selected individuals to discuss the specific deliverables as they arise. The assignments will be developed in close collaboration with the Secretariat.

Depending on the form of your contribution, potential key deliverables include:

  • Thought-provoking opinion pieces highlighting challenges and possible solutions or briefing paper/summary on one of the themes. To be developed in close cooperation with the Secretariat.
  • Presentation of your main arguments in accessible format. For instance, through a short video in interview format or other audio-visual formats.
  • Targeted research and desk review on specific questions related to the themes.
  • Provide peer-review for products emerging from the working groups.
  • Participate in the preparation, design, implementation and follow-up of workshops on specific themes. This can also include the facilitation of discussions.

F. Reporting and feedback

All task are to be completed in close cooperation and under the guidance of the Secretariat.

G. Qualifications

Individual candidates with the following qualifications are invited to apply:

  • At least 10 years of practical experience in peacebuilding, peace-making, development or related sector or academic institutions with a focus on research in peace and conflict studies, peacebuilding and peace-making, or related fields.
  • Demonstrable track record of publications on relevant themes and issues.

How to apply

Qualified candidates are invited to send an Expression of Interest, including your CV or profile of your insutution, a one-page document indicating the theme you are interested in, your motivation and suitability to contribute to the theme as well as potential deliverables you can provide including but not limited to the deliverables mentioned above.

Please address the Expression of Interest to Hiba Qasas (Head of the Secretariat Principles for Peace) and send all relevant documents to Emanuel Hermann (


The payment is based on a daily rate or lumpsum in case of specific deliverables. Please indicate your rate in your Expression of Interest.

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