Date: March 1st, 2022

Project: Scale-up of the Humanitarian Logistics Cooperative (RLH Coop)

Title: Multi-donor Content Writer

Reference: “RLH COOP-CW-2022-1”

This Call for Interest is open to all eligible consultants, in accordance with Action contre la Faim procedures.


In June 2021, a European Cooperative Society (ECS) called “RLH Coop” was founded by 9 INGOs, all members of the “*Réseau Logistique Humanitaire*” (Humanitarian Logistics Network): ACTED, Action contre la Faim, Handicap International/Humanité et Inclusion, Oxfam Intermón, Croix Rouge Française, Médecins du Monde, Plan International, Première Urgence International, Solidarités International.

RLH Coop advocates the pooling of logistical resources to increase the impact of humanitarian aid. The objective is to move towards a model of optimizing the use of funds raised by pooling logistic needs and means.

The three pillars of activities of RLH Coop are:

Pillar 1 – Shared Resources: stimulating the pooling of resources through a digital intermediation platform.

Pillar 2 – Joint Procurement: enables us to aggregate needs and identify the purchasing solution that is best suited to meet them, and even to remunerate the cooperative in commissions for business referrals.

Pillar 3 – Common Information System: supports the two previous pillars with a digital tool and enables the harmonization and analysis of data.

Since mid-2021, these activities have been developed and implemented thanks to a grant called “Enhancing and strengthening collaborative approach and resources pooling of Humanitarian Supply Chain and operational Logistics”, co-funded by ECHO & the French Government (CDCS).

Other donors, such as BHA, have agreed to consider bringing their contribution and support to the scale-up of these activities across 2023-2024. Therefore, a Concept Note is currently being drafted by the RLH Coop team and should be submitted to BHA in March 2022.

Overall scope of work expected from the Consultant:

The RLH Coop team requires the support of an expert multi-donor Content Writer to produce high quality full project narrative content to design multiple proposals, compliant with donor requirements, technically clear and accurate, and ready to be submitted to several different donors (ECHO, CDCS, BHA, but also potentially FCDO, SIDA, and private Foundations…).

The multi-donor Content Writer will reinforce the project team, take ownership of the content writing process, remain flexible, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively with other members of the team to ensure smooth proposal development progress and adherence to the workplan.

Reporting to the RHL Coop Support Coordinator, the Content Writer’s main tasks will be to coordinate and support the project team, develop the technical narrative content, and prepare/consolidate all the annexes.

Key priorities and deliverables:

In close collaboration with the existing RLH Coop project team, the Content Writer is expected to:

· Author the whole narrative component of the proposal, in English language. This includes gathering information; writing and/or editing all the necessary proposal sections, such as executive summary, technical approach, project strategy, exit plans, and other sections as needed; as well as integrating different sections of the proposal developed by other authors.

· Edit: revise all existing content to make it clear, concise, precise, correct, consistent…; reorganize material; add, or delete information; revise major sections of text; ask authors to address any questions and concerns, all in line with donor requirements.

· Based on a predefined donor strategy, communicate donor requirements on content, page count, format, templates, and then ensure the application meets these requirements.

· Prepare the outline for the technical content narrative and list all the required annexes (including the financial/HR/equipment ones…), highlighting key donor requirements and adapting when needed to comply with donor requirements.

· Prepare the workplan for the full proposal development, including a task division with the relevant technical counterparts within each partner organization.

· Propose (as needed) and/or attend technical meetings, check-ins, and other meetings to liaise with technical experts and others to ensure the accuracy of content.

· Follow-up with team for feedback and revisions, revise text based on feedback and ensure the content writing stays on schedule. Ensure strong version control and tracking of document throughout.

· Assemble the final texts, graphics, and supporting documents into a well-ordered package.

Application & Contracting process:

The selected consultant will be contracted by Action contre la Faim for a duration of 3 months but is not expected to work full time during this period. He/She is expected to outline the main key steps of the process as part of the expression of interest (EOI). These tasks can be fully carried out remotely.

Action contre la Faim, for the RLH Coop, invites applications for the provision of services described above. Interested candidates must submit their EOI outlining their financial offer (daily rate with clarifications on other cost covering expectations, plus a proposed overall cost), proposal to meet the ToR, scheduling and CV providing information on capacity and experience, showing qualification for the services, including:

  • At least 5-years’ experience and expertise of development project management.
  • Clear knowledge of main donor rules and guidelines (ECHO, CDCS, BHA, FCDO, SIDA, and others).
  • Track record of skill, expertise and experience in writing successful donor-funded proposals in ENGLISH for large-scale, complex humanitarian interventions (preferably for BHA).
  • Exceptional ability to synthesize large amounts of information and data to create engaging and compelling text while maintaining technical accuracy and adhering to strict page limitations.
  • Demonstrated conceptual, analytical, writing and editing skills appropriate for proposal submission.
  • Excellent capacity to conceptualize strategies and approaches and build theory of change.
  • Capacity to understand and summarize key information from meetings, working sessions, documents.
  • Demonstrated skill in using terminologies and concepts linked to activities concerning Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics, Information Systems, and/or mutualized initiatives.
  • Ability to juggle multiple demands, manage shifting priorities, and negotiate timelines.
  • Ability to work in a French speaking environment

How to apply

Deadline & Contact:

Interested consultants should express their interest by Monday March 21st, 2022, by sending an email to, mentioning “RLH COOP-CW-2022-1”.

Please note: the interest shown by a consultant does not imply any obligation on behalf of ACF for inclusion in the short list.