Call for Tenders – Case studies on agroecological approaches implemented by partner organizations of Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) At Brot für die Welt

Since October 2016, Brot für die Welt has been implementing a large-scale bundled project in various African countries with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The project contributes to increasing the food sovereignty of smallholder families in selected regions of Africa, improving their dietary diversity, strengthening their resilience and enabling the sustainable use of natural resources. Five case studies on the thematic area “Expansion of agricultural education and training programs initiated by partner organizations for organizations and smallholder farmers” and five case studies on the thematic area “Lobbying: Competent lobbying and advocacy work regarding agroecology and smallholder agriculture at national and international level” are being tendered. The case studies serve as indicators for the agroecological bundle project “Agroecological Innovation Network in Africa”

Terms of Reference:

How to apply

This call for proposals covers the analysis and writing of two thematic lots of 5 case studies each. Service providers (consulting firms/teams of consultants) can either submit a proposal for one of the thematic lots (5 case studies) or two proposals in order to conduct all 10 case studies. If a service provider applies to conduct all 10 case studies, two separate/individual bids, one for each topic bundle, shall be submitted, showing the particular approach for the respective topic bundle in terms of methodology, staffing/expertise and budget. Bread for the World will evaluate submissions by lot and reserve the right to offer a contract for one lot only, should a more competitive offer be received for the other lot. All interested service providers (consulting firms/teams of consultants) can email questions about the Terms of Reference to the email address below by 01. April 2022. Answers/Feedback on questions will be published latest by 04. April 2022. We appreciate refraining from asking questions by phone. Offers must be submitted to the email addresses below no later than Sunday, 24. April 2022.

A complete offer consists of:

  1. A substantive technical offer that conclusively explains the methods/strategy that will be used for researching, documenting, analyzing and writing of the case studies. It shall also specify the timeline and allocation of person-days to each step of the work;
  2. Reference documents (preferably internet links to documents) of similar work conducted and delivered by the experts/associates in the recent past.
  3. Informative curricula vitae of all participating experts/associates, including at least three reference persons. For reasons of data protection, we ask you to send the CVs as a separate file.
  4. A comprehensive and detailed financial offer stating the fees of the respective collaborators/experts, the number of person-days foreseen for the different tasks, the expected travel and incidental expenses (based on the German Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG)). All costs including VAT must be listed in the financial offer. No lump sums for general administrative/communication costs can be covered.
  5. Indication of the binding period of the offer (must be binding at least till 25. May 2022)
  6. Documents for the assessment of suitability, including a brief company description (incl. legal form, and location of headquarters and registration) and declaration on the intended use of subcontractors with a precise description of the parts of the service to be taken over by the subcontractor.

Incomplete offers, lacking one or more of the above elements, will not be accepted and excluded from the selection process. Bread for the World reserves the right to conduct interviews by telephone or Zoom with service providers after receiving the written offers. Furthermore, Bread for the World reserves the right to award a contract purely on the basis of the written offers received, without further interviews.

Please send your questions and finalized offers to the following email-address: and

Bread for the World, EWDE e.V.
z. Hd. Corinna Bothe, Beraterin Agrarökologie und Johannes von Abendroth, Projektverantwortlicher
Referat Afrika Zentral und Überregional
Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 1
10115 Berlin Germany

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