Chief Operating Officer At PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is the interim Fund Manager for the Science for Africa Foundation (SFA Foundation). Part of the PwC mandate is organisational development, which requires the establishment and operationalisation of the SFA Foundation, including set up of offices, systems, staffing, policies and procedures, etc. geared towards full operational and systems set up of a fully independent SFA Foundation.

PwC is seeking to identify an inspirational and dedicated Chief Operating Officer (COO) to oversee the efficient and effective execution of the day-to-day operations of Science for Africa Foundation (SFA) and ensure that organisational goals and objectives are met.

The incumbent is a member of the Executive Management Team(EMT) reporting to the Executive Director and is tasked with leading the operationalisation of strategy, specifically oversight of daily operations in alignment with long-term organisational objectives. The COO is a critical leadership role that will originate and execute initiatives that drive results, spur growth, drive cross-functional coordination, minimize operating risks and increase the overall efficiency of SFA Foundation. The incumbent will ensure operational, managerial, and administrative procedures, reporting structures and operation controls are in place. The COO is a critical leadership role that will drive results, spur growth, and increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Foundation particularly during the early stages of its development. Our ideal candidate is detail oriented, objective-driven and able to lead our team of high-performing professionals to be efficient, productive, and effective. The COO will have oversight over Finance, HR, ICT, Communication, Strategy, Procurement, Office Operations, Legal, Compliance and Audit functions
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Lead implementation of strategy – working in partnership with the Executive Director, oversee the operationalisation of the strategic five-year plan and ensure that the structures, processes and approaches required to achieve it are in place. 2. Drive improvements in operations by identifying and synthesizing strategic priorities across the organisation and creating and rolling out plans for cross-functional collaboration including operational processes, internal infrastructures, reporting systems, suitable staffing, organisational policies, and risk mitigation frameworks all designed to foster greater productivity, efficiency, and growth. This may require, but is not limited to:
    • Lead the overall organisational performance management process that measures and evaluates progress against objectives of the organisation.
    • Oversee the development and implementation of an effective ICT/digital systems strategy that addresses the technological needs of the organisation and ensures that the organisation adapts to emerging needs that support efficiency and effectiveness. • In collaboration with the Head of Finance undertake financial planning, budgeting, investment priorities and policy matters and ensure the establishment of a strong system of internal controls. This includes periodic internal and external audits and assessments and ensuring audit findings are actioned promptly and effectively.
    • In co-ordination with the Head of HR ensure that the workplace culture supports openness, collaboration, and innovation. Also ensures that staff are mentored, supervised, and evaluated in a way that contributes to an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and development
    • Oversee and ensure that facilities management best practices, standards, processes and tools are developed and implemented to achieve a safe, healthy, secure, sustainable and efficient workspace.
  2. Establish the ethos of excellence in operational ‘business as usual’ approaches. Manage day-to-day activities on operational matters by leading Heads of Department across Finance, HR, ICT, Communication, Strategy, Procurement and Office Operations in the planning and execution of their work to meet the requisite output.
  3. Support the Executive Director in development and implementation of strategies to meet long-term funding needs and coordinate the sustainability strategies for the organisation
  4. Ensure SFA adheres to governing statutes, local requirements, enforcing compliance and acting when necessary , including fidelity of agreements signed with 3rd party organisations supporting the organisational development of the SFA Foundation, as well as ensure downstream partners comply with sub agreements. Person Specifications
    Academic Qualifications and Experience
    • Minimum of a master’s degree in a Business or related field.
    • At least 10 years’ demonstrable experience in a similar senior Operations role.
    Key Competencies
    • Leadership – inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional capacity for managing and leading passionate and diverse teams; a team builder who has experience in scaling up organisations; managing change, clear communication style, personal integrity and capacity to enforce accountability.
    • Strategic Vision – ability to retain a focus on big picture strategy while delivering detailed workplans. Experience in breaking down long-term strategic issues, piecing them together into daily actions and incorporating them into monthly, quarterly and annual organisational plans and longer-term organisational plans.
    • Capacity Building — ability to effectively build organisation and staff capacity, developing a top-notch workforce and the processes that ensure the organisation runs smoothly
    • Action Oriented — advanced understanding of business planning, project management and regulatory issues. Welcomes and thrives in a fast-paced, challenging environment and is committed to doing what is required for organisational success.
    • General Management — thorough understanding of finance, systems, and HR; broad experience with the full range of business functions and systems, including strategic development and planning, budgeting, business analysis, finance, information systems, human resources, procurement, risk management and overall performance and accountability tracking.
    • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, inspiring and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical initiatives.
    • Familiarity with research funding sector/ science funding and academia is a distinct advantage.

How to apply

  1. Attach Your most current Curriculum Vitae including three references.
  2. Attach a cover letter
  3. Please submit your applications to:
  4. Application Deadline: 30 April 2022.