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Communication Strategist

Company Overview:

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Project Overview and Role:

Background of the Assignment

The Jobs and Economic Transformation (JET) Programme is an FCDO-led initiative designed to help drive economic transformation in Ghana by supporting the government to attract increased private investment to create more and better jobs and support inclusive growth and poverty reduction, while exploring opportunities for climate/environmentally friendly interventions and the adaption of green technologies.

Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles and Textiles & Garments have been selected as the ‘anchor’ sectors within the JET programme, taking into consideration the potential quantity of investment as well as its quality and likely impact on economic development – particularly the likely spill-over effects for domestic firms and job creation. It is in this regards that ToRs to develop a strategic communications support for prosperity health ventures (PHV) are drawn.

PHV aims to create efficient healthcare marketplaces that improve access to healthcare and patient satisfaction, empowering the patients and increasing information transparency, to improve accessibility & affordability to quality healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa by utilizing technology.

African health-tech sector is in its infancy and is seeing more investments but only at 1% of global allocations (US$ 141 million in 2020)

Ghana: – Has 78 usd healthcare spend per capital

– 55% of the population are unique mobile subscribers

– 1.5 doctors per 10,000 of the population

– 1491 private sector clinics and hospitals (18% growth from 2020)

The above indexes provide some good platform for the launch of a technology app. PHV is connecting patients and healthcare providers through a marketplace using a SaaS platform.

The pilot program for the app was started in November 2021 in Accra focused on the private sector. It has witnessed significant traction and success for which any support to propel the growth will be desirable. Since the launch it has signed 14 clinics of which 8 are live on the platform by 12/12/21. It targets to bring 240 clinics on-board by 31 December 2022. As on 21 December 2021, the platform as on-boarded 44 doctors, has 239 appointments; has 400 patients which are expected grow to 97,650 by 31 December 2022Q4-22. The app is being extended to include a digital pharmacy too which is expected to generate over 3000 monthly pharmacy transactions during its first year of launch.

Now there is the need to on-board more clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies to create more jobs. PHV is initially focusing on the private sector to demonstrate proof of concept.

Job Creation: Direct & Indirect

  •  Business Development: To sign-on new clinics, the team size will increase. Our preferred hiring pool is 1-5 years’ experience with medical and / or technology background (e.g., radiographers, biomedical engineers, engineers, pharmacists, medical device sales). The team size is expected to reach 20 people in 5 years.
  •  Customer Success (on-boarding and after-sales support): The preferred candidates are fresh or recent graduates with good people skills or experience in healthcare (e.g., medical sales, radiographers, pharmacists). We will recruit 2-3 pharmacists directly for the Pharmacy product. The team size can increase to potentially 95 people in 5 years.
  •  Pharmacists: Our pharma partners will have increased sales and will need more pharmacists. Digitization will automate mundane tasks and allow pharmacists to upskill, focusing on higher value-add services.
  •  Medical Staff in Clinics: Increased efficiency, reduction of admin costs, increased patient volume will potentially result in clinics hiring more medical staff especially nurses.
  •  Other: To support deliveries, the platform will hire drivers and support staff. Based on initial estimates, we expect hiring over 100 delivery drivers and support staff over the next 5 years

The Ghana JET Project is committed to supporting enterprises in the pharmaceutical sector ecosystem who have the potential to create jobs to expand the sector with all types of tolls to make navigation in the sector very convenient, easy, seamless, and comfortable.

The assignment is intended to help PHV to develop a strategy to on-board more hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies unto the platform to promote their business model. By so doing, PHV will have a blueprint to grow the business, compete favourably and expand in a systematic manner.

Objectives of the Assignment

1. Identify all potential hospitals, clinics, pharmacies etc using some form of criteria

2. find communication channels to reach as many of the potential clients as possible

3. provide comparable cost outlays for the use of the communication channels

4. provide pathways through which potential clients can be reached quickly.

Scope of Work

1. identify potential clients (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, maternity Homes, health Centres, CHIPS Compounds etc)

2. identify the channels for reaching out to all the clients and costs for doing so

3. identify all possible means to reach the possible clients

4. Risks and Mitigation Plans


1. Provide a list of possible clients (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies etc in 3 tiers of importance with justifications)

2. Provide a list of communication channels and their costs outlays and the preferred channels

3. Provide a path deployment of the communication tools

4. Provide a communication strategy document for PHV

5. Risks and mitigation plans

Time Frame/Deadline for Deliverables

The duration of the assignment shall be 30 days

Required Qualifications:

An advance qualifications communications, Journalism, Advertising, and IT with two years practice will be preferred. A first-degree holder in these areas with 10 years practice can also apply.

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