Consultancy: Development and Delivery of a Child Safeguarding Club Manual At Awareness Against Human Trafficking

Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART), is a non-governmental organization based in Nairobi and dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Eastern Africa. HAART works through a multi-disciplinary approach applying the UN Four P’s Strategy to combat trafficking in persons: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Policy and Partnership. HAART is one of the key counter-trafficking organizations in Kenya addressing the issue of human trafficking by supporting the people most affected by it and also developing best practices in the movement.

Consultancy Specific:

Location: Nairobi

Contract Duration: 15 working days (during a period of 60 Days)

Remittances: 200,000-270,000 Kenya shillings.

Closing date: 28th March 2022

1. Project Information.

Project title: Community action against human trafficking

2. Project Background

Human trafficking takes place throughout Kenya with Kenya being a source, transit, and destination country. Children are lured into brothels by promises of jobs as domestic workers in cities, while others are introduced by their families to the sex trade. Child labor, child marriage, and forced begging also being very common in our communities. The combination of vulnerability factors means there are challenges in the identification of human trafficking victims who could be supported in their full recovery.

Children are extremely vulnerable and exposed as they are under the influence of their guardians and often too young to recognize dangers and warning signs. Safe spaces for children need to be created both in schools and at the community level to provide trusted platforms that encourage reporting of human trafficking cases and other child safeguarding concerns. The child safeguarding clubs become one of the safe spaces in schools for children to express safeguarding concerns through the club patrons who are able to take appropriate interventions.

Targeted Group for the manual-

Primary stakeholders

● Club patron (Teachers)

● Children in primary and secondary schools, and charitable children institutions

Secondary stakeholders

● Like-minded and peer organizations

● Ministry of education and the department of children services in Kenya

3. Project Objectives: Child Protection Component

  1. To sensitize children on child safeguarding and child trafficking
  2. To strengthen the capacity of learning and institutional homes in responding to trafficking and safeguarding cases.

4. Project Assignment

The assignment is to collaboratively develop a curriculum on safeguarding for child safeguarding clubs that will focus on human trafficking and other life skills.

5. Objectives of the Assignment

To equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to children’s rights issues, child trafficking cases, child safeguarding issues, and effective management of child safeguarding clubs.

6. Approach

A Child safeguarding club manual will be developed in order to equip club patrons with the knowledge they need to support children in safeguarding clubs to know their rights, understand child trafficking and other safeguarding concerns. The manual will seek to provide simplified explanations of children’s rights, human trafficking, club management procedures, interactive club activities, safeguarding issues, etc. The manual shall be developed through a collaborative process based on the following phases:

Phase one: Conduct a needs analysis for schools and development of a zero-draft document.

Phase two: Development of a first draft document based on stakeholder consultation (HAART, school administrations, and other CSO in the child protection sector and kick-off pilot phase of the manual.

Phase three: Pilot phase to be conducted by HAART staff with club patrons implementing the child safeguarding club project).

Phase four: Development of the second draft, stakeholder validation, and final handbook delivery and launch.

Phase five: Training for HAART Staff and Child Safeguarding Club Patrons on how to use the manual.**

Specific Tasks

Phase one: Conduct a needs analysis for schools and development of a zero-draft document.

Conduct a needs analysis on the knowledge and capacity building needs of targeted schools i.e. students, parents, and teachers in regards to children’s rights, child trafficking, and other child safeguarding issues. The analysis should also review the roles of different clubs in learning institutions and feature the gaps identified by other child protection agencies in regard to child safeguarding issues in schools. The analysis should also include a brief report on the role of children’s clubs in safeguarding children in schools. There will then be a zero draft child safeguarding club manual developed with support in form of review by HAART staff.

Phase two: Development of a first draft document based on stakeholder consultation (HAART, school administrations, and other CSO in the child protection sectors and kick-off pilot phase of the manual.

The consultant will take the lead role in planning, coordinating and conducting one-day consultative meetings with stakeholders and HAART staff. They will develop a first draft based on the recommendations of the meetings. Kick-off the piloting of the child safeguarding manual in collaboration with the HAART Team and the club patrons. Provide a one-day training for the HAART Team and the club patrons on utilization of the draft and instruct HAART staff on how to conduct regular consultative meetings with the patrons during the pilot phase to evaluate progress/analyze the hindrances and record potential areas for improvement.

Phase three: Pilot phase to be conducted by HAART staff with 5 patrons implementing the child safeguarding club project.

The pilot phase will be conducted by HAART staff with club patrons based on the instructions and guidelines provided in phase 2. There will then be a half-day consultative session with the HAART staff and the club patrons to evaluate progress/analyze the hindrances and record potential areas for improvement.

Phase four: Development of the second draft, stakeholder validation, and final handbook delivery and launch event.

Edit and incorporate the changes based on the learnings from the piloting phase (Second Draft).

Support the planning, coordination, and conducting a 1-day validation workshop with the purpose of validating the child safeguarding club manual together with relevant stakeholders. Complete and submit the final child safeguarding club manual to HAART.

Support the planning and execution of a 1-day launch event for the child safeguarding club manual. Preparation of a short report outlining learnings and recommendations from the process of developing the manual (Final Draft) and the way forward within 14 days of the launch event.

Phase five: Training for HAART Staff and club patrons on how to use the manual.

Prepare training content on the child safeguarding manual and conduct a one-day training session for the HAART staff and club patrons on how to use the manual.

7. Consultancy Tasks and Deliverables

  1. Inception meeting and report.
  2. Develop a detailed concept note on how to undertake the assignment with a detailed timeline of activities.
  3. A Child safeguarding Club Manual that details- the definition, structure, purpose, and context of child safeguarding clubs, children’s club activities, processes for Successful Children’s Clubs, Safeguarding and Protection. Reporting Mechanisms, Children’s Roles in Clubs, Adult Support, The Purported Impact of Children’s Clubs, management of talking boxes etc.
  4. Training for club patrons and HAART staff on the utilization of the child protection club manual.
  5. Prepare and deliver the required training content for both the draft manual and the final manual.
  6. At the close of the assignment, prepare a comprehensive report detailing the process, deliberations, and resolutions arrived at through the capacity-building process. The report will also include recommendations on the next steps and lessons building on the assignment.

8. Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is scheduled to take 15 working days within a period of 60 working days i.e. between the date of signing the Agreement between HAART Kenya and the awarded Consultant and the date of provision of the final report.

Experience and Qualification

● The ideal candidate(s) should possess post-graduate qualifications in a relevant discipline such as Sociology, Psychology, Community development, or any relevant social science discipline.

● Minimum of three (3) years of relevant experience in teaching and designing learning courses and modules with a strong bias on child safeguarding.

● Sufficient experience in creating the best conditions for learning and teaching new modules.

● Experience in working with children and supporting child protection structures and institutions.

● Demonstrate a track record of delivering child protection programs. The consultant should provide evidence of previous works in similar assignments.

● Excellent written and spoken English and Swahili language.

● Be able to work independently within stipulated timelines.

● For consultancy firms, one should have legal status, a company profile, and tax registration.

Key Skills and Competencies

● A solid understanding of best practices for content, tone, and style for effective targeted communication.

● Experience in developing content and facilitating adult learning programs.

● Ability to package information in the learning mythology to meet the needs of the audience.

● Ability to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and social learning in a safe space.

This ToR summarizes the main duties of the job. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract or an agreement of service. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.

At HAART we value diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect for all employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, disability status, religion, ethnic origin, color, race, marital status or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law.

How to apply

Expression of Interest / Proposal Submission

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or consultancy firms etc. The selected contractor shall demonstrate proven experience in the topics outlined. Knowledge and experience on issues of Human Trafficking and Child Safeguarding are essential.

The consultants’/consulting firms interested in this assignment are expected to submit proposals (both technical and financial) with CVs of the proposed team.

The technical proposal must detail the following:

  1. Objectives and understanding of the assignment.
  2. Expected outputs and products.
  3. Demonstrated experience in similar assignments.
  4. Availability to deliver the assignment within the required timeframe.
  5. Financial proposal in Kenyan shillings for the entire assignment

Interested parties are requested to submit their proposal responding to the terms of

reference to**

NB: Applications should be submitted by 28th of March 2022. The subject of the email should read EOI**-CHILD SAFEGUARDING CLUB MANUAL**

No Fee Charged **

HAART does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training)**

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