Habitat for Humanity Kenya (HFHK) is among the 70 country affiliates of HFH International. In Kenya, we were registered in 1982 as Non-Governmental Organization, with the goal of enabling low income families access decent and affordable shelter. In the last 40 years, HFHK has supported more than 56,000 families across 9 counties in Kenya through housing micro-finance and direct construction. Habitat for Humanity considers housing as a long-term, incremental process which builds on cross-sectorial interventions such as construction, water, sanitation, energy, land tenure, and policy change at different levels of governance, actors and regions. Our Business Plan (2020-2025) has outlined four Programmatic Areas namely: Financing for owner-led construction; Settlement-Based Practice; Secure Land Tenure; Disaster Risk Reduction & Response (DR3). We are currently operating in Laikipia, Homabay, Kisumu, Tana River and Machakos

Machakos School for the Deaf Project

Machakos School for the Deaf (MSD) is a mixed boarding school that supports children with hearing impairment across the country (5-14 years), to access quality education starting from nursery level with youngest child being 5 years old. The school currently has an enrolment of 225 pupils (124 girls and 101 boys) and is the only school in Machakos County catering for children with hearing impaired challenges. The school is located in Machakos town next to the G.K Prisons along the industrial area and right in the peripheral of the Machakos town. MSD is a beneficiary of the school construction projects that HFHK has implemented over the years under the settlement-based practice program. In 2020-21, HFH Kenya with support from LG Kenya intervened to improve the learning environment for 225 deaf Children at Machakos School for the Deaf. The specific infrastructural projects included; a new library, toilet block, and renovation of student bathrooms and the borehole water plumbing system within the institution. LG Korea also donated a variety of LG electrical appliances to the school that included; a Commercial Washer and Dryer, Microwave and Refrigerators.

The LG school project design involved establishing a 10-member project steering committee (PSC) comprising of representatives drawn from the Board of School Management (BOM), Parent Teachers Association (PTA), County government official, Ministry of education official, a teacher and HFHK project staff. The main function of the PSC was to provide an oversite role during the project implementation to ensure ownership, accountability and sustainability. Upon receipt of the LG washing machines in-kind donation, the PSC proposed to start a dry-cleaning income generating project to leverage on the commercial scale status of the laundromat, access to potential market and the need to generate income that will support the operation and maintenance cost of the laundromat with a long-term goal of making profit. It is upon this backdrop that HFHK proposed to build capacity and enhance the skill of the school PSC team to enable them achieve the goal of starting and establishing the proposed IGA project.


The proposed financial literacy training project aims to enhance access to alternative income at Machakos School for the Deaf through the establishment of a laundromat from the dry-cleaning appliances earlier donated by LG Electronics. The training will strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of the school, create an enabling environment of improving access to alternative income and promote sustainability in the usage of dry-cleaning appliances through proper governance and management.

HFHK recognizes the challenges of group driven Income Generating Activities (IGAs) in achieving financial stability. Hence the focus on group principles to reinforce the governance and management of the school to ensure success of this alternative IGA. This consultancy aims to improve financial literacy through the development of relevant, appropriate training materials and using these materials to conduct a two-day workshop training for 10-15 participants including the teachers, BOM, PTA


HFH Kenya in collaboration with LG East Africa plans to support and make good use of the Commercial Washers and Dryers by setting up a Laundromat as an alternative Income Generating Activity (IGA) for the school. This will be LG’s first Laundromat in Machakos County. The customer base will be drawn from Machakos town, an upcoming industrious town on the outskirts of Nairobi. HFH Kenya will train the school administration comprising of teachers, parents and Board of management on Financial literacy and marketing. The outcome of this training will be the development a business plan and put in place business operation systems that will ensure transparency in the management of funds generated from the IGA to benefit the students. It is expected that funds from the laundromat will help in meeting the financial gaps of the school and improve services to the children. The financial literacy training will be delivered in the project location (Machakos town) over a 2-day training workshop. The consultancy should include the following:

Phase 1: Conducting a 2-day workshop on financial literacy for the MSD, where participants develop a business plan as part of the group work sessions. The HFHK team will work together with the consultant during the training to facilitate and support mobilizing the trainees and payment of the training venue, meals and logistics. The consultant will facilitate all the trainings and trainers during the workshop and provide all the necessary tools, training resources and develop the training schedule

Phase 2: Produce a training report with recommendations and learnings plus an indicative framework of the business plan developed by the trainees. The report should also highlight the applicability and the potential of the business based on the training overview and the external business environment.


PHASE 1: Training Workshop

Briefing and inception meeting with HFHK project staff and signing of the contract – ½ Day at HFHK Head Office

Conduct training sessions as per the workshop outlined in the scope – 2 Days Machakos Town

PHASE 2: Training Report

Produce the training report as described in the scope – 2 Days Consultants office

    1. Education

Master’s degree in business management, finance, education, economics or related field or a combination of bachelor’s degree and minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.

    1. Experience
  • Experience in financial literacy and business plans
  • Proficient in facilitation skills, for moderating training to participants from a wide range of education and literacy background from a wide range of disciplinary background.
  • Previous experience in applied research / data collection
  • Ability to communicate in both English and Kiswahili language is an added advantage.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Experienced in producing concise reports and presentations, training modules and materials.

How to apply

The application is open to individual consultants or firms. Applicants must provide:

  1. A proposal clearly showing the following:
    1. Approach and methodology for meeting the objectives of this assignment
    2. Proposed Number of days it would take to complete this assignment
    3. Financial proposition showing all the expenses, inclusive of 5% withholding Tax
  2. A detailed CV and professional background relevant to the assignment
  3. Firms are required to provide their company profile

Applications should be submitted to:

The Procurement Committee

Habitat for Humanity Kenya,

CVS Plaza, Kasuku lane, Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi.


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