Consultancy for Development of Branding Products of Emuka and Samli Cooperative Societies At ChildFund International

1. Background

ChildFund International is a non-sectarian and non-profit development organization working in more than 30 countries worldwide to improve the well-being of about 15.2 million children and families, regardless of race, creed, religion and gender. ChildFund Kenya’s core intent is to help deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to improve their lives and the opportunity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities; and societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and promoting the worth and rights of children.

The MFAT funded Agriculture, Dairy and Economic Development Project (ADED) will deliver improved agriculture, diversified livelihoods and reliable and beneficial market pathways for 1,625 farming households, who are included within the 3,250 direct beneficiaries (22,750 indirect). By the end of the project, food security and incomes in Emali farming communities will be improved and Maasai and Kamba households will be more resilient to climatic and economic shocks.

ChildFund Kenya through Emali Dedicated Children Agency (EDCA) and ADED project have supported communities in Emali to start and registered 2 cooperative societies targeting milk and moringa value chain; Samli Dairy and Emuka Moringa Farmers’ cooperative societies.

Emuka cooperative is a start-up producer and marketing enterprise established in 2018 located in Emali, Makueni County. The cooperative has over 100 farmers with membership expected to grow to over 400 over a period of 1 year. Volumes of raw moringa leaves and seeds is also expected to grow to over 5 tonnes per month in coming years. The cooperative is in the initial stages of prototyping various moringa oleifera products ranging from powder, oil, body scrub. The enterprise uses solar drying technology to produce moringa powder products. These products are in the process of acquiring certification by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

Samli Dairy Cooperative is a start-up producer and marketing organization based in Emali Town, operating in both Makueni and Kajiado Counties, in Kenya. The dairy cooperative currently has over 800 small scale farmers who are delivering raw milk to 5 different milk collection and cooling centers located in Mwanyani, Oltinka, Illamirror, Masimba and Sultan Hamud. The number of farmers delivering milk is expected to grow to over 1,500 with projected milk intakes expected to increase to over 15,000kgs per day.

The cooperative has integrated activities which include: milk testing, aggregation, collection, transport, storage, processing, and marketing in various locations both within Makueni and Kajiado counties. The cooperative is currently in the initial stages of product development cycle prototyping products including fermented milk products, pasteurized milk and cream and cream products.Certification process for value-added process is also underway. Further, as production increases, the milk marketing outlets and channels are expected to expand.

Scope of work.

  1. Undertake research on which the branding of the cooperatives will be based on putting into account recommendations of market assessments done by the cooperatives. Keenly look into marketing mix, promotion mix, market segmentation, targeting and positioning for Emuka and Samli products.
  2. Design and develop brand Architecture and brand positioning of the EMUKA and Samli Cooperative societies brand and all other sub- brands.
  3. Design and develop branding templates for different products for EMUKA and Samli farmers cooperatives societies putting into account the recommendations from Marketing literature done to the cooperatives.
  4. Develop unique, compelling and ‘catchy’ brand names(s) and tag lines for EMUKA and Samli cooperative societies and all the products produced by the societies. This should culminate into a strong brand identify with no imitation at the same time ensuring intellectual property rights and patenting rights are upheld. Provide information and come up with appropriate market testing, launching and market entry strategies for Emuka and Moringa products.
  5. Design and develop brochures templates for products and activities of Samli and Emuka cooperatives
  6. Thoroughly analyze consumer adoption process for new products from Samli and Emuka cooperatives right from product awareness, product interest, evaluation, trial and adoption. Based on this come up with the appropriate marketing philosophies for Emuka and Samli startups cooperatives.

Other activities to include:

i) Lead Ideation & brainstorming sessions: Work closely with the ChildFund team, EDCA, Emuka and Samli cooperatives representatives to spark innovative ideas on how to set apart the moringa and milk brands, in order to reach target market.

ii) Writing Compelling Brand stories: With an understanding of the cooperatives’, the consultant will lead in compiling stories of the products and the positive impact it will have on cooperatives and farmers. **

iii) Develop guidelines for naming the products and designing the logo and artworks that will appear on all of the packaging and marketing materials such as websites, ads and visual promotions with unique identity at the marketplace

iv) Develop Important label contents such as: Ingredients, appeals of the product, etc **

v) Design marketing campaigns for use at different product life cycle from introduction, development, growth, maturation, saturation all the way to decline phase.

vi) Creation of image and content repository for future marketing reviews, product improvement, etc.

vii) To develop branding templates and labels of the following products:

a) Moringa Powder

b) Moringa Seeds

c) Moringa Oil

d) Moringa Face scrub

e) Moringa capsules

f) Moringa Soap

g) Moringa Animal Supplement

h) Water purifying agent

i) Strawberry flavoured Yoghurt

j) Vanilla flavoured yoghurt

k) Moringa flavoured yoghurt

l) Sour milk (MALA)

m) Samli Cheese

n) Samli Ghee

o) Samli Butter

p) Samli cream

q) Samli pasteurized whole milk

iv) Design and develop branding templates for the following materials:

a) Brochures and leaflets for both cooperatives

b) Banners and signage

c) Tents

These should include graphic designs, colour specifications, background contrast and font sizes with appropriate combination of both 2D and 3D images, artworks, etc.


The lead consultant must have an Advanced degree or a Bachelor’s degree in a field such as Marketing or Business Studies or any other related field.
Should have demonstrated experience working on development of brands for Agricultural Producer organizations
Over 5 years’ experience in leading and developing brands for Agricultural value added products
Have proven knowledge and practical experience in quantitative and qualitative research.
Excellent analytical, organizational, facilitating, presentation and communication skills.
Excellent report writing and presentation skills.

How to apply

Interested service providers are encouraged to submit their expression of interest through a capacity statement, financial proposal and CVs of the technical team as follows:

Technical proposal that summarizes the understanding of the assignment; specifically on branding of various items to meet the requirements.Financial proposal providing cost of carrying out the consultancy services. All interested Individuals/firms are requested to send their EOI by email to: Kenya Procurement Committee by 23rd August 2021 indicating the assignment Title on the subject line.

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