Consultancy for Point-of-Sale Development At I Choose Life – Africa


I Choose Life – Africa (ICL) is a leading youth-focused Non-Governmental Organization that has significantly contributed to the realization of socio-economic development and empowerment of individuals bringing about transformative change across communities in Kenya. The organization has over 17 years of experience implementing evidence-based adolescents and youth programs in over 345 institutions of learning (Primary, Secondary and Higher learning institutions) across 25 Counties in Kenya. ICL aims at contributing towards improved life opportunities of adolescents and youth aged 10-24 using a holistic transformational model. ICL employs evidence to design and run innovative and high impact interventions to improve key indicators in health, education, economic empowerment and leadership and governance with regards to children, adolescents and youth. To ensure maximum impact, ICL utilizes a multi-sectoral approach, Quadra Helix development approach (which brings together the Government, Private sector, Academia and Civil society) to foster innovative and sustainable transformation in communities. In this model, ICL envisions better health and well-being, quality education and improved livelihoods for sustainable development. In her work, ICL is guided by Vision 2030 whose objectives it seeks to cascade to counties, sub-counties, wards, organized groups and households. In her sustainable and transformative service delivery, ICL invests in the generation and documentation of evidence to influence policy and practice. The organization is guided by a vision of a “Healthy Africa, Empowered People!” and is on a mission to improve the life opportunities of youth aged 10-24 through strategic empowerment for sustainable development.


I Choose Life Africa is seeking expressions of interest from system developers to develop a Point-of-Sale system in order to identify the report of daily, weekly and monthly sales and profits acquired from sales of chicks from a project known as Kukuboresha, which specializes in the sale and distribution of quality day-old & month-old chicks, feeds & training.


The Consultant who will be shortlisted must have relevant experience in developing a fully responsive POS system. The consultant must be familiar with the use of programming languages such as POSXML C and C++. The POS should be able to analyze sales trend, integrate our online business, should have customer loyalty, weighing scale integration, billing and printed or electronic receipts.


4.1 Develop a POS system for Kukuboresha with the following modules

  1. Invoicing: Selling, Buying, Renting and Repairing
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Customer Orders and Suppliers Orders Management
  4. Integrated Supplier Purchasing
  5. Consistent and Customizable Reports
  6. Multi-Store Management


The consultant should be able to:

  • Research, design, implement, and manage system required.
  • Test and evaluate a system
  • Identify areas for modification in existing systems and subsequently developing these modifications
  • Determine operational practicality
  • Develop quality assurance procedures
  • Deploy software tools, processes, and metrics
  • Maintain and upgrade existing systems
  • Train users


The assignment should be completed within 3 weeks of signing the contract.

ICL will conduct relevant quality checks including relevant plagiarism tests.


Agencies or individuals interested in tendering for the development of the POS should prepare a technical and financial proposal and submit the following information:

7.1 Summary or profile of individual/agency seeking to bid.

7.2 Sample of previous work done with links attached

7.3 Proposed methodology including activities in the delivery of this assignment.

7.4 Proposed quotation for the work to be done

7.5 Contact details of 2 referees related to the past relevant work done.

7.6 A copy of KRA PIN and Tax certificate of compliance

7.7 CR12 for companies.

How to apply

The Expression of Interest – Proposal should be submitted on or before 2nd February 2022 12:00 P.m. to:

Email:;; and cc