Consultancy for supervision and coordination of the innovation fund challenge processes for adolescent safe space groups across Kampala and Arua

Project Coordinator- Civil Society Strengthening at Aga Khan Foundation


The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), a group of private not-for profit, non-denominational international development agencies, institutions and programmes that work primarily in the poorest parts of Africa and Asia to improve the quality of life of communities in remote and resource poor areas. In East Africa, AKF works with partners to improve the quality of life by promoting and developing innovative solutions to challenges of development in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Reflecting the complex and multi-faceted nature of development, AKF programmes in the region encompasses Education, Health and Nutrition, Early Childhood Development, Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Resilience, Economic Inclusion and Civil Society. AKF is implementing a one-year pilot program and is seeking a qualified consultant(s) to lead evidence-based Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation for the ITH programme activities.

The ITH project innovation fund.

The In Their Hands (ITH) Uganda is a one-year pilot programme that aims to empower Ugandan adolescent girls to choose when they get pregnant by (1) Improving agency, knowledge, and desire of adolescent girls to use SRH services, (2) Increasing and sustaining access to quality, relevant SRH products and services among adolescent girls and (3) Increasing community and government support of adolescent girls’ SRH uptake.

As part of the In Their Hands (ITH) program, community-led girls’ and boys’ groups have been established, serving as a platform for young men and women to learn about health, emotional well-being, and safety; develop soft skills and life skills; build confidence and self-esteem; and establish supportive social networks amongst their peers. AKF Uganda recognizes that young people have the best understanding of their own situations, and their needs, and yet they have few opportunities to contribute to or inform the services or resources available to them in their communities. In order to bridge this gap and further enable youth to achieve their full potential, the Aga Khan Foundation’s In Their Hands (ITH) program is launching an Innovation Fund Challenge for ITH girls and boys groups. This small grant program will serve as an opportunity for successful groups to implement a short-term project that will improve the situation of young people within their communities

The Scope of Services will include but may not be limited to the following:

The consultant will be responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of the Innovation Fund Program, alongside the project lead, while bringing in a perspective and understanding of the local context. It is expected that the consultant will support the project lead with the execution of the following roles and responsibilities:


The Assignment will be conducted for a period of 60 days starting on the 10th of September 2022 to the 10th of November 2022

Objective of the Assignment:

The objective of the assignment is to ensure effective and efficient supervision and coordination of the innovation fund challenge processes for 51 adolescent safe space groups across Kampala and Arua including proper selection of innovation fund winners.

The following will be the specific tasks:

Application Process

  • Coordinating panelists for the application review process and pitch presentations
  • Developing scoring criteria for application review panel and pitch panel
  • Collecting and organizing submitted applications
  • Communicating updates and disseminating tools to panelists, facilitators, and groups ahead of the pitch presentations
  • Assisting with applicant selection and grant allocation in accordance with the Innovation Fund Program guidelines and budget
  • Working with the accounting/finance team to disburse funds to successful groups
  • Coordinating the group registration process with facilitators and groups’ Leadership Committees (group registration will be done for all groups, not just those who are successful applicants)
  • Coordinating with facilitators and group Treasurers to set up designated bank accounts for the project

Monitoring & evaluation

  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation system to track and assess progress
  • Adjust programming as needed based on feedback
  • Keeping a record of the process and any process changes as the project occurs
  • Codifying learnings and best practices based on the Innovation Fund process. These learnings will be disseminated both internally and externally to inform the design and execution of future projects.
  • Developing and disseminating reports upon project completion


  • Throughout the entire process (application to completion), work with facilitators to obtain feedback from groups on what areas they need support in, and identify ways in which we can provide this support
  • Deliver an assessment for training and support needs around group dynamics, including basic financial planning and management, and coordinate with CDOs, youth leaders and relevant CBOs to provide relevant resources.
  • Dissemination of tools, materials, and communications required for the trainings in a timely manner
  • Coordinating with trainers to develop a schedule, curriculum, and any other necessary materials to be shared with the groups ahead of the trainings
  • Coordinating with trainers to ensure training is being delivered in a timely and effective manner
  • Coordinating with facilitators to receive feedback on the training sessions from the groups. Working with the trainers to revise the training based on this feedback.


  • Develop plan to set groups up for success following project completion
  • Identify opportunities to enable groups to continue their projects beyond the Innovation Fund (other grants, training, resources, spaces, etc.)
  • Identify and document programs, organizations, etc. that can support the groups beyond the Innovation Fund Program

Close Out (Demo Day)

  • Support the planning and implementation of the innovation fund demonstration and close out event.
  • Communicating updates and disseminating information to partners, facilitators, groups, and other stakeholders ahead of the event


  • Activity workplan and inception report submitted – 8th September 2022
  • Conduct activities – September to November
  • End of activity – November 25th, 2022
  • Final Report & End of Contract – 31st November 2022

Key competencies of the consultant should include:

  • Consultant should have experience in working with adolescents at the community level. and a technical understanding of the adolescent health landscape in Kampala and Arua
  • Consultant should have a bachelor’s degree in public health or any relevant course.
  • Experience in managing an innovation fund for young people or similar assignment is preferable.
  • Experience in documenting success stories, and profiling similar initiatives.
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Ability to facilitate and relate to stakeholders at multiple levels and in diverse contexts.
  • Ability to facilitate trainings and effectively and efficiently use resources
  • Exceptional organisation skills
  • The consultant should be Ugandan with country knowledge and experience specifically of Kampala and Arua districts.
  • Evidence of understanding of and commitment to child protection and safeguarding as well as other vulnerable populations

How to apply

Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal by email to with the subject line: “ITH Uganda innovation Fund Consultant” should be received not later than the 9th September 2022


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