The Horn East and Central Africa Region (HECA) will continue with the implementation of its 2020-28 Vision Framework that focuses on programme pillars :Tackling inequalities, Transforming multiple crise, Transformative partnerships and scaling up of localization agenda. These programme pillars focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment; bridging Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus; Climate Change; Fiscal Justice & Extractives Industries; Transforming conflict (peace, security, and power) and Urbanization.

Several processes are planned this year to anchor new country strategies (OCSs) appropriately while aligning these with new Oxfam’s Global Strategic Framework (GSF) and the HECA vision Framework. People and Culture remains a key function for the Region in achieving its mandate and goals. Therefore, the Regional Platform will facilitate development of new initiatives and provide support to country teams, and Country HRBPs on various topics and pillars on Human Resources Management. One area of focus this year is HR/People Analytics. The aim is to enable People Managers and Country HRBPs to develop data-driven insights on matters people and culture to inform talent decisions, improve workforce processes and promote positive employee experience.

The Role

Oxfam International HECA Regional Platform is looking for a consultant to work with the HECA Regional Platform HRBP to facilitate delivery of the following objectives of the training:

  1. To help participants to understand the role of information and data analysis in business analytics
  2. Appreciate various types of data and methods of sourcing data
  3. To gain an in-depth understanding of information, data structure in an organization
  4. Overview of tools used for information collection, data storage and analytics
  5. Linking People and Culture KPIs to analytics and how to set the right metrics
  6. Transition from analytics to decisions
  7. Upskill the staff on how to champion and structure information sharing, data and analytics tools and culture in the organization.

The prospective consultant :

Should have at least 5 years’ experience in delivery of adult learning, knowledgeable about the subject matter, have a good understanding of what data is important in people and;

The consultant(s) must demonstrate a track record of independent working, good coordination & networking and impeccable writing, and strong interpersonal skills.

Please see the Terms of Reference for further details.

How to apply

Your proposal, which should not exceed five pages in length (excluding annexes), should be sent by email to under the subject line ‘HR ANALYTICS TRAINING’ no later than 11 March, 2022

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