Consultancy – International Donors Relationships Unit – Sida’s partnership At Action Contre la Faim France

Terms of Reference

1. Consultancy assignment background

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian and development organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. Action Against Hunger comprises 6 members: Action Contre la Faim France, Action Against Hunger USA, Acción Contra El Hambre Spain, Action Against Hunger United Kingdom, Action Against Hunger Canada a Canada and Action Against Hunger India, and provides a coordinated response in nearly 50 countries.

Action Against Hunger has renewed its strategic partnership with the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) in 2021 for the next five years. The strategic partnership is a joint commitment by Sida and AAH to engage in multi-year cooperation. Strategic partner organizations are also invited to provide input to Sida’s annual allocation process, as well as other relevant strategic discussions and processes. Finally, the strategic partnership may allow for funding through Sida’s Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM). Grants are primarily provided on a 12-month basis, but some multi-year projects may be approved, provided that certain criteria are fulfilled. Partner organizations can, under the strategic partnership, apply for funding for by means of different kinds of projects:

i. Annual crisis response : On a yearly basis, the Strategic partner organizations can submit proposals for annual projects or country programmes (Programme Based Approach) that respond to humanitarian needs. **

ii. Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM): The strategic partner organization may annually apply for RRM funding. RRM funding is pre-positioned funding allocated to the strategic partner to enable a fast humanitarian response immediately after a sudden onset humanitarian crisis or after a severe deterioration of a humanitarian crisis. **

iii. Method and capacity-development support: The strategic partner organizations can apply for funding for projects that contribute to: **

A. Improving and strengthening the humanitarian system to ensure an effective humanitarian response on the ground. This is referred to as method support. **

B. Improving and strengthening the internal capacity of the organization to ensure an effective humanitarian response on the ground, in keeping with the strategic partner organization’s and Sida’s priorities. This is referred to as capacity-development support*

Initial submissions for the 2022 allocation have been submitted on October 30th. Feedbacks from Sida will be received mid-December. Countries invited to submit a full proposal will have to do so by January 31st.

2. Objectives and scope of work

Before the submission of the full proposals to Sida, an internal review and quality control of the proposals is done. Full proposals are therefore submitted mid-January to the International Donors Relations Unit. The objective of the consultancy is to participate in the review of the proposals and ensure the development and quality control of the SIDA 2022 allocation

Major tasks

Carry out quality control of project proposals to be submitted under the 2022 allocation for annual projects

Carry out quality control of pilot country programmes to be submitted under the 2022 allocation

Provide technical support to the relevant AAH‘s country offices in the development and revision of their project and programmes proposals,

Provide alerts and recommendations for corrective action on the proposal drafts to be submitted to SIDA for the 2022 allocation.

Advise and provide expertise on Sida’s issues related to the 2022 allocation

3. Period for the assignment

January 10th to January 31st, 2022

4. Qualification

Verifiable experience in writing institutional donors’ propositions.

Fluent in English

Computer literate

How to apply
To apply, please send your resume, cover letter for the consultancy to Laetitia Nitkiewicz before December 10th, 2021

Estimated days for the consultancy: 15 days for the complete package.


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