Consultancy IPPF Programme of Action for Anti-Racism At International Planned Parenthood Federation

Overview of IPPF

IPPF is a global service provider and a leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all. IPPF provides SRHR services in 172 countries and runs approximately 65,000 service points worldwide. It seeks to influence governments and other key decision-making bodies to make policy and legislative changes that support or defend SRHR. IPPF also conducts a range of education, awareness and empowerment programmes that support its key mandate of SRHR for all. IPPF has a secretariat which operates across six regional offices and has four divisions within the London Office. IPPF has a staff complement of about 300 and across the different regions.

Overview of the engagement

In 2020 IPPF launched its Anti-Racism Programme of Action. The programme started with a situational analysis through an audit review completed by external independent researchers. This report was finalized in July 2021 and shared with the secretariat with key recommendations. This training is in response to key recommendations from IPPF’s AntiRacism report. These recommendations include revising policies and procedures, providing training for the secretariat and others.

Reason the project is taking place:

The purpose of the consultancy is to develop a training and resource package for staff and senior management to be trained on how to implement a culture/environment of anti-racism and inclusion. This needs to be contextualized within a broader understanding of a decolonising international development environment and how IPPF can contribute positively to this change as an organisation. 2 The training should explore systemic, structural and interpersonal racism as they relate to IPPF’s functioning and structure (and with reference to the findings in IPPF’s anti-racism review report). The consultant should guide participants through to the development of a consensus understanding on key concepts like racism, anti-racism, race, ethnicity, caste and religion (see IPPF anti-racism report glossary) and on the characteristics of safe space culture. The consultant should also work with participants to interrogate the colonial legacy of IPPF and the SRHR movement more broadly. The training should also aim to interrogate power and privilege especially when the groups include supervisors and managed individuals as well as the key aspects as it relates to intersectionality. Furthermore, the training needs to focus on gathering inputs from participants on the underlying anti-racist principles for IPPF which can be used as a guiding ethos for IPPF.

Contractor’s specific roles and responsibilities:

  • 1 X Internal training and facilitation support for the Director Leadership Team (DLT) and Regional Senior Management Teams (SMT), as well as safeguarding teams in different regions, the Board of Trustees (BoT) as well as the working group for the Future around anti-racism, equity and inclusion. – 1 X Secretariat wide training on anti-racism, equity and inclusion – 7 X Regional Trainings – All training must have language requirements (ie. Translation) – The training must reflect the different regional time zones – All training will be done online

Commencement date. Contractor services to commence on December 2021 Anticipated completion date. Contractor services should be completed by 15/05/2022

Key milestones / deliverables • Review of the anti-racism report – and 1) propose recommendations and approach to conducting this training based on experience? 2) content areas of focus for the training? • Schedule for the work • Formative meetings with Anti-Racism Working Group and the DLT to decide on format, content, key priorities. • Training outline and programme agreed upon by all groups. • Allocate time in the training to gather views and suggestions for IPPF anti-racism principles which can contribute to developing a guiding ethos for the organisation. And integrate all these findings into a draft guiding document for the federation • Final strategy with implementation timeline Including the deliverables below: • Facilitate interactive training of all staff and personnel on identified and relevant DEI and anti-racism issues. These key issues will be identified by the working group in partnership with the consultant and DLT. i. deliver summary of identified DEI issues as the IPPF Anti-Racism report ii. provide technical guidance during the training to ensure effective deliberations and brainstorming of ideas as well as solution-oriented outcomes. • Timelines • Key messages as per audience group and identification of key audiences and how to reach them effectively within the secretariat • Provide summary report of the assignment a. Synthesise and present a final report to the Anti-Racism Working Group and the Director Leadership Team outlining the following: i. observations (as per report and training) and reflection on implementation of the above interventions ii. Provide recommendations outlining proposed future roadmap for IPPF’s training programme. • Each team should develop and submit a plan of action that includes commitment to anti-racism across their functions with measurable 4 milestones that would be submitted to DLT for approval and oversight or something • Development of key anti-racism principles that underpin the ethos of IPPF. To be explored and developed to contribute to the outcome of the workshop.

Professional qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in social sciences, human rights, gender/ women’s studies, international development, capacity development, economics or a related field is required. Required Experience and skills: • At least 5 years working experience in Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Training, Human Resources, Capacity Development or other related area • Experience working in international development and knowledge of the sector • Experience in development facilitation guidance for offline and online sessions • Experience in implementing training sessions, face to face and online • Experience of train the trainers’ sessions • Good analytical skills • Strong planning and organization skills • Detail oriented • Flexible • Team player • Excellent English proficiency and knowledge of French, Spanish and Arabic – as we will need translation services to be accommodated.

How to apply

3 December 2021

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