CONSULTANCY ON GOVERNANCE (URGENT) At International Planned Parenthood Federation

IPPF ESEAOR’s Member Association – Federation of Reproductive Health Association Malaysia (FRHAM) is looking for suitable candidate as below details:

A. Background and context

The Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM) has undertaken a governance reform process with the support of the IPPF Global Initiative for Strengthening. It has analyzed it governance system and is now in the process of implementing recommendations that resulted from the analysis.

In this context, FRHAM is looking for a consultant with demonstrated expertise on the governance of Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and experience in strengthening governance to support FRHAM.

B. Objectives of the consultancy

  1. To organise meetings with FRHAM Board to review the changes and to discuss any concerns to ensure agreement between all parties on the recommended changes.
  2. To prepare develop and facilitate a capacity building/learning session for FRHAM Board and Management AT ALL LEVELS on good governance, particularly focusing on the division of roles and responsibilities between governance and management
  3. To provide coaching support to FRHAM Board members on implementing the governance recommendations that came as a result of the governance reform process
  4. To amend FRHAM’s Rules and Regulations, MA policies and relevant documents based on the recommendations of Phase 1 FRHAM MA Governance Reform.
  5. To revise the existing terms of reference of the sub-committee and develop the terms of reference of new sub-committees based on the recommendations of Phase 1 FRHAM MA Governance Reform, in relation to proposed and approved governance structure.

C. Scope of Work

  • Preparatory work
  • Review background documents on the governance of FHRAM and key results and recommendations from the governance strengthening initative so far – including for instance: internal regulations, the governance diagnostic conducted under the global initiative etc
  • Conduct interviews and/or surveys with/gather learnings from key stakeholders including:
  • FHRAM Board members and management
  • IPPF secretariat staff
  • The consultant who conducted the initial governance diagnosis
  • Develop a learning session to discuss the rational of good governance with a particular focus on the oversight roles of the board – the session will include tailored case studies and role -play aiming at unpacking the rational behind good governance principles and how they can be translated into the governance reality of FRHAM
  • Facilitation of a learning session for FRHAM board and management
  • Provide support and coaching at subsequent 3 Board meetings of FHRAM – i.e. the Executive Committee, National Council and Sub-committee meetings:
  • Attending Board meetings, providing advice and debriefing at the end of the meetings
  • The coaching will focus on the implementing the twenty-one (21) recommendations outlined in initial governance diagnosis.
  • Finalise the review and re-wording of FRHAM Rules and Regulations, MA policies and relevant documents.

It is anticipated that:

  • 3 days will be needed for the preparatory work
  • 3 days will be needed for the facilitation of the learning session and report
  • 2 days will be needed for the coaching sessions and notes
  • 5 days will be needed to support regulations rewording
  • 2 days will be needed to develop final report with key conclusions/summary findings

TOTAL: 15 days

Expected results (deliverables)

  • A detailed facilitation plan and tools for the learning sessions
  • A detailed report on the learning session outcomes
  • Notes from the coaching sessions at Board meetings
  • Draft od FRHAM amended/reworded internal regulations
  • A summary report with findings on the challenges, observations and recommendations for future action.

Assignment Timeline:

The assignment is expected to be carried out within fifteen (15) days

Required Expertise:

The consultant or agency should have the following qualifications:

  • Expertise and experience in the area of governance and governance strengthening matching international good practice.
  • Experience with not-for-profit sector and preferably in the field of sexual and reproductive health.
  • Knowledge in statutory regulations and compliances for civil society organisations in the country will be added advantage.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit their application to Pauziah Ali at before or by 11 February 2022.

*Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.