Consultancy – Production of a Film for Project Documentation at FilmAid International

Consultancy - Production of a Film for Project Documentation at FilmAid International


FilmAid Kenya (FAK) is a development and humanitarian organization that harnesses the power and influence of film, media, and the arts to respond to displaced communities in need and promote social change. Using a participatory community-based approach, FAK provides displaced people with actionable information about their rights, safety, health, and future. Using compelling video, radio, print, SMS, and digital media campaigns, FAK reaches over 400,000 people every year.


FAK together with partners in the Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Operation has been undertaking a UNICEF Project dubbed PROSPECTS that seeks to expand opportunities by empowering refugees and host communities’ young and adolescent youth with innovative education and transferable skills to stimulate job growth.

The PROSPECTS Project has been informed by the Kalobeyei Integrated Social Economic Development Plan (KISEDP) and the Garissa Integrated Social Economic Development Plan (GISEDP), whose central theme ‘Choice Theory’ argues for a national service delivery system that provides an enabling environment to build people’s skills and capabilities, contributing to an enhanced overall economy.

The Project addresses the specific needs of female and young and adolescent youth through interventions that expand access to information and their relevant skills for future career placement or self-employment and ultimately boost their individual, household, and communities income levels. Additionally, the skills training is combined with life skills and is tailored to available market opportunities as well as to respond to the specific needs, capacities, and interests of the targeted youth based on market assessment results.


Description and scope of work:

This Project Documentation seeks to bring top-of-mind awareness to the work implemented by the different PROSPECTS partners in Kakuma Refugee Camp, the Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement, and the Dadaab Refugee Complex, in order to document their activities – stories for impact visibility, attained through PROSPECTS’ execution to donors, operational and implementing partners in the refugee operation, in-country national audience, and displacement affected communities globally.

Deliverables of the project:

● A script, work plan, and a storyboard for the video based on inputs from the FilmAid Kenya Communications team and provided audiovisual resources.

● At least two draft edits for input and one final version of the project video.

● Final video optimized for web format (15-20 minutes)

● At least two video cutdowns ( 5-10 minutes)

Support provided by FilmAid Kenya:

FilmAid Kenya will regularly communicate with the Consultant, provide feedback and guidance and the necessary support to achieve the objectives of the work, and remain aware of any upcoming issues related to the performance and quality of work.

FilmAid Kenya will provide the Consultant with:

● Project information (reports, existing audio vidual resources, human stories, PROSPECTS-branded pictures);

● Branding and other PROSPECTS Project communication guidelines;

● Suggestions on the most suitable stories to aid in script development.

Performance Period and Station:

This is a performance-based assignment, and the final approved deliverables are expected on or before the 20th of June 2022. Precise timelines will be developed after discussion with the selected Consultant / Consultancy Firm. Sufficient time will be allocated to ensure content is relevant and brings about the desired results. The Consultancy will be remote-based.

Role Summary:

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the FilmAid Kenya Communications team, the selected Consultant / Consultancy Firm will be responsible for the following:

● Creation of the general concept of the video; Development of the detailed scenarios of the video and coordination and approval of the scenarios with the FilmAid Kenya Communications team.

● Ensuring timely delivery of all end products by providing a schedule/work/production plan.

● Collect existing audiovisual elements (videos, photos, audio, infographics) from Film Aid Kenya’s Communications team to use to edit the project.

● Edit the footage in line with the script agreed and approved by Film Aid Kenya’s Communications team and produce a professional quality package of broadcast quality.

● Record and edit narration/voice-over where needed under the guidance of the relevant FilmAid Kenya focal person.

● Embed subtitles in the video as per need; Audio balance the final product and convert it into formats for use on TV, radio, web, and provide feedback on edit resources.

● Liaising with the FilmAid Kenya Communications team on production schedules, end product formats, and materials access.

● Creation of teasers, trailers, cutdowns, and other promotional vignettes of the film for use on social media and other digital distribution channels.

● Ensure the film is completed efficiently and on schedule; determine and manage priorities.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

● In-depth knowledge of post-production processes, workflows, and best practices, including scheduling and final deliverables.

● Knowledge and demonstrated experience in assembling ready audiovisual resources to create a story-worthy film using various editing/post-production formats.

● Top-notch organizational skills, ability to take direction and give orders as needed.

● Work independently and with teams, able to decipher problems and create solutions.

● Experience covering social, humanitarian, and development subjects will be an asset.

● Adept at determining priorities and hitting deadlines; ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities in a deadline-driven environment.

● Productivity-focused and proven to be a quick problem solver, with the ability to overcome technical challenges as necessary.

How to apply

Share your firm’s qualifications and proposal to deliver on the requirements contained within this EoI together with a budget for completing this work to reach us on or before the 19th of April 2022 by 5:00 pm EAT to with the subject title ‘PROSPECTS DOCUMENTATION.’

For any information regarding this consultancy, interested applicants are encouraged to seek any inquiries by email through before the 14th of April, 2022.

The proposal should include:

  1. Details on how your firm would address the needs identified above
  2. A technical proposal that includes:

● CVs of crew composition.

● Production capabilities: quality video production, including related hardware and editing software.

● Detailed individual portfolio (web links to produced videos) showcasing a range of work (i.e. PSAs, interviews, documentaries, etc.).

● Proposed work plan/production plan.

  1. A detailed budget with a breakdown of different budget lines to produce the video (including subtitling and voiceover).
  2. Three references/client lists with full contact details.

Criteria For Selection:

The evaluation of each response to this EoI will be based on the criteria set out below. At the sole discretion of FilmAid Kenya, the top proposals may be selected for follow-up questions.

● Technical proposal: Experience of Consultant/Consultancy Firm, including experience compiling audiovisual materials, producing films in similar contexts, technical expertise of film crew and editors, work/production plan, and flexibility to accommodate the proposed timeline (40%).

● Quality of portfolio/past work (30%).

● Cost proposal (30%).