RefuSHE was established in 2008 as the first and only organization in Kenya devoted to protecting and empowering urban, unaccompanied, and separated refugee children and youth, especially girls, young women, and their children, living in Nairobi, Kenya. Our holistic model provides opportunities for refugee girls to access their human rights, experience economic success, build transferable skills, and become leaders in their own communities.

COVID-19 heightened the economic vulnerability of refugee women and girls. Moreover, the suspension of educational activities in 2020-2021 increased the likelihood that refugee young women and girls would drop out of school and become vulnerable to child labour, child marriage, and other forms of exploitation.

In response, RefuSHE has worked with partners to create a virtual learning platform tailored specifically to the needs of refugee women and girls in the community. Our goal, through an eLearning Platform is to provide vocational skills for income-generation, entrepreneurship skills to start or strengthen their business and self-employment initiatives, as well as offer mental health support.

We are continuously tailoring our content to suit our population of users to make the platform engaging and useful to Nairobi’s women refugee community. Our innovative e-learning and wellness platform will enable us to reach refugee women and girls in the community that are not currently served by RefuSHE with services to enhance their livelihoods and wellbeing


The overall objective of the assignment is to map out and design a variety of vocational micro enterprise skills in Nail Technology, Hair Dressing and Catering; into step-by-step manuals that can be used to create short videos that will be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS), that enables self-learning. These courses are meant to empower young refugee women running micro enterprise with low to minimal digital literacy; designed to be carried out through a series of modules delivered in a self-paced format with Kiswahili-English (Swanglish) as the main language of delivery.

The Instructional designer should avail supporting documents/links to show a track record of their experience and a quotation for their services.


  • The Instructional Designer will work closely and coordinate with the ‘Subject Matter Expert’ who is a refugee woman running a micro enterprise and the RefuSHE team to understand the visualization and technical scope of the content material as well as the organizational context.
  • Create manuals with defined business scenarios and environment of the different micro enterprises within Kenyan urban areas and intersperse with actual skills development manuals and case studies to enhance the learning experience as well as improve the interaction with users (i.e. Refugee women)
  • Define the extent of the content that should be covered by different courses and create the course structure in which all the content is divided into modules, with relevant and specific learning objectives for each module.
  • Define activities for each module which best support the learning goals. There should be a clear progression of complexity in the skills level from one module to another.
  • Packaged content should be aligned with the overall discovery phase findings provided by the RefuSHE team and principles of adult learning approaches.
  • The content should consider the development of creativity and innovation skills as well as entrepreneurship.
  • Work with the Subject Matter Expert and RefuSHE team to understand the developed content and to Instructionally design the content into storyboards to meet the agreed learning objectives


Required Experience:

  • Ability to contextualize different micro enterprise business environments in urban areas to create informative videos for refugee women looking to start or grow their businesses
  • The consultant/firm must be qualified experts, with a demonstrated track record in developing high quality online learning modules in entrepreneurship and/or vocational skills in the outlined fields
  • Strong familiarity with the micro enterprise ecosystem in Nairobi is highly desirable
  • Analytical, research and conceptual skills
  • Sensitivity to the experience of refugees in Kenya and a willingness to listen to and learn from their experience as microentrepreneurs
  • Ability to convert complex, broad topics into simple, easily digestible video content



Specifics that the manual should cover

Financial Cost of each category below deliverables

1.Nail Technology Manual

  • Market analysis for running the micro enterprise in Nairobi
  • Requirements on running a nail parlour in Nairobi
  • Marketing and competition analysis
  • Product pricing and staffing
  • Starting capital and material sourcing

2. Catering Manual

  • Minimum technical skills requirements to run a catering micro enterprise
  • Market analysis for running the micro enterprise in Nairobi
  • Requirements on running a catering micro enterprise in Nairobi
  • Marketing and competition analysis
  • Product pricing and staffing
  • Starting capital and material sourcing

3. Hair Dressing Manual

  • Market analysis for running the micro enterprise in Nairobi
  • Requirements on running a hairdressing micro enterprise in Nairobi
  • Marketing and competition analysis
  • Product pricing and staffing
  • Starting capital and material sourcing

Subject matter expert brief

The instructional designer will be expected to brief the subject matter expert on delivery mode for the content. The estimation is 10 days of work.

Consolidated Cost

How to apply


The scope of this work consultancy is expected to start on August 1st 2022. The consultant to provide a schedule/Gannt Chart of the project.

Evaluation Criteria

Extensive experience in Instructional design

Reference of similar projects

Financial proposal

How to apply:

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of proposals is 25th July 2022, 09.00 hours, Nairobi Local Time.

The address for submission of applications including detailed Proposal should be submitted through email to: procurement@refuSHE.ORG

Consent: By applying for this consultancy, I hereby consent RefuSHE to collect, process and store my data in accordance with the privacy policy. I understand I may withdraw my consent by writing back to the email address provided in this consultancy advert to withdraw my application at any time.


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