Consultant Flying Psychiatrist At Stichting Vluchteling

Stichting Vluchteling (SV) is an emergency aid organization that is committed to helping refugees worldwide. In the event of an acute emergency, through its implementing partners, the Refugee Foundation provides immediate assistance, such as shelter, medical care, clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. In the Netherlands, the Refugee Foundation provides information to the Dutch public about the worldwide refugee problem and international (emergency) aid.

We are looking for a Consultant Flying Psychiatrist.


Stichting Vluchteling(SV) is piloting an innovative simple model of care based of integrated NCD and MHPSS care in primary health care in various humanitarian settings with a focus on refugees and displaced people. The main responsibility of the consultant is to provide expert advice on the current model and its implementation, to propose advise to strengthen the overall success for the teams and for the organization to continue developing in the field of specialised MH services. In particular, an advice on the overall effectiveness of the program in improving patient’s wellbeing and the identification of structural challenges faced across contexts together with ways to overcome them would be among the most important outcomes expected.

Place in the organization

The successful applicant will report to the medical team leader. He/she will be the functional link to different profiles in the field according to the project type This is a field-based position, flying across different contexts (Nigeria, Iraq, Cameroon), one month per location. Timeline of visits to be discussed.

Main responsibilities

Ideally the consultant will visit each project for the duration of one month and reports about that visit. Report will include:

  1. Availability of facilities providing psychiatric services in country (4W – Who/What/When/Where) including possibilities for psychiatric hospitalization and the quality of the services provided (including governmental institutions ,NGO/INGOs) as well as of the facilities where the project offer psychiatric services both outpatient and inpatient
  2. Assessment of the current model implementation focusing on strengths and weaknesses and work with the field team to identify a mitigation plan. This includes:
    • Assessment of Mh-Gap training implementation and supervision plan (modality of supervision on site vs remote, provide suggestions on the tools used to structure and monitor the supervision
    • Assessment of staff involved in MH care (GPs, psychiatrist and other MhGAP-trained), staff competencies and suggestion of capacity building/training plan and possible follow up (how, who could deliver trainings, delivery modality online vs face to face). Whenever feasible ad hoc trainings can take place during the visit itself
    • Assessment of prescription of psychiatric medication (challenges and possible solutions)
      Review of the psychiatric medications used in the project with respect to the common drugs used for other NCDs (according to the MhGAP list and drugs available in the project Advise methods or guidance – how to recognize , monitor interactions and manage interactions (close monitoring and dose adjustment or discontinuation of medications)
  3. Monitoring: Assessment of patient documentation and data collection accuracy and reliability (focusing also on respect of patient confidentiality) and Propose a concrete way to assess and report on the quality of psychiatric care objectively and desired patient outcomes in psychiatric care.

Candidate Profile

  • Medical doctor specialized in psychiatry
  • Clinical experience (including inpatient care) > 5 years
  • Experience in humanitarian contexts, working with NGO/in the field mandatory
  • Strong knowledge of MhGap mandatory, ToT for MhGap desirable
  • Fluency and oral in English is required, in French desirable
  • Experience in remote trainings with different platforms
  • Demonstrable experience of working and constructively participating as part of a multi-cultural team
  • Previous experience with humanitarian organization and commitment to the aims and values of humanitarian work.

Our offer

  • Consultancy Contract for three months- costs voor living, travel etc. for SV, daily allowances system- housing via Partners in the field;
  • A rate that meets the weight of the position;
  • A responsible job, working with all kinds op people, on different parts of the world.

How to apply

Feeling attracted tot this job?

Send us an email at before the 30th of March. For more information please contact (Medical Teamleader).

Stichting Vluchteling has a Code of Conduct, containing the values and principles of the organisation, including with regard to integrity & reliability and the prevention of any form of discrimination and/or abuse of power. Every employee must endorse it and act in accordance with it at all times. Taking references and requesting a Certificate of Good Conduct are part of the application procedure.