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Finn Church Aid (FCA) is Finland’s biggest development co-operation organization and the second biggest organization in Finland working in humanitarian aid. Finn Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance (ACT), an alliance of faith-based development and humanitarian aid organizations forming one of the world’s largest aid organizations.

FCA Kenya is implementing a Creative Industries (CI) project, a continuation of the creative industries program pilot in Kampala, Uganda in 2020, projects in Uganda in 2021, and the digital competency program (DCP) & Creative Industry project in Nairobi. The project is focusing on digital creative industries such as animation, game development, graphic design, web design and digital marketing. This will contribute to the realization of basic human rights such as the right to life with a decent source of livelihood and the right to education. FCA Kenya will work with the youth ages 18-35 years both men and women in this project and engage the local administrators in the project area. The project will use the same training venue as Digital Competence Program/Creative Industry project in Jericho, Nairobi. FCA can benefit from the existing relationship and lessons learned during the earlier projects. Setting up the project in St. Philip’s parish in Jericho enables FCA to systematically develop the centre to become an important hub in Eastlands for digital creative industries trainings. The proposed Creative Industries program is aligned with FCA’s Right to Livelihood (R2L) strategy supporting marginalized groups in gaining meaningful employment. This will in turn ensure that these groups have a reliable and sustainable source of livelihood. The Creative Industries project would be an important avenue for these youths including PWD’s to earn hands-on skills that will help them to employ themselves and become entrepreneurs in the future. The right holders who benefit from the program will also impart the skills acquired to others who may not have the opportunity to participate in the trainings.

SUMMARY Project: FCA is training 286 youth in professional Creative industry -skills during August 2022 to December 2023. The training will take place in Eastlands Nairobi.

The animation training consultant will be responsible for providing training in animation as part of FCA Creative Industry Program in a 3-month period.

SCOPE OF WORK Duration: 3 months (September – November 2022). Consultant will be based in Nairobi

Minimum Administrative Compliance:

  1. Company’s profile and company’s Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Certificate including team members qualifications.
  2. KRA Pin Certificate.
  3. Up to date Tax Compliance Certificate for the current year 2022.

Goal: Provide training in animation as part of FCA Creative Industry Program.

Role and Responsibilities:

An Animation Trainer will be an industry professional with relevant experience and portfolio working on projects such as; Animated Films, commercials, Gaming, Architectural design work, Real Estate Showcasing just to name but a few. The trainer will be required to work with the learners in following tasks:

1. Training Beginners in Basic Animation Techniques

  • Animation software and hardware orientation
  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animating
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Rendering

2. Training Beginners in Basic Animation Business

  • Experience in pitching for Animation work
  • Project Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Financing and distribution of Animation related content
  • Animation Industry Networks and Opportunities
  • Animation Industry regulation

3. Production of a short Animation Project (3- 10 mins) with the beneficiaries

  • Conceptualize ideas for characters, scenes, backgrounds, and other animation elements.
  • Create character sketches for new animations based on design briefs.
  • Develop storyboards for animation projects.
  • Design backgrounds, sets and other elements of the animated environment.
  • Develop timing and pacing of motion, based on audio requirements.
  • Work with the story editors to merge various layers of animation.
  • Record dialogue for the animation, where necessary.
  • Collaborate with other creative including designers, photographers, and other animators to finalize projects.


  • Deliver outstanding training and coaching sessions to groups of learners in animation.
  • Provide employability training on widening learners job horizon and identifying business and employment opportunities.
  • Teach the learners a broad range of training to increase their skills and readiness to work as digital marketers.
  • Actively support, mentor and motivate learners across the learner journey to help them with the timely completion of their learning aims and qualification
  • Identify learner’s strengths and weakness through an initial assessment and support them accordingly
  • Provide insightful, constructive, and informative feedback to help the learner maximize their potential.
  • Deliver outstanding learning, using creative learning strategies that will inspire and engage students to reach their full potential
  • Manage any learner progress issues in line with the business expectations.
  • Proactively monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of own workload and working practices to ensure deadlines and targets are met and that the learner has an outstanding experience.


  • Help young people develop entrepreneurship and small business management skills in the creative sector.
  • Assist learners work with available tools to create an industry standard portfolio or business / career plan
  • Deliver training programmes with support of other team members
  • Continually identify specific training needs and support required for components of the creative industry projects as appropriate
  • Provide coaching and support as young people implement their business plans during training phase


Animator Skills Requirements:

A successful Animation Trainer candidate will have the following prerequisite skills:

  • Excellent Training skills.
  • Excellent creativity and originality.
  • Superior graphic design skills.
  • Superior knowledge of the 12 principles of animation such as staging, timing, ease in, ease out and anticipation.
  • Proficiency in the use of design and animation software.
  • In-depth understanding of mathematical and geometric concepts.
  • Knowledge of color theory.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Ability to work in large teams.

Animator Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of professional hands-on experience.
  • 2+ years’ experience with tools and software, such as Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D,Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Animate, Adobe After effects.
  • Bachelor’s degree in animation, computer graphics, fine arts, or a related discipline.
  • An optional but beneficial qualification may be certification in one or more areas such as web design, computer animation or graphic arts to demonstrate skill-level and dedication to the industry.

Desirable Assets ·

  • High integrity, self-driven and able to set own work schedule with rigorous deadlines.
  • Ability to initiate and complete assignments and to work under demanding circumstances with minimal supervision.
  • Strong organization, supervisory, problem-solving, interpersonal, communication as well as team building and negotiation skills.
  • Identify potential private sector players and ensure that trainees regularly attend practical sessions to enhance their skills.
  • Uphold and protect the Trainees from any form of Child abuse/ Violation of Rights.
  • Supervise all the extra co-curricular activities such as sports and games, Crafts and any form of communal work.
  • Ensure discipline of the students in and outside the Training
  • Design a strategic remedial Training plan for slow learners
  • Prepare a conducive learning environment for the Trainees.
  • Be responsible for all school activities while on duty.

FCA will provide the following:

  • All relevant information to this assignment
  • Full pay for the xxx days’ work (5% tax withholding rates applies)

Interested candidates should submit their application stating their daily rates, testimonials, and CVs to by COB on 4th August 2022.

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