Consultant to Conduct a Baseline Study of Communications Capacity in National Statistical Offices At Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PARIS21 is undertaking the first study of the communications of national statistical offices. The study will seek to establish a baseline with regards to communications capacity, resources and activities. The findings will help the international community and the NSOs themselves better understand where and how to prioritise support to communications in order to strengthen the use and understanding of statistics by the public and decision-makers.

44 countries (12 in Asia-Pacific, 20 in Africa, and 12 in Latin America & the Caribbean) will be included in the study. Thematic areas of specific focus include gender statistics and agricultural statistics, in line with the priority needs of select key donors.

The consultant will undertake the baseline study using a combination of surveys, telephone interviews and desk research. The design and implementation of the project will be undertaken under the supervision of the PARIS21 Communications & Partnerships Manager.

Tasks and deliverables

The consultant will:

  1. Design the baseline study
  2. Define the set of baseline indicators to be collected
  3. Design a methodology to collect the necessary data and information
  4. Develop a skeleton outline for the study, including chapter and subchapters
  5. Prepare detailed work programme and establish the necessary mechanisms for input and guidance from PARIS21 and for input and validation from the expert group and partners
  6. Identify an expert review group, comprising a range of international and national partners (UN agency representatives, government officials, bilateral donors, etc)
  7. Undertake the baseline study
  8. Undertake the necessary data collection and desk research
  9. Draft the baseline study (around 50 pages)
  10. Convene the expert review group at multiple stages throughout the process in order to validate the indicators and the report itself
  11. Undertake specific research, using relevant indicators, for the thematic areas of gender and agriculture statistics communications
  12. Undertake rounds of review & revision with PARIS21 and with the NSDS reference group as required


  1. Complete set of baseline indicators
  2. Methodology and detailed work programme
  3. Preliminary findings for the LAC region to be produced by June 2022
  4. Baseline study around 50 pages, excluding annexes. Study to include 30 NSOs
  5. End-of-contract report that details the activities and outputs delivered as well as issues and challenges encountered.

Duration, Workload and Location

The Work shall be carried out intermittently in accordance with the Organisation’s needs from March to November 2022

The consultant will work from their home base. One working day represents 8 hours worked. Regular calls will be scheduled with PARIS21 and the consultant.

Note: Timeline of activities may change and will be subject to the schedule of PARIS21 in close coordination with the Consultant.


Honoraria: The lump sum value for the activities is a total of EUR 15,000

Reporting & Communication

PARIS21 will validate and approve all resources and documents provided by the consultant.

The Consultant will closely coordinate with the PARIS21 Communications & Partnerships Manager to ensure effective delivery of the outputs. The Contractor will keep the Organisation informed of progress on the project by e-mail or telephone as appropriate. All deliverables will be sent electronically.

Candidate profile:

  • At least two years of professional communications experience in an intergovernmental agency or NGO
  • Must have professional experience from low- and middle-income country context
  • Advanced university degree from a recognized institution

The OECD contact points for this contract are:

For technical issues:

Name: Sasha Ramirez-Hughes


For administrative issues:

Name: Magali Sochay




2 rue André Pascal

F-75775 Paris cedex 16

Telephone: +

How to apply

Please submit a detailed technical proposal and financial offer, as well as your CV, to Sasha Ramirez-Hughes by 18 March 2022 (midnight CET). Qualifying candidates will be contacted by email.

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