Consultant to Support Development of Kenya Polio Transition Plan, 2022 -2023 At World Health Organization


An overview of polio transition globally and justification for polio transition

Globally, countries have heavily depended on resources and the infrastructure established through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI to sustain a polio-free world. Following the good progress made in the eradication of poliovirus there is substantial decrease in resources from GPEI as part of polio ramp down. With reduction in the resources from GPEI, there is need for meticulous planning to ensure and maintain polio assets as well as sustain polio free status. This will avoid any possibility of deterioration on vaccine-preventable disease control and elimination efforts and to strengthen emergency preparedness, detection and response capacities. Transition from GPEI support will involve re-purposing of polio assets as well as Governments taking up costs to maintain polio free status.

Kenya is in the process of implementing polio transition planning in order to mainstream polio eradication into the national health system and integrate to existing programmes. WHO Kenya is seeking to recruit a consultant to support Ministry of Health to develop Kenya polio transition plan.

TORs of the Consultant

The consultant is expected to work with Ministry of Health and other partners in polio eradication agenda to develop the Kenya polio transition polio plan

1. To coordinate, provide technical guidance and facilitate Polio Transition Planning process**

  1. Review existing literature and guidance on polio transition
  2. Review and update inventory of polio assets, polio systems and resources ( human, financial and physical assets) as well as essential functions
  3. Carry out situation analysis of polio eradication, immunization system, and emergencies in Kenya
  4. Convene, facilitate meetings of MOH and partners on issues related to the polio transition planning process
  5. Compile, collate and consolidate any information and data that will be required for the development of the plan.
  6. Develop and draft the polio transition plan document in accordance with decisions of the Polio Transition planning committee which will include a)Human resource plan b)Capacity building plan c)Budget and Financial Resources Mobilization Plan d) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and e)any other component of the plan that may be deemed necessary.
  7. Present the findings to MOH and inter agency coordinating committee
  8. Advocate for adoption of the Kenya Polio transition plan


  1. Updated inventory of Polio assets and functions
  2. Costed polio transition plan 2022-2023 with its components
  3. Polio transition policy brief for Government of Kenya senior management
  4. Power point presentation of Kenya polio transition plan

Qualifications, Expertise and Skills required

The desired qualifications of the consultant are as outlined below. The person should have:

Academic Qualifications

  1. Minimum level of education of Master’s degree in public health, epidemiology or a relevant health field
  2. Bachelors degree in medicine or a health related field**Experience requirements: A minimum of 3 years’ experience in the areas listed below**
  3. Experience in working in the Kenya Health sector
  4. Experience with developing budgets and costed plans especially at national level
  5. Experience working with polio eradication program
  6. Working experience and exposure to routine immunization program
  7. Experience in surveillance for vaccine preventable diseases
  8. Experience in conducting similar tasks or consultancies
  9. Previous work experience working for the United Nations
  10. Evidence of proficiency in computer skills, familiar with Excel and database analysis, reporting writing.

Administrative arrangements

The Consultant will work in WHO Kenya office and will report to the WHO Representative, Kenya. All administrative arrangements will be carried out in line with WHO rules and procedures. Technical guidance and leadership will be provided by WHO Kenya IVD Focal point. The consultant is expected to provide progress reports and technical reports to the WHO Kenya IVD Focal point.

Duration of the consultancy and Timelines

The consultancy is expected to be carried out for a duration of 66 days. The remuneration will cover working days only during a 3 month period. The expected start date is 21 March 2022.

How to apply

Qualified Kenyan Nationals should submit a Cover letter with an updated Curriculum Vitae based on the TORs on or before the closing date; 06 March 2022. The application should be sent to;

Please quote the Title of the Job Vacancy on the subject while applying for this position.