Consultants: Participatory Research on Migrant Worker Rights x 3 At FairSquare Projects

1. Background

FairSquare is a London-based, non-profit human rights organisation that produces specialist research, advocacy and advice. Our primary areas of focus are migrant worker rights, business and human rights, and authoritarianism and democracy.

FairSquare is working with a charitable foundation to support the development of its new programme focusing on migrant domestic workers and migrant agricultural workers in Thailand, Malaysia, Lebanon and Jordan. The programme’s goal is that: “governments, employers/private sector, international organisations and civil society pilot, catalyse and push for ethical and rights-based pathway models for safe migration, sustained livelihood and decent work.” To ensure workers’ perspectives underpin the development of the programme, FairSquare is convening discussion groups with migrant worker activists with lived experience of the two sectors in the four countries.

2. Purpose of roles

For this project, we are recruiting three Consultants to conduct participatory research on migrant worker rights, with responsibilities divided as follows:

  1. Migrant domestic workers (SE Asia and the Middle East)
  2. Migrant agricultural workers (Jordan and Lebanon)
  3. Migrant agricultural workers (Malaysia and Thailand)

Each Consultant will have in-depth knowledge and experience of issues facing migrant workers in the focus countries and sector. They will assist FairSquare in setting up the discussion groups, delivering and facilitating them, conducting follow-up research, and writing a report outlining the discussion group’s key findings and recommendations.

Each Consultant will:

● Identify key stakeholders in relevant country/ies and liaise with discussion group members, workers’ organisations and other civil society groups as required.

● Assist in the preparation and facilitation of a series of group discussions, at least one of which will be held in person in the region.

● Arrange and conduct interviews with migrant workers, according to an agreed research plan.

● Conduct follow-up research, as required, on issues identified by the discussion groups as being integral to safe migration, sustained livelihood and decent work in the sectors and countries under study.

● Maintain appropriate records of research, including detailed interview notes.

● Write up research as required for the development of the programmes, using templates provided.

3. Timeline, remuneration and location

Roles to commence as soon as possible. Approximately 12 hours per role, per week until mid-October 2022.

● Fees will be negotiable depending on skills and experience but will be a maximum of €300 per day, per role.

Location: remote working. The posts will be managed from the UK.

4. Person specification

The successful candidates will have an established background in researching migrant workers’ rights, with experience in the NGO sector, government or intergovernmental organisations, or academia.

● Research experience

  • Experience of interviewing migrant workers, and /or conducting qualitative research with people affected by human rights / labour rights abuses
  • Awareness of the practical, ethical and security issues involved in research with migrant workers
  • Demonstrated track-record of desk research and writing research reports in English

● Facilitation experience

  • Experience of organising and facilitating group discussion sessions, online and in person

● Knowledge of migrant domestic workers / migrant agricultural workers in the focus countries

  • Understanding of the structural and practical issues which shape migrant workers’ experiences
  • Knowledge of civil society organisations supporting migrant workers and current migrant worker rights’ movements

● Language skills

  • Strong spoken English
  • For the Migrant Agricultural Workers (Jordan and Lebanon) role, proficiency in Arabic
  • For the Migrant Agricultural Workers (Malaysia and Thailand) role, proficiency in Khmer, Burmese or other languages spoken by migrant workers in the sector.

● Other skills and attributes

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Sensitivity and empathy towards migrant workers, and a commitment to human rights, equality and non-discrimination
  • Proactive and well-organised
  • Ability to travel independently and willingness to work across time zones

How to apply

To apply, please follow the instructions in the link below:

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