Country Based Consultant (Ethiopia, Uganda, Pakistan) At Publish What You Fund

Publish What You Fund is looking for individual consultants with research and advocacy experience based in Uganda, Ethiopia and Pakistan to support research and advocacy work for our Women’s Economic Empowerment project.

Introduction and background

Publish What You Fund is an independent NGO combining robust research and technical expertise with targeted advocacy in order to make aid and development efforts more transparent and effective.

In October 2020, Publish What You Fund embarked on a multi-year project to improve the transparency of funding towards women’s economic empowerment (WEE).

This study will map funding to women’s economic empowerment, women’s financial inclusion (WFI) and women’s empowerment collectives (WECs), as well as assessing which donors have a gender integration (GI) approach. We are looking to map a range of funding flows including ODA, private, philanthropic and national and sub-national expenditure to these areas. We will do so through a country case study approach focusing on Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Ultimately, we will use our findings to advocate for more effective investments in WEE at the country and global level through targeted engagement with key donors and policy makers.

Description of assignment

We are looking for individual country-based consultants for Uganda, Ethiopia and Pakistan respectively.

The country-based consultants will be responsible for:

· Conducting independent desk-based research.

· Stakeholder mapping of government, donor and civil society organisations.

· Lead in identifying relevant individuals for key informant interviews (KIIs) and arranging, conducting and analysing KIIs.

· Supporting and monitoring a potential country funding survey dissemination.

· Working under the supervision of the Project Manager to ensure a smooth research process in-country.

· Supporting report writing and creation of briefing materials.

· Supporting peer-review of reports at a country level.

· Supporting in-country advocacy efforts to encourage uptake of policy recommendations.

· Participating in and supporting country advisory committee meetings.

The deadline for proposals is 22nd December 2022 (5pm GMT). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

How to apply

To apply please send the following to

· – Proposal explaining how you would approach the task (max 3 pages)

· – Quotation

· – CV (max 2 pages)

Please include “Country Based Consultant” and the country you are applying from in the email subject.


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