Bibliothèques Sans Frontières works to strengthen the capacity to act and the autonomy of populations in, through access to information, education and culture. To do this, it projects the library where it is not to make it accessible to the most vulnerable populations.

Since 2014, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières has been rolling out the Ideas Box – this kit media library created with designer Philippe Starck to facilitate access to information, education and culture for the most vulnerable populations – among refugee populations, by situation of great precariousness or exclusion.

With more than 400,000 visits and 70 Ideas Boxes deployed in around 20 countries around the world, the program is now scaling up and demonstrating strong impacts in terms of education, protection, resilience and empowerment of populations.

Yet blind spots persist. Girls and women are under-represented in the audience Ideas Box, with just 29% attendance. And when they come to the Ideas Box, they are often locked into stereotypical uses : accompanying their children, to consult information books on their own, or to find out about the services to which their family can have access. They very rarely participate in training workshops organized in the Ideas Box, and too often because social, psychological and symbolic barriers from prevent them doing so.

The challenge is immense when it comes to ensuring that girls and women have the same opportunities for development and empowerment as boys and men. However, we see on a daily basis how women and girls are the most exposed groups in crisis situations and in the face of exclusion. It is in this context that we are launching, alongside the Chanel Foundation,

Ideas Box for Women, an initiative transversal to the Ideas Box program which will aim to bring out and structure a set of activities and services dedicated to empowerment and strengthening of girls and women in the program.

An initial diagnosis carried out on a sample of 30 projects made it possible to identify the themes priority for girls and women of the Ideas Box programs currently deployed. One of these themes (n ° 4) is support for leadership and strategies for influencing girls and women.

A kit is being developed to reinforce this theme in the Ideas Box. It includes:

● A selection of digital content packages (i.e. 10 to 20 digital content), aimed at a given educational objective, for a given audience, in a given language,

● A recommendation of physical content related to the theme,

● The content of the online training for facilitators,

● The course of the face-to-face training for facilitators to use the kit and their awareness of the target theme,

● A number of activity sheets allowing facilitators to offer activities dedicated on the targeted theme, within the Ideas Box.

In addition, BSF has established a partnership with the Lebanese association Amel for access to information and education and the strengthening of social cohesion of host and displaced populations in Lebanon. In a changing context of economic and structural political crisis, BSF aims to strengthen the capacity of its partner Amel in offering innovative services in 3 of the centers operated by Amel.

BSF wishes to rely on the resources of kit n ° 4, relating to leadership and strategies influencing, in order to make them applicable to the target audience within the framework of this new project and, more broadly, to all Ideas Boxes deployed as part of BSF’s operations in the Middle East.

Objectives of the mission

The objective of the mission is to create the kit n ° 4 – Leadership and strategies of influence of girls and women to young Lebanese and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

For this, the consultant will have the following responsibilities:

● Create

○ Training modules online, intended for BSF teams and partners

○ Training modules for 3 days for BSF teams and partners

○ Activity sheets for Ideas Box facilitators (whether BSF teams or partners), to be carried out with the beneficiaries

● Define 5 to 10 qualitative indicators, and create the associated collection tools in a format adapted to the context and linked with the logical framework of the project with the IOM (for example: questionnaires, questions for focus groups, etc.)

● Translate all of these elements into Arabic

The consultant will be accompanied by the Mediation Manager and Formation of BSF as well as the coordinator of the Ideas Box 4 Women project, who will provide in particular all the source documents and methodological necessary for the achievement of her mission. The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Middle East programs team, in particular the Ideas Box project advisor who supports young people within the framework of the new project 2021with Amel.


At the end of its mission, the following deliverables are expected, validated by BSF beforehand:

● A summary sheet of the content of the kit, including the indicators that will have been defined to measure the qualitative changes linked to the kit

● A training course, in word text , according to the template provided by the Training and Manager Mediation, intended for BSF teams so that they can implement it with its Ideas Box partners in Lebanon, in particular to facilitate the handling of the information sheets activities of the kit

● 10 to 15 activity sheets, in Word text, intended for Ideas Box facilitators in Lebanon

● One or more data collection tools linked to the indicators defined for the kit

● All the elements must be available in English and in Arabic.

How to apply


To apply for this consultancy or to obtain further details, please send an email to with the subject “IDB4W – Creation of the kit – « Leadership”.

The application must include a technical note describing the proposed methodology, a financial proposal and the CV of the consultant who will work on the assignment.

All incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications must be sent before October 31, 2021.

The choice of the consultant will be based 80% on the quality of the methodology and 20% on the financial proposal.

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