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Micro-Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) has since the year 2002 developed a niche in supporting the growth of small holder farmers, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing integrated business solutions for sustainable development. The Trust is a multi-donor entity jointly founded by the Government of Kenya and the European Union and later the Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya (DANIDA) through a trust deed of 2013. To learn more about MESPT, please visit www.mespt.org.

The Green Employment in Agriculture Programme (GEAP); 2021 – 2025 is a DANIDA funded programme whose outputs ride on key workstreams of the GGEP programme 2016 – 2020 and AGRIFI programme; 2018 – 2023. The programme is aligned to and fits the mandate of MESPT, Kenya Vision 2030 as well as the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation and humanitarian action “The World 2030”. Through implementation of GEAP, MESPT envisions to facilitate increased commercialization, decent employment, and green transformation through targeted interventions in selected value chains. GEAP programme is partitioned into four output areas: i.) market access and MSME development, ii) improved access to finance/credit, iii) improved food safety and increased productivity and iv) green transformation. Under these output areas, MESPT activities will contribute towards i.) increased farmer and MSME capacity for aggregation, storage, value addition and market Linkages ii.) increased awareness and access for financial services for the value chain actors iii.) enhanced knowledge & competences on food safety and good agricultural practices (GAP) and iv.) increased awareness and commercialization of identified innovative green technologies. To accelerate outreach and impact, the trust intends to achieve the following targets:

  1. 3,000 jobs created in the value chains.
  2. 40,000 farmers linked to market.
  3. KES 6 billion (DKK 381 million) additional sales turnover of value chains aggregated by the targeted SMEs.
  4. MESPT capital base increased to KES 4 billion (DKK 255 million).
  5. Value chain stakeholders have accessed loans worth KES 4 billion.
  6. 20,000 farmers have accessed financial services.

This engagement will ultimately contribute to accelerated decent employment creation in MSMEs and improved competitiveness of the selected value chains in agriculture consequently, transforming the economy towards greener and more inclusive growth.

Rationale and methodology of the assignment

MESPT has facilitated value chain activities for the last 18 years and advocated for the green growth/climate change adaptation and mitigation agenda since 2010. The trust’s activities in sustainable market systems development and value chain financing have contributed significantly to strengthening and integrating Kenya into both the regional and global economy. One of the key investments towards attainment of the overall objectives will be continuous capacity building of MSMEs in various technical aspects. To realize this, MESPT will collaborate with dairy cooperatives in enhancing access to milk product markets through technology adoption such as milk management software that incorporates the integration of collection, bulking, transportation, and marketing (sales, potential outlets, distribution etc) under single app for prudent management, planning and controls. The software also integrates the business venture of farmers agro-vet supporting farmers to access farm inputs. This software will enhance society efficiency and profits impacting positively to farm productivity, confidence and more members joining the society.

Overall objective

The overall objective is to procure a Dairy integrated Management System designed to manage the dairy cooperative activities.

Systems features and functions

MESPT seeks to procure an integrated software systems for a dairy cooperative in Nakuru with components to handle the following functions;

  1. Member’s registration: Register new members/farmers to the Society or import farmers` details from a previously existing system. Capture member number, full names, National ID, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Route/Milk Collection Centre, addresses, contacts (phone #), Bank Details, Passport, Signature, next of keen etc…
  2. Produce: Collect and analyze data relating to Dairy farmers’ societies. Handle processes starting from Milk collection from farmers to delivery to the Processors and member payment characterized by journal entries, deliveries, payments/deductions/ generate reports etc
  3. Debtors/Processors: Handle all the credit transactions from the customer and offer a variety of features, such as customer statements and customer payments checks.
  4. Store/Inventory: Track the quantities and costs of inventory items based on the receipts, issues, adjustments, and transfers of these items with accuracy society’s unique requirements
  5. Production: Capture procedures involved in production of yoghurt/mala from acquisition of fresh milk to the final product and sales
  6. Creditors: Handle credit supplies of stock, deliveries and payments.
  7. Finance: Manage cash flow within the Society: both income and expenditure (income from investments, income from dividends, income from loan interests, expenses from Sacco staff salaries, purchase of office equipment etc…)
  8. Analytics: Provide graphical representation of data or dashboards necessary for decision making e.g milk production in a given period, sale of farm inputs, active farmers, gender composition in membership, cashflow etc
  9. HR and payroll: Handle employees’ salaries, deductions, record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data. Delivers payroll checks, maintain compliance with tax law, keep employee record, track of statutory deductions: NSSF, NHIF, PAYE etc…
  10. Administration: Assign access rights to system users, backup system data, , creates new system users, issuance of passwords, activate or deactivate users, audit etc
  11. Bulk SMS: Send SMS messages, alerts and notifications to members/farmers of the Society e.g. annual general meeting
  12. User friendliness: Be scalable, customizable to user needs, integrate with other system, reliable, easy to adopt and use, timely client support

The GPS coordinates for the dairy are: https://goo.gl/maps/BL2htUxM63XGonAy9

Note: The group is equipped with a desktop & laserjet printer

The vendor will be expected to include the cost of the below items in their bid

1. Mobile Phones – 12 Pieces

Android 10 and above, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 3000 mAh battery or above

2. Thermal Printer – 1 pc

3. Weighing scales – 12 pieces

Portable Digital weighing scale up to 50 kgs, compatible with the software

4. Safaricom Mifi – 1 piece

5. Any other accessory found necessary by the vendor

How to apply

Financial bid should include:

  • Total cost of the software, recurring costs, AMC (if applicable), cost of the hardware with specifications and model numbers, implementation costs i.e., transport, meals, accommodation etc
  • The amount should be inclusive of all applicable taxes
  • Three clients in the last 5 years.

Send your bid to tender@mespt.org on or before 4th November 2022: 12:00 noon EAT

Clarifications should be sent to procurement@mespt.org


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