Director of Law and Policy At Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

GI-ESCR is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Law and Policy. The successful candidate will be an effective leader, strategic thinker and compelling communicator. She/he will have in-depth knowledge of economic and social rights and an in-depth understanding of the nature of key human rights concerns, as well as the relevant political, social, legal, economic, cultural, ethnic, racial and gender issues.

Experience in fundraising, working in a key leadership role and managing people and teams is expected.

The nature of this role will require excellent political judgment, the ability to spot and address both risks and opportunities and managing conflicting demands, meeting deadlines, managing budgets and adjusting priorities.

• Directs and administers GI-ESCR’s programs on ‘reversing commercialisation of public
services’ and on ‘strengthening international and national institutional frameworks’.
• Contributes and consults with GI-ESCR’s programs on ‘Address the environmental
breakdown and ensure a just transition to sustainable low-carbon societies’ and ‘Economic
value perspective and progressive fiscal policies.’
• Manages staff and consultants working on the programs under her/his supervision, including
through setting priorities, preparing work plans, monitoring their progress and undertaking
performance evaluations.
• Monitors the areas of the organization under her/his supervision and their activities to
ensure progress against deliverables and budget.
• Develops and prepares budgets related to the program areas and assists on other programs
where needed.
• Contributes to putting in place systems, processes, and policies to ensure the efficient
functioning of the team and its ability to deliver timely outputs.
Law and Policy
• Thinks creatively and strategically about human rights norm development with the goal of
shaping a progressive understanding of the human rightsframework with a particular focus
on economic, social and cultural rights.
• Delivers a strategic framework for the areas or work under her/his responsibility which
enables GI-ESCR to further its vision and mission.
• Designs and conducts rigorous research to identify and document trends and patterns in
relevant policy areas and how they relate to socio-economic rights enjoyment, and
inequalities within and between countries.
• Organizes and undertakes field research missions, when safe to do so, leading specifically on
information-gathering, fact-finding, analysis and assessment of relevant human rights
• Provides expert advice on research and research methodology to ensure quality and
consistency of work in all programmatic areas of work.
• Writes or manages the drafting of legal submissions to human rights treaty monitoring
bodies at the UN and regional levels in the areas of work of the organisation.
• Writes or manages the drafting of timely and effective reports, briefings, position papers,
correspondence, press releases, and other internal and external documents in order to
implement GI-ESCR’s programmes.
• Collaborates in the implementation of specific advocacy initiatives and contributes to
campaigning strategies.
• Contributes to the development and implementation of training programs, to assist staff,
partners or rights-holders to develop and maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to
work toward the achievement of GI-ESCR objectives.
External relations
• Actively contributes to fundraising efforts; nurtures and retains key donors for general
support and programmatic activities and contributes to the reporting of project activities to
relevant funders.
• Maintains and expands GI-ESCR’s network of allies and partners; building strategic, trusting
and mutually strengthening relationships, particularly with domestic organizations and
social movements.
• Develops and maintains relationships with rights activists, partner organizations, members
of legal and other professions, U.N. agencies and governmental representatives – to optimise
information gathering and the development and implementation of effective strategies and
• Collaborates with the Communications Officer to ensure strategic alignment and identify
cross-cutting initiatives and opportunities.
• Represents the organisation and advocates for GI-ESCR at various fora; presents GI-ESCR’s
programs, research and recommendations in public fora and represent GI-ESCR externally,
reporting back to the Executive Director; develop media and other professional contacts.
• Performs all necessary administrative tasks to ensure the effective implementation of
projects, participates in the recruitment and induction of new staff and consultants and
perform other organisational tasks as appropriate.

How to apply

Deadline for application: 25 February 2022, 23.59 hrs. (Mexico City: UTC/GMT -6 hrs)

We will only take applications received through this form:

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