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MIDMAR is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization registered in Gaziantep (Turkey) and Paris (France), dedicated to empowering individuals and communities affected by crises. Thereby, we particularly focus on the Syrian and other societies in the Middle East and Arab region, as well as on host communities and the diaspora in countries further afield.

As a Syrian civil society-focused diaspora organization with profound experience in the humanitarian and development field, we believe that supporting local communities’ capacity development and resilience is the key to unlock their potential to drive broad-based inclusive and society-led change. In a region as hugely affected by crises, social unrest, and instability as the Middle East at present, we are furthermore convinced that it is this local capacity and resilience, paired with stimulating collaboration and developing networks of mutual support, that will ultimately support restoring stability and fostering social cohesion among civil society in the region and beyond.

  • Position Title: E-platform Content Supervisor
  • Vacancy Code: JV21016
  • Type of contract: Full-Time.
  • Location: Turkey Gaziantep or Remotely


Content supervisor or administrator is responsible for ensuring that all community members adhere to the forum rules (Forum here refers to the E-platform community forums), and often provide online support to members when necessary. In addition to monitoring forum activity and may also be responsible for driving traffic to the forum, as well as encouraging forum participation. He or she must develop an online forum presence and demonstrate that he or she possess the traits of a forum moderator throw the following tasks:

  1. Review e-platform materials for clarity, consistency of style, grammar, spelling, appropriate references, and copyright information.
  2. Providing the E-platform with the medical content which including but not limited to news, scholarship opportunities, reports, and studies.
  3. Review and moderate all user-generated content and user profiles (either pre-, post- or reactive moderation) within forums, comments, images, videos and audio, liaising with the Legal and Community team where required
  4. Manage the banned user process, and track and remove previously banned users
  5. Service Community Admin accounts, processing emails and complaints, escalating when necessary
  6. Produce reports on relevant moderation statistics, issues and outcomes
  7. Managing the discussions on the forum website.
  8. Manage the sub forums, permissions, and moderators.
  9. Providing helpful information and knowledge to other community members when necessary
  10. Professionally moderate and manage heated discussions and conflicts. I.e. :Maintain a neutral, positive voice in the forum at all times.


  • University degree in Medical field (Required)

Technical Skills and Experience:

  • Prefer applicants who have experience as a forum moderator or administrator more than one year.
  • communication skills, writing skills, and the ability to memorize and implement a public relations policy.
  • User account management.
  • Great knowledge of online legal issues
  • Working operational knowledge and understanding of online community platform moderation tools (Forums, Blogs, Photo Uploads, Commenting etc.)
  • Ability to effectively communicate information and report statistics
  • Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly
  • Have a good knowledge of principles of customer service
  • Availability to workdays, evening, nights, as well as weekends as and when required.
  • Arabic/English fluency is required.

How to apply

To submit your request please go to the following link https://goo.gl/vnBTJc no later than (November 28, 2021) and mention the position you are applying and code.

This position is open to candidates authorized to work in Turkey as local employees, or online but able to issue invoices

Applications will be reviewed upon the receipt Your request and CV’s. Please be advised

that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

MIDMAR is committed to equal employment opportunities. We will not discriminate against applicants on race, religion, sex, age, or citizenship. Persons with disabilities are welcome to join our team. Salaries and other benefits will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experience as well as local standards.

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