EOI Provision Of Architecural, Engineering And Quantity Surveying Consultancy at International Fund for Animal Welfare

Baseline Survey of Sustainable Management of Tsavo and Amboseli Landscapes at International Fund for Animal Welfare



DocumentReleaseDate: Monday 12th September 2022

Last Date for Receipt of EOI: Noon (East African Time), Friday 23th September 2022


International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) intends to engage services of reputable supplier(S) for the provision of Architectural, Engineering and Quantity Surveying Consultancy Services for an upcoming construction project. IFAW is therefore soliciting for Expression of Interest (EOI) from interested qualified providers.


IFAW is a global non-profit helping animals and people thrive together with presence in 40 countries around the world (see www.ifaw.org).

IFAW works to address the needs of animals and people across a multitude of critical habitats through protecting wildlife from poachers, landscape conservation and rehabilitation of rescued animals. It partners with local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to achieve its mission.

The IFAW Eastern Africa Regional office based in Nairobi covers 10 countries i.e., Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At present IFAW has ongoing projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia with some of these projects having a transboundary reach. IFAW believes that the livelihoods of people and the conservation and welfare of animals are inextricably linked through habitats, shared resources, and interactions therein. Through its Room to Roam initiative, IFAW has since adopted and committed to a landscape approach to conservation in select anchor landscapes in Africa and is committed to respectful and inclusive engagement that empowers communities to identify opportunities to address important wildlife conservation issues while incorporating livelihood options. This has been demonstrated in its work in Amboseli, Tsavo and Kilimanjaro landscape with commendable success.

Project Description

IFAW is implementing a USAID funded project ‘’Sustainable Management of Tsavo and Amboseli landscapes’ in Southern Kenya**.** The project is implemented in the Tsavo Conservation Area and Greater Amboseli Ecosystem in partnership with Big Life Foundation and Tsavo Trust Foundation.

The aim of the project is to strengthen local institutions’ ability to develop a coordinated management approach with their members to enhance local stewardship, improved benefit sharing and the sustainable management of wildlife and biodiversity within the Tsavo Conservation Area and Greater Amboseli Ecosystem. This will be achieved through the following outcomes:

  1. Improved governance of Tsavo and Amboseli landscapes.
  2. Reduced threats and improved biodiversity conservation.
  3. Increased partnerships for landscape level economic growth and sustainability.
  4. Increased community and ecosystem resilience.
  5. Key Activities

    Several key activities have been designed and will be implemented in line with outcomes/ results stipulated above.

  6. Under improved governance of Tsavo and Amboseli landscapes, specific activities have been designed to help strengthen governance, technical capacities, infrastructure and equipment for AET and TTWCA to facilitate integrated, inclusive and coordinated approach to biodiversity and wildlife management and open opportunities to derive increased benefits from landscape resources.
  7. On reduced threats and improved biodiversity conservation, the project aims at enhancing ecosystem-based planning, coordinated community-led law enforcement (anti-poaching, by-laws and community dialogues) and human wildlife conflict mitigation to improve management of wildlife and human well-being.
  8. To increase partnerships for landscape level economic growth and sustainability, targeted interventions have been lined up to enhance close coordination, planning and smart partnerships between the local community institutions, county government and private sector players across the anchor economic value chains (tourism, livestock, carbon, and green energy) to open new opportunities for local economic growth.
  9. To increase community and ecosystem resilience, the project will strengthen capacity and support towards sustainable livelihood initiatives for local community resulting into improved wildlife and rangelands management vital for ecosystem health and community resilience

The Project.

The project has envisaged construction and improvement of key infrastructure to help in realizing above goal and objectives. Three specific constructions have been earmarked: housing (office and staff accommodation), water catchment area protection (stone walling), and road rehabilitation including fire breaks as shown below.


  1. Office blocks 45M2
  2. Open plan 32 M2
  3. 4 staff quarters-160M2 (stand – alone with kitchenette, toilet & bathroom, lounge & bedroom)
  4. Conference hall 33M2
  5. Kitchen and dining hall -36M2
  6. Washroom and drainage -38M2
  7. Perimeter electric fence/solar- for 10 acres
  8. 30 pilot biogas projects for women groups
  9. Fencing & protection of 2 springs (stone walling)
  10. Construction of water tank base (10)

Mwatate Taita Taveta

  1. Office- 320 M2
  2. Staff quarters- 379M2
  3. 2 water pans di-siltation
  4. 11 Biogas plant
  5. VHF Mast in Kasighau-base
  6. Fire cut line-50 kms

Shirangu conservancy- Bamba Kilifi

  1. Office 26 M2
  2. Store 11M2
  3. Accommodation- 89 M2
  4. Ablution 15 M2
  5. Kitchen and mess-41 M2

Kamungi conservancy- Mtito Andeyi Makueni County

  1. Office – 14 M2
  2. Accommodation-45 M2
  3. Ablution 15M2
  4. Store- 11M2
  5. Rehabilitation of existing electric fence – replacement poles, w-insulators, 12 gauge hi-tensile fence wire, replacement of deep cycle solar battery, energizer upkeep

Big Life Foundation:

  1. Rehabilitation of 5 km earth road – excavate & load and compact murram.
  2. Manual road construction –Eselengei Southern Corridor 48km
  3. Foundation of 96 M2 for a prefabricated Eselengei Ranger’s Outpost
  4. Water tanks base (10,000ltrs)

Background and EOI Requirements

IFAW outsources design consultancy services to professional firms, who offer specialized services in line with agreed terms of reference to realize company projects. This requirement is for the identification of a suitable firm(s) to offer Architectural and interior design consultancy services, Civil and Structural Engineering services and Quantity Surveying services.

Consultancy services deliverables.

Draft/Schematic Design Phase for client’s review: site plan, Architectural designs (floor plans, sections, elevations, 3D images, models, and other illustrative materials), Structural designs.

  1. Detailed Design Phase: Detailed Architectural designs (floor plans, sections and elevations with full dimensions and specifications, doors, and window schedules), structural designs, materials specifications
  2. Bills of quantities and cost estimates, specifications, tender documents
  3. Sourcing for Contractor: Bid and negotiation for suitable contractor. To help in the competitive selection of contractor to build the project and formulation of contract between client and contractor.
  4. Supervision of the project during execution in accordance to the project documents.

Deliverable documents:

  1. Design report
  2. Architectural drawings
  3. Structural drawings
  4. Civil drawings
  5. Bills of quantities
  6. Specifications
  7. Tender documents
  8. Supervision report – to be done in supervision phase of project

Submission of Responses



Comments & Attachments


Experience- Number of Years’

experience in Architectural/ Engineering Design/Quantity Surveying Consultancy services


Details of company registration i.e., Profile, certificate of incorporation, HQ location, Tax Compliance Certificate (Mandatory),



Details of previous projects carried-out by the firm preferably of similar magnitude.


Details of the lead personnel professional certification and associations- Professional certificates from Board of Registration for Architects & Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS), Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK), The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK), Institution of Construction Project Manager of Kenya or related certifications from international associations and bodies. (Related to

the provided skillsets)


Evidence of specific experience working with organizations of similar nature and having carried out assignment of similar nature (Mandatory)

NotePlease provide any other additional information that will be handy in this EOI.

How to apply



Vendors are advised to submit their responses via return email supplierea@ifaw.org by Noon (East African Time) on 23rd September 2022to IFAW.


  • This is not a tender.
  • Only the suppliers who provide the requested details will be considered for further discussions.
  • No prices should be provided with this EOI.
  • IFAW reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to select or reject, either in totality or partiality any or all proposals made in the context of this EOI. Any such decisions made will be final and no correspondence will be engaged into, other than for the purpose of informing the bidders of the outcome of the process


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