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With over 30 years of experience, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial aid organization, currently active in 60 countries, working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. It works alongside people with disabilities (PwDs) and vulnerable populations, taking action and bearing witness in order to respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

In China, we have carried out emergency interventions for people affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods. Our first interventions were carried out in Guangxi, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia provinces between 1998 and 2000, then in Sichuan, hit by an earthquake in 2008 and in 2013, as well as in Yunnan, in August 2014.

Through our activities, we work closely with the relevant Government Departments, contributing to the improvements of policy and practice on poverty reduction and social inclusion of people with disabilities in China. In addition, the HI encourages civil society organizations to raise their voices and defend their rights so that vulnerable people can actively participate in society. With our partners, we work to achieve the objectives of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which promotes access without discrimination for people with disabilities. Equally importantly, we base our work simultaneously on the 14th 5 Year Plan of China Government for the Disability Sector. Additionally, our aim is to ensure the dignity, fundamental freedoms and the defense of the rights of people with mental disorders (training on psychosocial support for civil society teams, advocacy, etc.).

In 2018 HI began the implementation of the institutional project ROOTS, which aims to change the way the institution works through substantial organizational changes. The ROOTS project began in China during October 2020, by the integration of what was a standalone program into the Mekong Regional Program, including Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR, with a regional management team initially based in the latter country. ROOTS has also brought important changes to the country’s organizational chart, such as the position of Support Service Coordinator has been divided into two positions: Finance Manager and HR & Log Officer, thus separating services and responsibilities. The reorganization has also changed the management of all the departments. The country team (12 persons) has gone from having a single Country Director, to having one manager in each department: Country Manager for Operations and Regional HR -, Finance – and Logistics Manager for their respective departments (HR in Lao PDR, Fin & Log Managers in Cambodia).

The remote management of the country mission is relatively new way of working in HI, presenting some challenges during the beginning phases of organization’s changes. In order to analyze the successes of the reorganization process, but also to identify the challenges and their impact on the workflows and the team functions, HI wishes to conduct an external evaluation of the reorganization process in order to overcome any challenges that may have been encountered.

The global objective of the consultancy is to provide recommendations for steps forward in terms of strengthening the processes and efficiency of work flows within the new organizational structure

The phases for consultancy:

  1. Mapping out the teams, main responsibilities of the staff, organization chart, and the background for changes (from what / where to the current model)
  2. Conduct individual session/s with each member of the China team and regional management in order to better understand the context:

a. The advantages that each member of the team sees in the new organization,

b. The challenges that this organization represents for each staff member within their work

c. The factors of stress during and after the changes

d. The impacts of change (positive and negative) in the working environment

e. Possible proposals for improvements

  1. Provide written analysis for the consultancy’s focal person (summary of main findings, its roots and proposition of way forward).
  2. Conduct two collective sessions with all team members to discuss the different challenges identified and find joint solutions to improve our efficiency.
  3. Support HI remote managers to lay the basis of an efficient and constructive organization that ensures efficiency in all operations, as well as job satisfaction.


  • Higher education in Organizational Change, Org. Psychology or related field
  • Experience on change management, organizational analysis and/or organizational psychology
  • Good social and communication skills, ability to respect confidentiality.
  • Mediation and/or participatory nonviolent communication skills
  • Language skills: Chinese (Mandarin) and English
  • Sense of initiative and of creativity
  • Cultural sensibility, a good knowledge of Chinese context is required.
  • Able to offer his/her services by Skype / Teams and on site (if no restrictions or lockdown)


– Duration: 4 to 6 weeks

– Service location: The service will be provided face to face or remotely by the consultant, according to the COVID situation and local restrictions.


Within the framework of the service provision, the consultant will be asked to collaborate with Handicap International’s China Country Manager who will be the focal contact person for this service support & follow up (organization of the work in the field), while also coordinating with the Regional Logistics Manager of Mekong region for all contract issues. After the phases 1 & 3, a follow-up meeting will be held with the focal contact person and the Mekong Regional HR Manager (based in Lao PDR).


The interested candidates shall provide Handicap International with an offer including a methodological proposal and full proper price quote and financial expectations according to the services proposed. Please note that the consultancy should include fees, communication costs and all related expenses, including accommodation and travels.

  • Prices shall be in either in USD or EUR, and shall be inclusive of any applicable taxes
  • Preferred payment terms / method shall be mentioned.

How to apply

Interested individual candidates or consultancy offices / companies should send their curriculum vita / profile, letter of interest to and v.touch@hi.org, by the 10th of March, 2022.

Handicap International is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from women and persons with disabilities