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The Plan International Germany Sahel Programme is based on Plan International’s Regional Sahel Strategy 2020-2025 and was developed in collaboration with the Plan International’s country offices of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The selection of programmatic priorities takes into account the Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) relevant to the Sahel and the results of a joint needs assessment conducted by the three participating country offices. It includes the following intervention priorities:

  1. child protection,
  2. food security,
  3. socio-economic empowerment of adolescents and youth, and
  4. conflict transformation/social cohesion.

The Sahel Programme aims at addressing the multi-faceted challenges and needs of the population affected by the crisis, with a focus on vulnerable children, at different levels by linking the four intervention priorities through a short-term humanitarian multi-country project as well as a structure and peace-building multi-country project.

To cover the four intervention priorities in the two projects, Plan International Germany proposes a combination of the following two financing instruments of the German Federal Government under the Chapeau approach: The German Federal Foreign Office’s (GFFO) department S09 as well as the BMZ Transitional Assistance. Hereby, Plan International Germany contributes to the sustainable strengthening of the central Sahel within the framework of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus.

In order to create synergies, both projects will be implemented in the same project regions in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The levels of intervention differ depending on the project objective and context: for example, GFFO S09 financed humanitarian activities will take place at the community level, while the majority of BMZ structure building activities will take place at the provincial/regional level. Peacebuilding activities will take place at both the community as well as the provincial/regional level, depending on the context.

The Sahel Programme aims at the following collective Outcome: Children, adolescents, and youth affected by violent conflict in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger have improved access to appropriate protection, health, and nutrition services and benefit from complementary interventions to strengthen their socioeconomic resilience and peacefully resolve conflicts within their communities.

Objective and Expected Outcomes of the Project Launch

The objective of the project launch is to raise awareness for the Sahel Programme and connect key stakeholders within the GFFO and the BMZ as well as their in-country representations, within Plan International as well as within other international actors (Agencies & NGOs) working through Nexus approaches in the region.

The expected outcomes of the launch are:

  1. Key stakeholders at Plan International’s country- and regional level, the German Government and its agencies as program donors, peer- NGOs and relevant UN agencies, as well as other relevant child protection actors are informed about the Sahel Programme;
  2. Key stakeholders are connected and aware of opportunities to engage and cooperate with the Sahel Programme in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, particularly to create synergies and share common challenges and learnings;
  3. Initial key results of the project’s needs assessment and gender analysis are shared and discussed with child protection stakeholders and country representatives, highlighting the connection of child protection challenges and other sectors such as nutrition, youth empowerment and peacebuilding in the context of the Sahel crisis and cross cutting topics are identified;
  4. The advantage of Nexus programming for important project themes such as the impact of the Sahel crisis on children’s mental and physical wellbeing, crosscutting themes of gender equality and inclusion are shared and discussed with key stakeholders;
  5. Key stakeholders are aware of the opportunities and challenges of a multinational and multisectoral programme and have techniques and behaviours that enable the opportunities to be seized and the challenges to be overcome as a team.

In addition to the global project launch, there will be three country-level project start-ups, which will have a similar set of key stakeholders at country level, in addition to national and local government stakeholders.

Role of the consultant:

A person is sought to provide event coordination support to the Plan International Team responsible for the Sahel Programme who are leading the event. The event preparation will involve the participation of a wide number of stakeholders and support is required to ensure key tasks and deliverables are completed in a timely manner. The support to event coordination and project management is essential as the organisation processes must be conducted online and under tight deadlines.

Contracting period:

Part Time from 10 January 2022 until 07 February 2022

10 hours/week, @ XX EUROs p/hr

Stakeholders to work with:

Plan International Germany WACA Programme Specialist and Team Leader

Plan International Regional Hub and Country Offices

Other stakeholders

Key Tasks:

  • Establish, update, and manage event coordination timeline;
  • Monitor and support all responsible parties to complete tasks according to agreed timeline;
  • Flag any issues arising from tasks being delayed/incomplete and support event leaders to find solutions;
  • Ensure all relevant documentation for communication and safeguarding is completed and archived;
  • Support the preparation of materials and the development of preparatory activities prior to the event;
  • Support the setting up of the online event, ensuring all logistical support is identified, set up, shared with the participants and secured for smooth event running (Likely through Zoom platform);
  • Support the follow up of the launch event (produce a summary and send around presentations etc.)
  • Other tasks as required.


  • Experience of event coordination (particularly online);
  • Experience of child participation and event safeguarding procedures (including online);
  • Experience of coordinating organisations/actors in different countries/time zones;
  • Experience working in or with an international NGO, preferably in the child protection sector;
  • Available for the estimated time-period;
  • French language skills an asset.


  • Own computer and professional email address;
  • Needs access to Microsoft Teams platform (own account);
  • Responsible for own taxes, administration as per country rules;
  • Paid on receipt of invoiced hours;
  • Agreed confidentiality and safeguarding policy requirements.

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter in English to:

Katharina Witkowski (Teamleader WACA at Plan Germany):

The deadline for applications closes on 16th December 2021.