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Executive Director for a Social Enterprise /CARE international in Jordan

CARE International seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. In Jordan, CARE will be recognized for its commitment to the humanitarian protection and empowerment of communities especially women and girls, where rights are secured, and human potential fulfilled for all.

CARE in Jordan leads humanitarian protection, economic empowerment, and civic engagement interventions for women and girls from poor and vulnerable communities in the fight to overcome poverty, gender based violence, and social injustice. We nurture accountability, leadership and political will internally and among our partners to achieve this mission.

CARE values equality, integrity, transformation, excellence, diversity, and respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, where we affirm the dignity, potential, and contribution of all; communities we work with, partners, donors, and staff.

CARE International established a presence in Jordan in 1948, created in the wake of the Palestinian refugee crisis. Over 70 years later, CARE has served the needs of the Palestinian, Iraqi, Somali, Sudanese, and now Syrian refugee communities.

CARE’s scope of work has evolved from emergency response to long-term development programming, now encompassing an Urban Refugee Protection Program, the Azraq Camp Program, and the Sustainable Development Program.

CARE International in Jordan is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or disability.

CARE is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will do everything possible to ensure that only those that are suitable to work within our values are recruited to work for us

CARE International in Jordan has a vacancy for the post of Executive Director for a Social Enterprise:

In association with CARE Social Ventures (CSV), CARE International in Jordan announces its intent to recruit an Executive Director to incubate and launch a new social enterprise to be based in Amman, Jordan. This venture will be a bold initiative to address the dire housing conditions endured by many Jordanians and refugees in distressed neighborhoods across the country.

The social enterprise will aim to improve housing conditions while providing needed employment for both refugees and Jordanians as well as graduates of vocational training programs in construction and related fields which CARE and other INGOs are conducting in Jordan. In addition, the sustainable social enterprise will be a hub for various employment programs and social services, promote the economic empowerment of women and girls, and encourage an array of self-help activities while leveraging technology to facilitate linkages and delivery of services.

The Executive Director will lead further development of the concept for this social enterprise including development of the strategy and business plans, as well as initial piloting of the model and assessment of viability and sustainability.

The Executive Director will lead the enterprise through additional inception and planning phases and play a leading role in efforts to leverage collaborations with the private sector as well as securing larger international and governmental financing for community and economic development, with this social enterprise acting as a focal point, intermediary, and coordinator.


The ideal candidate for this opportunity will have an entrepreneurial mindset and proven ability to lead a socially conscious initiative towards financial sustainability and development of a solid business model.

This person will begin work as an employee of CARE Jordan with a one-year contract. Once the social enterprise is formed and duly registered, he or she will become an employee of the new venture.

Main Duties:

  1. Implementing the vision of CARE’s social enterprise that will address housing needs in Jordan and generate positive economic impact.
  2. Applying enterprise development best practices and approaches to ensure high competitiveness in the local market and evaluate and promote cross linkage opportunities for enterprise development.
  3. Developing strategic and operational business plans for the social enterprise including marketing, sales and public relations plans.
  4. Raising the profile of the social enterprise amongst both external and internal stakeholders and this includes developing a promotional and marketing plan to be signed off by CARE Jordan and CSV, ensuring wide awareness of the service for the low income families in Jordan
  5. Achieving consistently high satisfaction levels for the target groups we support (customers and workers) by establishing and activating communication and feedback mechanisms.
  6. Oversight of the operation of the social enterprises including day-to-day work.
  7. Recording and reporting on social outputs to enable CARE Jordan and CSV to demonstrate the enterprise impact and inform decision-making around its planning. This includes reporting on and budgeting all of the activities for social enterprise.
  8. Ensuring high engagement with non-traditional partners, such as the private sector, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Labor, the Vocational Training Corporation, municipalities, tenants, and landlords, and to have a more targeted approach to working with different government institutions.
  9. In partnership with CARE Jordan, negotiate terms of various contracts including but not limited to equipment and services.
  10. Researching and responding to the needs of the housing and shelter market including identification and monitoring of the business environment and key actors.



• Bachelor degree in business, trade, economics, or equivalent combination of education and work experience.

• Solid experience of managing successful for profit startup(s) and/or social enterprises with high levels of social impact or successful track record in managing private sector businesses.

• A self-starter, working with focus and energy to turn inspiring ideas into viable, commercially successful ventures.

• Excellent leadership and management skills, with a demonstrable ability to motivate, inspire and enable staff to deliver.

• Experience in developing business/investment and/or marketing plans required.

• Strong communication and connection skills.

• Demonstrably able to work positively and collaboratively with a range of external and internal stakeholders.

• Able to work in a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple aspects of work simultaneously.

• Experience of preparing and managing budgets and monitoring expenditure

• Understanding of financial planning and reporting within the for-profit sectors.

• Excellent command of Arabic and English languages.

• Excellent IT skills – good working knowledge of Microsoft packages.


• Strong track record in establishing successful social enterprises with high levels of social impact

• Knowledge of local shelter and housing needs, especially for the low income communities.

• Experience in successfully managing social enterprises with multiple stakeholders and funding streams.

• Experience in attracting sponsorship from grant making trusts or the corporate world

• Track record of business turnaround.

• Comprehensive understanding of the sources of funding that will underpin the enterprise


• Respect

• Integrity

• Diversity

• Excellence

• Building partnership

• Collaboration

• Communicating with Impact

• Negotiation

• Innovation

• Contributing to Team Success

• Planning and Organizing

CARE Management Standards

All CARE managers must adhere to the CARE Management Standards identified as non-negotiable actions (or behaviors). All managers are responsible for carrying out these standards in his or her supervisory role

1- Set Direction

• Establish direction and define actions for individuals and teams that are aligned with CARE strategy through the Annual Performance Management system, unit plans and other planning tools

• As organizational needs change, adjust plans and resources to reset direction

• Clarify that direct reports and teams clearly and consistently understand their roles, priorities and expectations of their assignments

Staff Wellness and Safety

• Promote workplace and environment safety for all direct reports

• Provide support to direct reports that fosters good mental, social and physical well being

2- Coach and Develop

• Improve performance of direct reports and teams through observation, feedback, training and the timely use of the Annual Performance Management process

• Provide direct reports with the materials, tools, time and resources to do their jobs

• Engage direct reports in career development discussions

• Encourage innovative thinking

3- Practice and Promote Compliance

• Promote high ethical standards and conduct in accordance with CARE’s Code of Conduct

• Comply with CARE policies and procedures, including those of the departments of finance, travel, procurement, information technology, program and donor requirements

• Provide timely reporting of division, unit, and/or team results as required for organizational performance tracking

4- Model Gender Equity and Diversity

• Display sensitivity to and for the perspectives and interest of those from different cultural backgrounds, belief systems and world-views

• Advocate for fairness and equal opportunity in decision-making and in implementing policies and practices

• Ensure that plans and actions reflect the results of efforts from diverse representation and broad participation in all activities

5- Communicate

• Share general business information on a regular and timely basis

• Inform direct reports of changes in the organization and how they may affect their work

• Find opportunities for direct reports to celebrate results and exchange knowledge and solutions to problems

• Foster two-way communication and seek feedback from direct reports on your own communication effectiveness.

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