Expression of Interest (EOI) [Communications Consultant] At Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International established the Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter (Terwilliger Centre) to build and expand inclusive housing markets by supporting local firms to innovative and expand client-responsive services and products. The Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter understands that the role of local markets is critical in closing adequate housing gaps among the low-income market segment. Indeed, most low-income people already use available market options to put a roof — no matter how frail or insecure— over their heads and often through an incremental housing process. These transactions in the local market far outstrip any philanthropic effort to improve shelter. Therefore, Habitat for Humanity International strives to make markets work more effectively for low income people in need of decent, affordable housing. Ultimately, Habitat for Humanity International intends to generate exponentially more impact by improving systems that make better housing possible for millions more families.

In Kenya, in as far as housing in general and affordable housing in particular, recent efforts from government have served as a welcome push for new programs and projects. However, public sector initiatives alone are not sufficient to drive systemic sectoral changes required to meet the growing housing deficit. A McKinsey Global Institute forecast, estimates the global affordable housing gap to swell to 1.6 billion people by 2025. A World Bank report states that out of an annual demand of 250,000 housing units in Kenya, developers can only put up 50,000 units, with 49,000 of these targeting the upper-middle and high-end market segments. This leaves the low-income group undersupplied, with only 1,000 units to share. Furthermore, it is also not clear that the incremental and owner driven housing process used by many families in Kenya and indeed globally to acquire homes is accounted for in these statistics.

For the past five years, The Terwilliger Center and HFH East Africa have been engaging stakeholders in the affordable housing market system, to facilitate efforts to drive housing quality up and housing costs down, taking into account the social and community aspects of housing in Kenya. The aim is to stimulate inclusive housing markets while generating expanded benefits to low income households in a sustainable manner. A market systems development[1] approach that focuses on systemic change with the key objective of stimulating the low-cost housing market system to innovate and replicate promising practices on a sustainable basis is the main thrust of interventions. This approach ensures partnering with key actors to identify impediments and opportunities in the subsystems of the low-cost owner driven housing market; and facilitating initiatives that strengthen competitiveness of private and public sector actors through market-based initiatives. By adopting the market systems development approach focus is maintained on low cost housing services and products with potential to be developed in an equitable and inclusive manner through the market leverage. The approach further ensures that efforts are driven with and through private and public sectors and other market-based actors where anchor/lead firms/catalytic companies are evident and strengthened to lead systems change even beyond the programme intervention.

Scope of work

Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in Kenya is looking for a content management professional to edit, copy type and layout a report for publication. The ideal individual/company should have demonstrated experience in copy editing, proofreading, preparing written content for publication, shaping business message to suit target markets, and copy writing, book editing, and general business print communication.

The successful consultant will work closely with our communication department to provide a final output and ensure compliance with brand standards.

How to apply


To apply please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), including sample work, to , no later than 9th July 2021. The EOI should include prior experience including examples of past work done, a rate card, profile(s) of the staff you will assign, and availability. Questions are welcome.

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