The work will involve the planning, execution and reporting on the investigations allocated to the service provider, following a Request for Quotation process relating to the specific project requirements. The service provider will have to submit a complete investigation file which includes an audit report and where required may also be requested to assist ActionAid in the compilation of charges for disciplinary purposes.**

Scope of Services

· The panel of service providers will be engaged to submit quotations for provision of investigative services on an as and when required basis for a period of 15 months, whereafter ActionAid may decide to revise the panel arrangement.

· The proposed staff members to be deployed to ActionAid International should be registered with relevant professional bodies where those exist, or have been trained by sector-recognised training centres (e.g CHS Alliance for Safeguarding).

· Generally, the following levels of skills are required, dependent on the type, scope and nature of the assignment:

ü Manager/Specialist

ü Senior Auditor/Supervisor

ü Auditor

· The awarded service providers should fulfil all requirements pertaining to professionalism and the ActionAid International Internal Audit Service Level requirements.

· The awarded service providers should provide a transfer of skills plan to in-house internal auditors where required.

All projects must be conducted and carried out in line with the agreed engagement letter and include the following:

ü Detailed planning.

ü Execution of investigation.

ü Supervision of staff (where required).

ü Project status update meetings with appointed ActionAid International representatives.

ü Review of working papers.

ü Report on findings, internal control weaknesses identified and possible improvements to internal control systems.

ü Signed confessions/statements (where required).

ü Presentation of reports to ActionAid International representatives.

ü It will be non-negotiable requirement for the selected service providers to sign a non-disclosure agreement for privacy of investigation matters.

The Service provider must ensure that all work conforms to the Standards for the Professional Practice of their respective professional bodies and provide quality assurance on all work performed.

The service provider must dedicate the required time to ActionAid International and deploy qualified and experienced staff to be based at specific ActionAid or Partner premises where required.

The service provider must ensure that staff maintains their objectivity by remaining independent of the activities they audit.

The service provider must provide ActionAid International with completed audit working paper files and all working paper files shall become the property of ActionAid International, and must be delivered to ActionAid International within 1 month of completion of the project.

How to apply
Interested Firms/Companies and Independent Investigators can request the full ToR and any clarification questions from Chris Homann to email address:

The closing date is the 20th of December 2020 at 16:00 GMT.
Your full comprehensive service offerings according to the details contained within the ToR must be submitted before or on the closing date to

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