1. Background

The assessment will be conducted in the scope of a 2-year project “Empowering Civil Society in Northwest Syria”, which is implemented by the INGO Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) and a Syrian NGO Violet and supported by the European Commission.

The objective of the project is to build the capacity of civil society actors in Northwest Syria as reliable partners in local development processes, capable of proposing innovative ideas and approaches which address community challenges and promote sustainable and positive change in a participative manner.

One of the project components focuses on increasing the capacity of Violet (project implementing partner and a Syrian NGO) in nexus programming and youth leadership. Based on this component, Violet will increase their internal capacities, thanks to which they will then contribute to increasing the capacities of smaller local CSOs inside Syria.

Violet Organization is a non-governmental organization striving to support the most vulnerable affected by the crisis. Through humanitarian and development interventions, Violet works in six sectors in Syria: Protection, WASH, Health, Education, FSL, and SNFI. Moreover, Violet is strengthening the resilience of communities through its Community Resilience Programme by guiding male and female youth through the positive transition and empowering them to lead in a) life-saving humanitarian assistance and b) leadership, civic and social engagement for the future of an inclusive society. Violet also has an existing youth and volunteering program that includes over 80 volunteer teams and 2000 volunteers in northern Syria.

2. Objectives

The external expert will work on an organizational assessment of the project partner Violet, which aims to assess its capacity in nexus programming and youth leadership. Based on the assessment, the selected expert will create a report summarizing the findings and, together with Violet, create an action plan aimed to build Violet’s capacity in the area of nexus programming and youth leadership.

3. Specific Tasks

  1. Prepare a detailed assessment methodology and share with CCR’s focal point for review/ approval.
  2. Throughout the whole assignment, consult with CCR’s MEAL Focal Point and Violet focal point
  3. Conduct desk review by collecting and reviewing governance documents (strategic plans, policies, procedures and previous programs related to nexus and youth programming in the Syrian context)
  4. Hold at least 5 KIIs with selected staff from Violet’s management team in Turkey, the community resilience program manager responsible for youth projects and leadership positions from the Syria team
  5. Draft a report on Violet’s current capacity and readiness for nexus and youth programming

a. Draft will be reviewed by Violet and CCR’s MEAL focal point

b. Expert will incorporate feedback and inputs from Violet and CCR’s MEAL focal points into the report.

c. Expert will then submit a final assessment report by April 30th, 2022.

  1. Hold at least two meetings with Violet’s management team and representatives of the youth program to (1) discuss the findings described in the report and identify major gaps as well as (2) agree on a realistic and appropriate action plan.
  2. Draft an action plan with defined items, timeline, required human resources and roles to strengthen Violet’s nexus capacity

a. Draft will be elaborated by Violet and reviewed by CCR’s MEAL focal point

b. Expert will then submit a final action plan by May 31st, 2022.

c. Points to be highlighted and taken into consideration while elaborating the action plan are:

i. Multi-sectoral capacity building supporting youth leadership.

ii. Emergency and development to be considered more closely together, highlighting the ways of building upon the emergency effort to effectively transition towards nexus and development.

iii. Effectiveness beyond individual projects: Collective outcomes and effectiveness need to be assessed in the framework on longer-term strategies

4. Qualifications

· Experience with organisational assessments focusing on humanitarian organisations;

· Experience in working on M&E issues;

· Familiarity with the Syrian context (specific knowledge of the context in Northwest Syria will be an advantage)

· Familiarity with evaluation standards and principles;

· Familiarity with results-based management concepts and the logical framework approach;

· Excellent written and spoken English;

· Knowledge of Arabic will be an advantage

5. Terms of Contract

The contract will be issued for a period of 90 days and may be extended. The highest acceptable sum for the assessment is 3 000 EUR including VAT. Experts based in southern Turkey are specifically encouraged to apply. If the expert is based elsewhere, works are expected to be conducted online.

Assessment report should be finalised by April 30th, 2022. Action plan for improvement should be finalised by May 31st, 2022.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send a CV and proposed assessment methodology (including work plan, timeline and budget) in English to the following address: jobs@caritas.cz

Examples of previous similar work and references from previous assignments are also welcome.

CCR thanks in advance all interested candidates, but may not be able to respond to all in the case that an interview will not be offered. Only full applications containing CV and methodology will be considered.

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