External Financial Health Check and Review of Internal Control At Baan Dek Foundation

Baan Dek Foundation is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization that supports over 2,000 disadvantaged children in slums and construction site camps in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand. Through tailored educational programs and in-depth individual support, Baan Dek Foundation protects vulnerable children, allows families to become self-sustainable and provides children with opportunities for a better future.

Baan Dek Foundation is officially registered according to Thai Law and is supported by four independent entities: Kids Home France, Kids Home Italia, Kids Home UK and Kids Home America, which are all recognized as charitable associations in their respective countries. Baan Dek Foundation is currently working in partnership with UNICEF Thailand and has won the 2017 MIT Solve Challenge. You can find further information about Baan Dek Foundation’s projects at www.baandekfoundation.org.


Baan Dek Foundation is currently seeking an External Financial Consultant. The objective of the mission is to perform a review and report on the financial practices of the Foundation.

The specific objectives of the mission are to:

  • Review of the internal practices and standards implemented by the financial department in regards to:
  • Accounting Records
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial monitoring
  • Internal Control processes
  • Based on the review, perform an external financial health check of the foundation
  • Report on the practices and provide recommendations where relevant

Required Skills: **

· Qualified Financial Consultant

· Min. 5 years of experience in NGO Finance and Internal Controls


The external consultant will receive access to the relevant policies and required documentation as needed. He/she will perform interviews with all relevant staff. Based on the results of these, the consultant will perform a financial health check of the foundation and assess the strengths and weaknesses in the procedures related to internal control of Baan Dek Foundation. Furthermore, the consultant will issuea report with an analysis related to the strengths and weaknesses in the practices implemented and suggestions on potential improvements.

Position status: External Service Provider
Fee: Baan Dek Foundation will choose the most economical option from the offers provided

Submission Deadline: 30/03/2022

Suggested timeline: to be defined

The contract will be made with Baan Dek Foundation.

How to apply

If interested, please contact Julien Strens at julien@baandekfoundation.org.

(National) consultants or agencies interested in conducting this assignment are requested to submit their proposals including the following:

  • Updated CVs of key persons or company profile involved in the review
  • A detailed financial proposal with a breakdown of costs for professional fees

The successful applicant will be expected to comply with Baan Dek Foundation’s Child Protection Policy and to full confidentiality. The Baan Dek Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and the successful candidate will be selected based on merit and in line with the local needs.