Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade. This allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their everyday shopping.
Since impact takes centre stage and Fairtrade measures its impact on people’s lives, building on what works and adapting to what does not, gathering system-wide data in a secure and consistent manner, facilitating analysis, and turning data into information quickly and easily has become increasingly important to guide decisions at all levels in the Fairtrade system.
To this end, CAN and Fairtrade are currently implementing a Producer centric business intelligence service as part of an initiative called FairInsight. The target state is for FairInsight to be Fairtrade’s global single source of truth for producer data and related insights coming from the different Producer Organizations and their Networks.
Today producer data is collected, transformed, stored, analyzed, and shared by Producer Networks, Fairtrade International, National Fairtrade Organizations, and FLOCERT–with varying degrees of capability. These producer data stakeholders operate with a low degree of system-wide harmonization and standardization in terms of peoples and organization, process, tools and systems and capabilities employed. As result, there is a high level of duplication of effort and redundancy in producer data and information management practice.
This is a function created to ensure coordination and alignment across the Producer Networks, Fairtrade International, National Fairtrade Organizations, and FLOCERT. The FairInsight Manager is expected to bring expertise to manage CAN’s FairInsight development, processes, plans, and budgets.


Reporting to FairInsight Steering Committee the FairInsight Manager role will be accountable for:

  • Manage FairInsight processes, projects, and budgets in line with Fairtrade’s Digital Data and Information (DDI) strategy
  • Maintain updated the roadmap for FairInsight including project plan, stakeholder map, status report, RAID log and budget tracking tool
  • Coordinate the FairInsight Working Group comprised of MEL teams from the three Producer Networks and Fairtrade International
  • Coordinate with the service provider during different phases of the project
  • Manage and advise the FairInsight Steering Committee comprised of Directors from the three Producer Networks and the Director of Global Impact at Fairtrade International
  • Manage needs assessments and requirements gathering across Fairtrade stakeholders
  • Coordinate FairInsight operations including organizational structures & processes, technical assets and possible interfaces with FairLens or other tools used by Fairtrade
  • Coordinate the implementation of data governance and data quality assurance processes and systems within FairInsight and in collaboration with the Global Data Governance Group
  • Support the design of the underlying financial model of FairInsight
  • Manage and control the budget and priority setting of FairInsight
  • Coordinate the documentation, training, and support for FairInsight
  • Manage internal marketing and communications for FairInsight
  • Manage relations, internally with other Producer Network teams and Fairtrade stakeholders; externally with suppliers**SKILLS REQUIRED**

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, IT-related, Economics or similar field
• Minimum of 7 years of professional experience in data warehouse or business intelligence service structures
• Demonstrated experience as lead for a major technology implementation
• Experience as a business analyst in charge of business requirement gathering
• Deep knowledge and multidisciplinary experience overseeing current planning, scheduling and deployment of projects using Agile approaches
• Ability to work in an ambiguous environment while prioritizing and managing multiple responsibilities, e.g., trade-off analysis
• Creative problem-solving and customer care service- and goal-oriented style
• Excellent communication skills and ability to present technical matters in a comprehensible way to non-technical audiences including producers, CAN, Fairtrade stakeholders and customers
• Team player with excellent interpersonal skills working in an intercultural working environment
• Excellent Business English written and spoken and knowledge and command of Spanish, French and/or Hindi are also an asset


This is a full-time consultancy contract within CAN – Fairtrade
• Location is optional or can be based in one of the locations of the Producer Networks offices or where we have partners/programs
• The office language is English
• Remuneration commensurate with experience

How to apply

Please consult https://www.fairtrade.net/ for more information on Fairtrade International and the Fairtrade system
• Please apply by email only, in English, with Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter to adquisiciones@clac-comerciojusto.org citing “FairInsight Project Manager” in the subject line. We will only be able to acknowledge and respond to candidates identified as most suitable.
• Deadline for applications is 04/04/2022