Finance Services and Investment Specialist At Mennonite Economic Development Associates

The Financial Services & Investment Specialist will support the LEGEND project team in providing financial services and assessing funds and financial intermediaries to provide investment capital to market system stakeholders according to international and local best practices. The specialist will work collaboratively in designing and ensuring delivery of financial products by financial and non-financial institutions as well as support the identification and monitoring of investments placed through the LEGEND project while applying gender lens investing (GLI) and other principles such as client protection. The specialist will also work collaboratively with the Gender Specialist to increase awareness of GLI among private equity investment (PEI) funds in Kenya including developing a strategic GLI learning agenda and policy briefs. The Financial Services and Investment Specialist reports to the Deputy Country Director and works closely with the MEDA Kenya Finance and Programs teams as well as the HQ Inclusive Financial Services (IFS) and Investment Specialist.

  • Job Status: Full-time Contract
  • Anticipated Start Date: July 2022
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya


  • Provide leadership, expert advice and build core capacities in Programming Team and partners in developing, implementing, and monitoring new finance and investment products and services while applying GLI and other principles
  • Research and analyze the local market for financial services and GLI, identify and assess the financing needs of the project target clients with a specific focus on the needs of women, young men, and young women.
  • Identify, screen, and build relationships with local organizations (microfinance institutions, commercial banks, investment funds and other potential partners) to develop and expand appropriate financial and SME investment products and delivery models to meet the needs of project clients and meet project goals while applying GLI principles
  • In collaboration with the programs team, HQ IFS Specialist, HQ Investment Specialist and implementing partners, support the development and implementation of finance/investment products and services with participating financial and non-financial institutions through the project’s matching grant and other financial incentive programs with a focus on increasing sustainable access to finance for women and youth SEs and SMEs
  • Assess, develop, and facilitate implementation of a capacity building plan for local partners engaged in financial services and investment activities to ensure scale, accountability and reporting systems that serve project goals.
  • Work closely with the HQ Investment Specialist to identify, implement and monitor investments placed through the LEGEND project drawing on the MEDA Risk Capital Fund, including the development of project-specific investment criteria that applies GLI criteria and is in line with the MEDA Risk Capital Fund policies and MEDA’s organizational investment strategy
  • Work closely with the project team to increase the ability of targeted SEs to access appropriate financial services through financial institution and SME support
  • Work with the Market Systems and BDS Specialist to ensure that access to finance and investment readiness (considering GLI criteria) is incorporated into business development service provision to SMEs
  • Work collaboratively with the GESI Specialist and program team to implement activities to increase awareness of GLI among private equity investment (PEI) funds in Kenya
  • Develop and implement a strategic GLI learning agenda and policy briefs targeting relevant market systems actors
  • Participate and support the field team in reporting, documenting lessons learnt and provide all other necessary inputs to support project success.


Education: University degree (ideally Masters) in investment finance, economics, or business administration

Experience: Five years’ experience in investment/value chain finance, bank lending or microfinance, including experience targeting rural populations, women and youth SEs and SMEs

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