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Jhpiego is an international non-profit health organization affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University. For nearly 50 years, Jhpiego has worked with governments, local academic institutions, healthcare providers and communities to design and implement impactful, locally relevant solutions to strengthen health care systems. Jhpiego contributes to developing and implementing evidence-based interventions to ensure equitable access to quality prevention, treatment care and support across technical areas, including emerging infectious diseases. Jhpiego is trusted by global, national, and sub-national stakeholders across the 80+ countries where we have worked or are currently working, as evidenced by the more than $100M grants received through existing and new donors to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two+ years.


Jhpiego seeks assistance to outline a strategy related to predicting, preparing for, preventing, detecting, and responding to public health emergencies of international concern (PHEICs). We want to work with an organization or consultant(s) grounded in experience implementing, with an understanding of the complexities of global health security (GHS) and the multitudes of technical areas that require harmonization for effectiveness to protect populations now – and in future – within the context of the International Health Regulations, as well as future direction of GHS. Our objective is a strategy through 2050, clearly defined for the first decade, with a review of perceived technological advances beyond 2032.
Jhpiego strives to ensure future organizational efforts and activities related to GHS are aligned with Jhpiego’s past, present, and future comparative advantages. We aim to understand where investments should be made to prepare for future trends to ensure the most vulnerable in lower-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) are safe from PHEIC effects; understand how to excel further with current programming; and outline where we should build technical and programmatic capacity to expand impact of organizational efforts to save lives.
It is expected that the successful applicant will work closely with the US- and DRC-based Technical Leads for GHS, and other key staff in 10-12 country offices through a combination of virtual consultations and in-person visits in order to get a true sense of Jhpiego’s technical and programmatic reach and needs. The applicant should be able to communicate in English, French and Portuguese.
Expected outcomes include: 1) review of the literature / landscape with a write up on perceived past, present, current, and future GHS priorities at international, regional, and a few country levels (to be defined upon award); 2) framework outlining GHS priorities and rationale for such; 3) articulation of value proposition for Jhpiego within the GHS space; and 4) a resource mobilization roadmap to operationalize the suggested activities.


The following is the planned schedule for this RFP process. All dates / times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Participating firms/consultants will be notified if circumstances dictate a change to the outlined schedule.

  • Distribution of the RFP: 6 April 2022
  • Confirm intent to participate and question due: 13 April 2022
  • Virtual information session and response to questions: 15 April 2022
  • Proposals due: 25 April 2022
  • Presentation invitations sent to selected vendors: 29 April 2022
  • Select vendor presentations: 4 May 2022
  • Vendor selection and notification: 6 May 2022
  • SOW finalization and commencement of work: 11 May 2022**Note:** Failure to comply with any of the above deadlines will be interpreted as your intention to not participate in this RFP


Please direct all questions and RFP responses to the following primary contact:

Angela Nash-Mercado at

NOTE: All formal responses and questions must be submitted via the spreadsheet provided after confirmation of intent to participate to the contact listed above. You may contact with process related questions via email.


The objective of this SOW is to support Jhpiego to inform its GHS strategy. The deliverables must consider the broader implications of Jhpiego as an international NGO and should be based on understanding of the global landscape and key partnerships; the approaches for meeting health systems strengthening needs; the roles, interests, and strengths of competitors and funders in the space of GHS; the broader ecosystem of global initiatives and partnerships; and most importantly, provide perspective on most relevant pathways that Jhpiego should pursue, keeping in line with organizational vision, taking into consideration Jhpiego’s comparative advantages and weaknesses. We expect the applicant to advise on where to prioritize GHS in light of Jhpiego’s expertise, experience and relationships across the globe in surveillance, laboratory system strengthening, emergency response operations, infection control and prevention, and beyond.

Core Activities
As part of the engagement, the selected consultant will work closely with Jhpiego’s headquarters- and field-based Technical Leadership in GHS over the period of engagement through undertaking the following key activities, while proposing additional activities as deemed relevant:

  1. Review of the Literature / Market Landscape describing current and future GHS priorities across LMICs. Undertake a detailed landscape of key stakeholders and opportunities in GHS and identification of niche opportunities for Jhpiego based on our organizational assets and the potential for market growth. The landscape will also include identification, compilation, and collation of GHS solutions across key areas, i.e. surveillance (including genomics and data analytics) and lab system strengthening. Along with desk review, the expectation is engagement with key GHS analysts, implementation agencies and other key stakeholders to gather relevant insights.
  2. Primary Internal Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with 15-20 of Jhpiego’s internal stakeholders to learn about existing efforts, previous experiences, key skill sets, and potential opportunities being perused at global and country levels.
  3. Value Proposition: Identify and define the unique value proposition of Jhpiego in the space of GHS for internal and external audiences and translate that proposition to a proposed list of services / product offerings to position Jhpiego.
  4. Vision and Mission: Provide inputs to refine the vision for Jhpiego’s GHS portfolio that includes positioning on future trends, global challenges and requirements across multiple existing health system and technical domains and new potential areas of interest (including emerging technologies, market shaping, innovative financing etc.). This will include:. Understand the landscape as it relates to the global trends, current major players, current and projected future priorities, and opportunities in the space of GHS;
    . Outline guiding principles and strategic objectives for Jhpiego over short, medium and long-term horizons (2050);
    . Give perspective on which internal and external partners and donors are critical

5. Global Health Security Opportunity Assessment Framework: Establish a structured, opportunity assessment framework for GHS opportunities and priorities, including resource mobilization through discussion with different teams with key Jhpiego staff and engagement with external stakeholders. Describe the value proposition and identify potential opportunities for Jhpiego.

6. Operational Roadmap: Based on the defined strategy, value proposition and identified opportunities:

  • Prioritize and recommend solution delivery models
  • Describe the critical path for entry points and milestones to operationalize this strategy
  • Outline key indicators of success
  • Provide resource mobilization strategy

Key Deliverables

1. Global Health Security Landscape Assessment:Contextualize the GHS landscape and trends influencing essential aspects of GHS, stakeholder mapping, funding picture, and Jhpiego’s value proposition for current and future opportunities including:

  • Landscape Analysis/evolving trends
  • Key stakeholders and funders
  • Competitive landscape
  • Resource mobilization for global health security summary and gap analysis
  • Global health security value chain assessment
  • Key approaches adopted by existing competitors and players in this domain
  • Key principles
  • Potential tools and platforms that exist for Global health security engagement

2. Global Health Security Strategy and Value Proposition: Present Jhpiego’s potential strategy to further engagement in the GHS landscape and the value proposition along prevention to response continuum in sync with the changing market landscape. Deliver a 10-year strategy, with key product and service offerings, short-term and long-term approaches, funding/resource needs, operating models, as well as key performance indicators and identified key partnerships (internal and external).

3. Opportunity Assessment Report and High-Level Resource Mobilization Plan: Map potential opportunities and use cases, as well as list of strategic priorities that emerge as most viable based on Jhpiego’s strengths.

Period of performance:** 8 weeks


Requirements and Qualifications

Proposals shall present a staffing plan and timelines for efficiently completing these deliverables within the proposed implementation period. Required skills and expertise of the winning team shall include the following:

  • Extensive experience in GHS in the context of international development and across multiple low- and middle-income countries in Africa and Asia
  • Demonstrated experience doing data analysis in collaboration with country governments
  • Strategy development experience with at least three donors / foundations / local or international NGOs
  • Demonstrated capability developing strategies for non-profits
  • Demonstrated experience in working with governments and/or multilateral and bilateral donor agencies to
  • introduce novel products and technologies within existing health systems

We will not entertain submissions from teams that do not have collectively 10+ years’ experience in GHS or at least work in 10+ countries.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of the industry: Expertise of the firm within GHS realm
  • Personnel assigned to the team: Experience, professional reputation, training, and background
  • Commitment: Feasibility of staff time, timeline, and scope of work
  • Overall proposal cost: value for money of proposed work
  • Past performance: based on 3 examples of work in past 5 years considered applicable to the experience required for this assignment. If the firm is selected as a finalist, Jhpiego may require that the cited clients be available as references. The references will not be contacted unless Jhpiego informs you in advance.

How to apply


All responses to this RFP must include the components and follow the guidelines below. Any proposal that does not follow these guidelines may be disqualified.

All proposals should be submitted in a Word document or power-point slide deck and received no later than 1700 (EST) on 25 April 2022. At a minimum, bids shall include**:**


  • Executive Summary
  • Understanding of the scope of work
  • Description of proposed approach and methodology for key deliverables
  • Staffing plan, indicating team composition and description of skills and experience to be contributed by each member & résumés of the proposed team members
  • Cost proposal summary table and brief narrative
  • Demonstration that the firm has the experience required to meet the evaluation criteria


Please complete the attached RFP Excel workbook. The Cost Proposal must be inclusive of all costs envisioned to be charged. The cost proposal will be evaluated on the efficiency, effectiveness and overall value.

Please direct questions, information requests and concerns to the primary contact Questions and answers will be shared with all confirmed respondents unattributed.

Bidders shall not attempt to circumvent this RFP process; Jhpiego reserves the right to disqualify any bidder that attempts to gain an unfair advantage over the other bidders.


Jhpiego is committed to selecting a competitive offer within this limited release RFP on the basis of overall quality, value for money and time. Jhpiego reserves the right to award a contract to a firm that may not necessarily be the lowest bidder based upon cost comparisons. Therefore, the proposals should be clear, concise and complete regarding both qualifications and technical contents. Jhpiego reserves the right to reject all proposals received and is not committed to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal. Proposals received will become part of the official files on this Request for Proposal. All proposals in response to this request must meet the following conditions to be considered.

Proposals that address only part of the requirements contained in this Request for Proposal will not be considered. An oral interview by phone may be required. Notification of successful applicants will be provided in writing upon completion of the evaluation process


Participating firms acknowledge that while executing the performance of the engagement(s), including task orders, all the information verbal or written shall be treated as confidential for the purpose of the contract. The firm agrees to hold the confidential information in strict confidence and shall use it only for the specific purpose necessary to perform services as required. The firm shall not release, divulge, publish, transfer, sell, disclose or otherwise make the confidential information known to any other entity or person. The firm agrees to implement physical, electronic or managerial safeguard to prevent the unauthorized access to confidential information. The firm agrees to promptly indemnify and hold harmless from, against and in respect of, and pay or reimbursed for, any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, Jhpiego or its agents and/or employees, arising from breach by the firm of its obligation under this clause. The obligation to the firm under this clause shall survive completing, canceling or terminating the contract or agreement.


This RFP is not an offer to enter into an agreement with any party, but rather a request to receive proposals from persons or firms interested in providing the described services. Such proposals shall be considered and treated by Jhpiego as offers to enter into an agreement. The sponsor and any of its representatives shall not be obligated for the payment of any sums whatsoever to any recipient of this RFP until and unless a written contract between the parties is executed. Consultation time spent in preparing a proposal to respond to this solicitation will not be compensated by Jhpiego.


  1. Jhpiego & JHU will not be liable for any costs incurred by the respondent during the preparation, submission, and presentation of a proposal
  2. The issuance of this RFP or receipt of proposal does not commit Jhpiego to award a contract to the respondent. Selection will result from a mutually signed and executed contract
  3. Jhpiego reserves the right to accept or reject any or all responses to this RFP
  4. Jhpiego reserves the right to enter negotiations with one or more qualified suppliers at concurrent periods
  5. Jhpiego requires that pricing responses to this RFP reflect the most competitive offer available
  6. Jhpiego reserves the right to negotiate final terms, conditions, and pricing beyond what is presented in the RFP response
  7. Jhpiego reserves the right to modify the RFP scope, strategy, and timeframe and commits to provide fair and equal notification to support response to desired changes
  8. Prices and terms are to be guaranteed for (120) days during the evaluation process
  9. Unless otherwise stated in writing, you agree to only communicate with the listed RFP facilitators by email. Any unauthorized contact may result in the disqualification of the respondent’s submittal.
  10. You are not permitted to disclose the contents, nature, or names associated with this RFP and subsequent conversations outside of your RFP response team
  11. The contract will be for the term as defined in the agreement with a start date determined after contract award.
  12. Pricing proposed in the contract will remain consistent over the contract term length
  13. At any time, Jhpiego may cancel any portion of an order that constitutes part of the Agreement, or the entire Agreement, without cause, without penalty or liability, except that JHU shall be obligated to pay for Services accepted prior to cancellation at the price set forth in the Agreement.


This Proposal is submitted in response to the Request for Proposal.

We have carefully read and examined the Request for Proposal and have conducted such other investigations as were prudent and reasonable in preparing the Response. We acknowledge that all of the requirements are understood and accepted. Jhpiego will not be responsible for any errors or omissions executed by respondent. We are authorized to submit this Response on behalf of the Respondent.

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