Human Resources Coordinator – Nigeria – M/F at ALIMA – The Alliance for International Medical Action

ALIMA, the international medical NGO with a human face, which places at the heart of its model the co-construction of projects and professional paths


ALIMA’S ETHOS: ALIMA’s purpose is to save lives and provide care for the most vulnerable populations, without any discrimination based on identity, religion or politics, through actions based on proximity, innovation, and the alliance of organizations and individuals. We act with humanity and impartiality in accordance with universal medical ethics. To gain access to patients, we undertake to act in a neutral and independent manner.

Our CHARTER defines the VALUES and PRINCIPLES of our action:

  1. Patient First
  2. Revolutionizing humanitarian medicine
  3. Responsibility and freedom
  4. Commitment to a dynamic of continuous quality improvement
  5. Creating a climate of trust among colleagues
  6. Collective intelligence
  7. Environmental liability

ALIMA promotes and defends the principles of fundamental human rights. ALIMA has a zero-tolerance approach towards those guilty of acts of gender and sexual violence as well as towards inaction in the face of alleged or proven acts of violence. The protection of those benefiting from and impacted by our intervention is our top priority in everything we do. Everyone collaborating with ALIMA is committed to:

● Respect the charter, the code of conduct, the institutional policies including the policy of protection against abuse of power and sexist and sexual violence, the policy of prevention of corruption and fraud;

● Report any violation of the policies, framework documents and procedures to a superior, to a referent.


Since its creation in 2009, ALIMA has treated more than 6 million patients. Today ALIMA works in 12 countries in Western and Central Africa. In 2020, we developed 41 humanitarian medical response projects to meet the needs of populations affected by conflict, epidemics and extreme poverty. All of these projects support national health authorities through nearly 330 health structures (including 28 hospitals and 300 health centers). We work in partnership, especially with local NGOs, whenever possible to ensure that our patients benefit from the expertise wherever it is, whether in their country or the rest of the world. In addition, to improve the humanitarian response, we are carrying out operational and clinical research projects, particularly in the field of the fight against malnutrition and hemorrhagic viral fevers. ALIMA is also leading operations in response to the covid-19 pandemic across all of our missions.

ALIMA’S TEAM: More than 2000 people currently work for ALIMA. The field teams, as close as possible to the patients, receive their support from the coordination teams generally based in the capitals of the countries of intervention. These receive support from the 4 desk teams and the emergency and opening service team based at the operational headquarters in Dakar, Senegal. The Paris and New York teams are actively working on fundraising as well as representing ALIMA. The rest of the ALIMA Galaxy includes individuals and partner teams who work on behalf of other organizations such as medical NGOs BEFEN, ALERTE Santé, SOS Médecins / KEOOGO, AMCP, research organizations PACCI, INSERM, Universities of Bordeaux or Copenhagen, the NGO Solidarités International and many others.

COUNTRIES WHERE WE WORK IN 2020: Mali, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Guinea, South Sudan, Mauritania & Senegal.

THE WORK WE DO covers: Primary and Secondary Health Care, with a main focus on children and women – including treatment and prevention of acute malnutrition, maternal health, mental health, response to epidemics (Ebola, Cholera, Measles, Dengue, Lassa Fever), surgery, displaced populations, and gender based violence, Covid 19.

GOVERNANCE: ALIMA is governed by a Board of Directors of 10 elected positions and 4 co-opted positions from representatives of West African partner NGOs.


The humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s northeast and the Lake Chad region is one of the most severe ongoing crises in the world, now entering its ninth year and showing no sign of abating.

In 2021, at least 8.7 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in the worst-affected states of Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe. Up to 5.1 million people risk being critically food insecure during the next lean season (June – August 2021), a level similar to 2016-2017 when famine was looming over Borno State

Nigeria is now facing a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states have recorded new cases. Aid actors are intensifying actions and prevention measures

Despite challenges including humanitarian space reduction, aid workers had already provided around 5 million people with life-saving assistance in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states in 2020.

Conflict, explosive remnants of war, and insecurity have cut people off from their main means of livelihoods-farming and fishing. This causes major food insecurity in northeast Nigeria, which COVID-19’s effects on incomes have exacerbated: despite good crop yields, food insecurity is rising. Findings of the October 2020 Cadre Harmonisé (CH) analysis projected that about 5.1 million people in the three states will be food-insecure in the lean season between June and August 2021 – a 19% and 34% increase in 2020 (after COVID-19 June CH Update) and 2019 figures respectively. According to the Nutrition and Food Security Surveillance Round 9, conducted in October 2020, the level of acute malnutrition increased in all three states compared to 2019. Global acute malnutrition (GAM) rates of 10.7% were recorded in Borno, 7.5% in Adamawa, and 13.6% in Yobe. According to the survey, several LGAs had high pockets of global acute malnutrition above the 15% threshold (emergency phase), including Gubio, Magumeri, Mobbar, and Bayo in Borno State and all LGAs in northern Yobe. Movement restrictions and insecurity continue to hamper the ability of IDPs, returnees, and the host communities to access basic services, livelihoods, and land for farming and grazing. This means that more people will rely on humanitarian aid to survive in 2021.

In 2017, ALIMA continued to implement projects in Muna Garage in Jere LGA, where ALIMA performs general consultations for children under 5 and provides Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) to pregnant and lactating women (antenatal and postnatal consultations). An Outpatient Therapeutic Feeding Program (OTP) is also available for children under 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in the clinic, where women and caretakers are trained to screen their children for malnutrition using the MUAC tape.

In Maiduguri MC, where ALIMA is working in partnership with the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), the Inpatient Therapeutic Feeding Center (ITFC) manages children under 5 suffering from SAM with medical complications in a 50-bed capacity building.

In December 2020, ALIMA conducted a needs assessment survey in the north of Yobe where a high level of acute malnutrition was recorded by the nutrition sector. The results of this survey prompted ALIMA to open a nutrition and health project covering the Kasasuwa LGA, one of the most affected LGAs, and where there was a gap. This project started in May 2021 and fund by ECHO aims to support Karasuwa health facilities and improve access to nutrition and health services including pediatric healthcare and reproductive health.

ALIMA also supports COVID-19 vaccination in Borno and Yobe with a focus on the most vulnerable.

In parallel, ALIMA is opening an emergency nutrition project in Katsina state and is present in Owo state since 2018 for Lassa fever response and research.


Mission Location:

· Human Resources Coordinator – Mission Location: Nigeria – Abuja

Management lines:

Direct Line Manager: Head of Mission

· Technical Referent: Desk HR Manager

· Line Manager for HR Manager, HR assistant, Movement Assistant, Cleaners and Cook

· Technical Referent: Field Administration Managers


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the job holder will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good conduct will be required. In situations where the impossibility of providing a criminal record or a certificate of good conduct is found, a declaration of honor will be requested.


· The HR Coordinator defines, adapts, plans, and supervises the implementation of human resources policies in the Mission, ensuring they are in line with the context, the ALIMA HR vision, and values.

· The HR Coordinator is responsible for providing support to all the HR staff (HR Managers, HR Supervisors, Field Administrator), to Coordinators, Activity Managers, Supervisors, and leading the overall HR functions including staff recruitment, contracts management, skills development, Talents acquisition, performance management, and orientation. The HR Coordinator reports directly to the Head of Mission and collaborates with all departments on human resources matters.

Major Responsibilities:

❖ Operational and Strategic Management of the HR (participate in operations implementation, development of staff, HR budget building, training, staff carrier building)

⮚ Participate in the mission strategy to develop and implement operational plans to enhance the organization’s performance through its people. Working closely with Coordinators, Project coordinators, and Project Admin Managers to deliver high-quality HR support and capacity building of national HR staff.

⮚ Lead on the development of the mission human resource strategy that includes organization development, Talent management, succession planning, and emergency response.

⮚ Together with the coordination team, plan HR operational and budget needs in order to efficiently ensure the required HR sizing and capabilities of the mission.

⮚ Talent Management and Succession Planning by working closely with the Country Management Team and Senior Managers to ensure effective talent management mechanisms are in place. With a specific focus on the nationalization of some posts.

⮚ Coordinate the implementation of career development programs to high potential collaborators in order to increase long-term commitment and contribution.

❖ Administrative management National staff

⮚ Coordinate the administrative management of National staff: contract, leaves, identification, mission orders, Job descriptions, staff files, etc.

⮚ Performance management cycle (probation, interim review, and annual review). Where concerns are identified to proactively encourage managers to address these by collaboratively implementing quality performance improvement plans.

⮚ Coordinate the implementation of “Feedback and development review” and Performance Objectives (POP)

⮚ Works with the Coordinator and Admin Manager, Staff representative on liaison, dialogue, communication, and understanding of policies.

⮚ Supports Coordination decisions with appropriate HR solutions in disciplinary procedures.

⮚ Support the Coordination and projects in managing the investigation of Fraud and the HR disciplinary process.

⮚ Provide support and guidance to line management in handling staff conflicts

⮚ Coordinate the proper implementation of Homere (HR management software) including the preparation of the payroll (in line with local legislation regarding social security/tax payments).

⮚ Responsible for day-to-day workforce relations to include ensuring that work environments and workplace practices promote a positive employee relations environment free of discrimination, harassment, or any form of unfair or unethical practice.

⮚ Conduct investigations, site assessments, and all related forms of complaints that ensure objective evaluation and resolution of issues with HR.

⮚ Carry on market Benchmarking when need is, function and salary grid review for ALIMA staff as well as incentive grid for Ministry of Health staff.

❖ Expatriate staff Management

⮚ Together with Dakar and Abuja administration office, manage the international staff movement: arrival, departure, passport, resident card, visa, and flight tickets

⮚ Support the teams on breaks and annual leaves planning

⮚ Supervise the expatriates’ follow-up update and send to HQ

⮚ collaboratively with fields administration Managers, ensure intermediary and final appraisals are done and sent to the Desk HR manager

⮚ Ensure the constitutions of international staff files and provide the necessary documents (Visa On arrival and its renewal, ALIMA ID card, Mission order, residency permit…)

⮚ Organize briefings for international staff at their arrival and present the mission’s policies and regulations.

⮚ Ensure the follow-up of flight tickets’ expiration date is properly done.

⮚ Communicate the end of mission information to HQ administration and departure office

⮚ Support the Head of Mission in Expatriates HR Management: conflicts management, feedback of individual interviews, forecast and anticipate recruitments, Job descriptions redaction, etc.

❖ Responsible for the internal procedure and Country legal procedure (procedures, legal surveillance,

⮚ Coordinate the implementation of all administrative local protocols and procedures, organize regular information meetings with all the personnel and systematically participate in briefings of all the coordinators and managers concerned (national and international).

⮚ Coordinate and supervise the implementation of administrative procedures related to the employment contracts of ALIMA staff in the mission, in particular everything related to the CV, cover letters, business certificates, diplomas, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), certificates of marital status, access cards to the attention health, vacation request forms, Certificates of residence … to comply with the legislation in force in the country.

⮚ Define and coordinate the local implementation of a fair rewarding policy in accordance with ALIMA policies and local regulations.

⮚ Train and ensure the staff is well informed of the Code of Conduct, ALIMA Charter, Management of Abusing Behavior, Terms and Conditions of Employments (TCE), essential policies, and HR topics.

⮚ Supervise monthly calculations of salaries and taxes, in order to ensure internal equity, adequate competitiveness, and legal compliance.

⮚ Carry on all the processes to get an Employer PIN number for ALIMA (social security/pension, NHF, PAYE, NSITF, etc.)

⮚ The focal point for the link with ALIMA lawyer in order to get legal advice for any sensitive HR or administrative issue or process.

❖ Recruitment Management

⮚ Support the coordination and the projects team in recruitment processes, ensuring coherent management of administrative and legal procedures all across the mission

⮚ Oversee full-cycle recruitment process; develop candidate rosters, employing traditional sourcing strategies, actively network and employ innovative, creative recruiting methods to hire the best talent.

⮚ Responsible for timely execution of the recruitment process for key senior positions in the mission. Keeping an overview of ongoing recruitments, informing project, and coordinating on progress.

⮚ Ensure that managers are trained in the implementation and following up of ALIMA recruitment procedures.

⮚ Ensures the Project’s recruitment approaches and staff capacity-building initiatives support Altima’s philosophy of career development for National staff.

❖ General administration- Movements- reporting

⮚ Define and coordinate the internal communication policy, in collaboration with all field coordination teams, organize personnel meetings and broadcast ALIMA values and vision, in order to boost people’s commitment, active participation, and adherence to corporate values.

⮚ Centralizes monthly all the organization organograms of the mission and makes sure they reflect the reality on the ground.

⮚ Support in Administrative related issues such as ALIMA registration in Nigeria, Immigration facilities, and process in Nigeria

⮚ Compile, check, analyze and send Monthly HR reports to HQ

⮚ Participate in HR Group meetings


· Essential, Degree/Diploma in HR Management / Administration / Business Administration / Law or related field.

· Minimum of 3 years of demonstrable relevant Human Resources experience.

· Working experience in management positions is essential.

· Working experience with an international medical NGO is an asset.

· Fluency in English. Speaking French is an asset.

· Essential, computer literacy (word, excel, internet). The knowledge of Homere (HR management software) is highly appreciated.

· Strong interpersonal skills, and teamwork.

· Strong communication skills

· Negotiation skills.


Contract term: contract under French law, 6 months with possibility of extension.

Desired start date: June 15, 2022

Salary: Depending on experience

ALIMA pays for:

· Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location

· Accommodation costs

· Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee

· Evacuation of the employee

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