Human Resources Specialist (American Services & Workforce Analytics). At US Agency for International Development



2. ISSUANCE DATE: November 30, 2021

3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: December 14, 2021 (4:30 PM East Africa Time).

4. POSITION TITLE: Human Resources Specialist (American Services & Workforce Analytics).

5. MARKET VALUEEquivalent to FSN-PSC (Step 1: 3,341,686 KSH to Step 13: 5,680,858 KSH per annum)In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/Kenya and East Africa. *Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Five-year contract with an initial probationary period of six (6) months. Within the five years, annual contract extensions are contingent on fully successful or better performance rating, funds availability and the continued need to retain the position.

7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya; with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work.

8. SECURITY CERTIFICATION REQUIRED: Prior to joining USAID, the selected candidate will be required to:

· Undergo a comprehensive background investigation

· Undergo a health check to obtain medical clearance and;

· Obtain and retain an embassy issued Security Certification.


10. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to qualified Kenyan Citizens and current employees of the U.S. Government. USAID provides equal opportunity and equitable treatment for employment of all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation.

11. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The position requirements do not involve rigorous physical demands.


USAID/KEA is the largest USAID Mission in the world. USAID/KEA’s Executive Office Human Resources Team (HRT) provides the full range of HR management services supporting the full employee life cycle to the staff of two Missions – USAID/Kenya and East Africa (USAID/KEA) and USAID/Somalia. The HR Management Team’s responsibilities include position classification and recruitment of all local (CCN) and international (US and TCN) Personal Services Contract (PSC) positions; management of Mission staff training and development, recognition, and performance management programs for CCN and American staff; budgeting for all PSC personnel including salaries and benefits; and serving as the liaison with the US Embassy regarding HR topics and providing periodic reporting. The Human Resources Management Team consists of seven (7) Cooperating Country National (CCN) positions and two Eligible Family Member (EFM) positions. The current client universe for these two Missions consists of a total of 460 employees (55 U.S. Direct Hires -USDH, 23 expatriate U.S. Personal Services Contractors-USPSCs off-shore hires, 21 expatriate U.S. Personal Services Contractors – Local Hires, 3 Eligible Family Members (EFMs), 4 Third Country Nationals (TCNPSC) and 355 Cooperating Country Nationals (CCNPSCs).

The incumbent is a member of the HR Team and works under the general supervision of the Deputy Executive Officer. S/he is the USAID/KEA and USAID/Somalia Missions’ principal advisor for all American and expat personnel related matters. The HR Specialist assists the Executive Officers in planning, directing, and administering the full range of HR management and personnel services provided to United States Direct Hires (USDHs), United States Offshore/Local Hires (USPSC- OH/ USPSC-LH), Third Country Nationals (TCNs), Participating Agency Services Agreements (PASAs), FELLOWs and Institutional Contractors with special focus on USDH personnel management and PSC recruitment and contracting. The HR Specialist is the subject matter expert on the Mission-wide National Security Decision Directive NSDD-38 requirements and administration. In addition, the HR Specialist is Human Resources Team’s data analyst, providing HR data and metric reporting to Mission leadership, Executive Office Leaders and the HR Team for effective staff planning and decision making.


A. American and Expat Personnel Management Services 70%

• The HR Specialist assists the Executive Officers in managing the American personnel program, including USDH, US and TCNPSCs. The HR Specialist will review, interpret, and apply USAID personnel policies and procedures as they pertain to the American Services portfolio and will disseminate relevant information thereof accordingly. The incumbent assists the Supervisory Executive Officer in managing the USDH bidding and assignment processes, overall position and personnel management and policy guidance, and liaison with HCTM/Washington and Embassy/OHR.

• The Specialist oversees the assistance rendered to newly assigned personnel before and after their arrival at Post, advises on post protocol, Mission specific privileges, employee services (i.e., housing) and employment related benefits. S/he coordinates with the Embassy on matters relating to notifications of arrival and departure, provides guidance and policy interpretation to employees on all relevant matters affecting their assignments, performance evaluations, leave and retirement policies, health benefits and insurance allowances.

• The Specialist works closely with the Executive Office Travel Team to coordinate and manage the arrivals and departures (in- and out-processing) of Mission expatriate staff. This responsibility includes preparing and processing Arrival Notices, Inter/ Intra Mission Transfers, Departure Cables, and Check In/Check Out in liaison with the US Embassy Customer Service Center, HR Immigration Services, USAID Travel Team , and Embassy contracted travel agency staff. S/he also provides advice and guidance on travel allowances and entitlements for employees and their dependents.

• The HR Specialist manages the Seasonal Hire Internship program and coaches and mentors the HR Assistant (Protocol, American Services, Statistics and Data Management) and the HR Assistant (EFM) on the entire American Services employee life cycle and the HR Assistant (CCN Employee Relations) on NSDD-38 and USPSC contracting.

• The HR Specialist directly manages the NSDD38 approval process for USAID/KEA and USAID/Somalia. This includes close coordination with the Embassy OHR and Management, liaison with HCTM/Washington, and Africa Bureau in processing and implementation of organizational restructuring to reflect changing Mission objectives and priorities. The HR Specialist will prepare all briefing documents specific to workforce planning and projected workforce numbers combined with NSDD-38 requirements for senior level Agency personnel up to the SDAA and DAA levels within the Management and AFR/AMS Bureaus during on-going Agency and Mission-wide rightsizing directives.

• The incumbent prepares and submits NSDD-38 approval requests (increase / decrease) for U.S.-based positions following the Standard Operating Procedures. S/he works closely with the Africa Bureau AMS in processing NSDD38 applications and subsequent follow up and prepares and finalizes the outgoing SMART Cable with the Chief of Mission approval decision.

• The Specialist maintains and updates NSDD-38 status reports and tracking sheets for USAID/Kenya and East Africa Mission, USAID/Somalia Mission and the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance initiatives.

• The HR Specialist will manage and administer the Missions short-and long-term staffing plans and support the recruitment, contracting, on-boarding and orientation for USPSC-OH, USPSC-LH and TCNPSC employees. The incumbent is responsible for PSC contract management including procurement planning, award management, and post-award administration.

• S/he reviews position classification memoranda prepared by Mission hiring offices, applies the full range of position classification standards for market value determination and communicates the information with supporting criteria and justification. The incumbent initiates the recruitment process, drafts and posts solicitations and conducts the initial screening of applications for eligibility and qualification requirements. S/he assists the Executive Officer in establishing Technical Evaluation Committees (TEC), prepares TEC briefing notes, personally conducts or oversees the short-listing of applicants, proctor’s technical skills assessments, schedules/coordinates interviews, assists the TEC panel in conducting reference checks, reviews TEC selection memos to ensure their completeness and submits for the Executive/Contracting Officer’s approval.

• The incumbent conducts salary negotiations, prepares budget estimates, and prepares or oversees the preparation of personal services contracts and contract modifications using the Global Acquisition and Assistance System – GLAAS. Additionally, the HR Specialist manages and advises Technical/Support Office Directors and Supervisors on PSC employee performance evaluation program.

• The incumbent backstops the HR Assistant (Protocol, American Services, Statistics and Data Management) on the full work life cycle portfolio for that position in the incumbent’s absence.

• In accordance with ADS 502, the Specialist is responsible for compliance with the Agency’s records management policy in the Oversees Personnel System (OPS), Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking System (ASIST) and Local Drive for American Services portfolio.

B. Workforce Analytics 30%

• The HR Specialist will collect, process and compile a wide variety of confidential information and data from a variety of sources to successfully complete medium to large scale data upload and/or clean up into Agency level and Mission level HR Information Systems.

• S/he is the point of contact for all workforce related statistics and data requests (for all hiring mechanisms) from Washington DC, Bureaus, Kenya and East Africa Mission and Somalia Mission leadership. Responds to data calls from USAID/Washington and maintains an up-to-date information system and electronic database for the American support and immigration portfolio and ensures the integrity of data stored therein. S/he proposes and implements improvements to standard reporting methods.

• Maintains and updates the Human Resources statistical databases (Overseas Personnel System (OPS), State/USAID WEBPASS (in the interim) and the Access Staffing Database to ensure accuracy and completeness of staffing data (i.e., new/vacant positions, position titles, grades, salary steps, reporting lines, dependent information, emergency contacts, physical addresses) as well as the timely compilation and submission of a wide variety of statistical reports related to the workforce projections.

• Manages data quality metrics for all hiring mechanisms, drives data quality campaigns and leads corrective actions. Regularly updates all Mission Organizational Charts to ensure that they correctly reflect staffing projections, reporting lines and the names and grades of incumbents or positions.

• Analyzes staffing data for trends and patterns, while paying special attention to different HR processes and policies and communicates key messages on the meaning and implication of data within the HR processes and systems to various stakeholders including (Chief of Mission, USAID KEA and Somalia Mission Leadership, Executive Office Leadership, USAID Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM), State Management Counselor, State & USAID Human Resources Teams and FSN Advocacy Council).

• Maintains and updates information provided from NSDD38 requests (increase or decrease in the number positions) and updates the USAID American staff Potential Evacuees list and the American staff Arrival and Departure lists.

• Ensures the timely compilation of HR data relating to staffing numbers for the annual Local Compensation Plan Questionnaire (LCPQ).

• In accordance with ADS 502, the Specialist is responsible for compliance with the Agency’s records management policy for the Statistics and Data Management portfolio.


a. Supervision Received: The incumbent’s immediate supervisor is the Deputy Executive Officer (EXO). Guidance on work assignments and priorities will be determined by the Executive Officers and Deputy Executive Officer (EXO) while requests for support may be made by the Lead Human Resources Specialist (CCN Services), two HR Specialists (Employee Relations) and the other HR Assistants on the HR Team. The Specialist will provide statistical information and support to the entire Human Resources Team when required and must manage his/her own time, priorities and work plan accordingly.**

b. Supervision Exercised: The HR Specialist will supervise the HR Assistant (Protocol, American Services, Statistics and Data Management), FSN 8 position.**

c. Available Guidelines: 3 FAM, 3 FAH-1, 3 FAH -2, AIDAR Appendix D and J, FAR, ADS 309 Personal Services Contracts with Individuals, ADS 401 Human Capital Framework, AIDAR Appendix J, USAID Interim Strategic Workforce Plan FY 2020-2022, USAID Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (2017), Equal Employment Opportunity policy (2019), USAID Acquisition Regulations and policy documents, Foreign Affairs Manuals, U.S. Standardized Regulations (DSSR), State Department regulations available in Personnel Manuals, USAID HR Manuals, USAID Leadership Philosophy, Kenya and East Africa Mission Orders, Somalia Mission Orders, HR Policies, Mission Leadership Charters, Local Employed Staff (LES) handbook, US Embassy Local Compensation Plan (LCP). Guidelines are often general and not specific to many situations encountered and require interpretation and judgment in their application.**

d. Exercise of Judgment: The HR Specialist must exercise daily judgment in juggling/establishing work priorities and understand matters that can be handled personally and those to escalate to the Executive Officers. S/he must exhibit good judgment in dealing with complex personnel matters to determine the best solution from a range of possible alternatives encountered in the job and use personal initiative and discretion to recommend and offer relevant advice. S/he must have the capacity to apply discretion and maintain a high level of confidentiality when handling sensitive information and respond calmly and confidently to USAID Mission leadership, Executive Officers, Embassy Management and employees. The incumbent must always practice high integrity especially during contract negotiations. S/he may be required to mediate grievances and performance management related matters confidentially and provide reports to Mission leadership and Executive Officers.**

e. Authority to Make Commitments: The incumbent cannot make financial commitments; but within guidelines established by the supervisor, s/he makes recommendations for personnel actions and independent decisions when advising and counseling employees on personnel matters which are considered authoritative.

f. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: Contacts are internal at all levels to provide advice, counsel, and technical guidance on matters relating to American support, NSDD-38 and Human Resources Statistics and Data. Contacts include headquarters in Washington DC, USAID/Kenya and USAID Somalia Mission Senior Leadership and Management, USAID Executive Office leadership, U.S. Embassy Post Management Counselor, USAID Human Resources Team, State Human Resources Team and Mission employees.**

g. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: One year.**


Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements stated below will not be evaluated.


a. Education: A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Management/ Administration, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, or other Social Science related field from an accredited University is required.

b. Prior Work Experience: At least five (5) years of progressively responsible professional-level work experience in a human resources management team at an International Development Organization, Non-Governmental Organization, Donor Agency or Embassy is required. At least 2 years of experience working with and performing HR metrics and analytics and managing HR or organizational data.

c. Post Entry Training: The full range of general and HR management courses will be provided, including Introduction to Program Cycle (IPC), Collaborating Learning and Adapting (CLA), HR Essentials Workshop, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Personal Services Contracting, Contract Close out, Acquisition and Assistance, Workforce Planning, Overseas Personnel System training, GLAAS buyer, NSDD-38 regulations and requirements, Records Management and Communicating for Results and Local Labor Law. On-the-job, eLearning, or other classroom training related to USAID human resources policies and procedures and other appropriate training in the field, subject to available course offerings and the availability of funds will be provided.

d. Language Proficiency: Level IV English and Kiswahili, both written and spoken, are required. Ability to prepare, write and present concise workforce reports is required.

e. Job Knowledge: Thorough knowledge of human resources management, administration, policies and personnel practices applicable to the full spectrum of human resources and personnel administration from recruitment through retirement for all categories of staff is required. Competency in HR metrics and analytics is required specific to operational knowledge in managing HR data, validation of HR data quality and integrity and provision of support for HR data changes for re-organization at mid to large organizations. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of host government guidelines concerning terms and conditions of employment and registration of American and expatriate personnel, and government immigration regulations. Work requires a thorough knowledge of general HR principles related to compensation, position classification, contracting, organization development and staffing.

f. Skills and Abilities: Due to frequent interaction with internal stakeholders (contacts include headquarters in Washington DC, USAID/Kenya and USAID Somalia Mission Senior Leadership and Management, USAID Executive Office leadership, U.S. Embassy Post Management Counselor, USAID Human Resources Team, State Human Resources Team and Mission employees), the job holder must be able to perceive, use, understand, manage, handle emotions and communicate effectively to ensure positive working relationships are maintained with Mission colleagues and with other interlocutors. The HR Specialist must have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills to facilitate problem solving on behalf of USAID/KEA and USAID/Somalia on matters relating to the American Services and HR Data Management portfolios. Ability to communicate effectively, express opinion, ideas/suggestions with conviction and deliver information in a logical/structured manner to different audiences as required. Ability to prepare and present statistical reports to various audiences is required. The position has significant writing and reporting requirements which include drafting of all NSDD-38 documentation. The incumbent must have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, prioritizing requests and adapting quickly and resourcefully to shifting priorities and requirements. The incumbent must demonstrate diplomacy, tact, discretion and persistence to solve sensitive/complicated problems as well as the ability to think and work independently with minimal supervision and to remain composed and focused under pressure. Must have pleasant demeanor that inspires confidence and trust when dealing with the leadership and employees and excellent communication skills to be able to communicate effectively at all levels (Mission level, regionally and with USAID/Washington). Strong organizational skills, attention to detail and customer service skills with a positive, ‘can-do’ approach to work as well as the ability to work in a fast-paced environment is required. Demonstrated experience in HR data analytics (ability to find the information needed, analyze information to solve problems and effectively discuss findings and prepare relevant documentation for personnel related actions. The incumbent must be willing and able to work outside normal working hours during critical periods where HR intervention is required and must deliver high quality work and meet deadlines. S/he must be highly competent in the use of MS Office applications, Google Suite, and HR Information Management Systems (HRIMS), able to produce detailed spreadsheets, charts and presentations.


Applicants must submit a resume/cv which describes how their relevant professional experience and education has prepared them to meet the specific challenges of the duties and responsibilities described above. As part of the interview process, those applicants ranked highest may be required to submit a timed writing sample on a topic provided. The selection committee may conduct reference checks at any time during the selection process.

Applications that do not meet the required minimum qualifications will not be scored.

  • Prior work experience (30 points)
  • Language (Pass/Fail)
  • Job Knowledge (30 points)
  • Skills and abilities (40 points)

Total possible points: 100

Candidates meeting the above required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and reference checks. References will be asked to assess the applicant’s technical knowledge, work performance, communication skills, and group dynamics, using the above criteria. USAID reserves the right to conduct interviews with the top ranked short-listed applicants. The interview will be one of the determining factors in the final selection.

How to apply

Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at

Step 2: Qualified Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), a copy of your most recent Performance Evaluation Report, and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload to MyJobsInKenya.


External Applicants/Not Current USG Employees: Attach an updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages) and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment and upload to MyJobsInKenya.

Note to Applicants:

  1. Applications must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted through as stated in Section IV.
  2. Submissions will only be accepted through Late and Incomplete applications (those that do not contain the applicant’s most current and up to date detailed CV and relevant education certificates) will not be considered for the position. The closing date for receipt of applications is indicated above.

3. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.**

  1. USAID provides equal opportunity and equitable treatment for employment of all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation.**USAID DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE AT ANY STAGE OF THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS (APPLICATION, INTERVIEW MEETING, PROCESSING, OR TRAINING) AND DOES NOT CONCERN ITSELF WITH INFORMATION ON APPLICANTS’ BANK ACCOUNTS.**

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