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Spectrum / Frequency Management Specialist- South Sudan at Committed To Good (CTG Global)

CTG overview:

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Overview of position:

  • CTG is looking to contract an experienced Mobile Storage Unit Technician (MSU Technician) for our operations in South Sudan. Candidates must have the experience as stated below in the TOR.

Role objectives: Hydrologists are involved in the monitoring, management & protection of water & water resources in commercial, environmental & academic settings. They ensure the effective flow of water through channels & pipes for the engineering & control of water provision. Their work contributes to the efficient planning, development & sustainable use of natural & domestic water resources, ensuring water is supplied in the most cost effective manner. Working in close collaboration with engineering unit in development of infrastructure to support logistics operations, the incumbent Hydrologist will undertake the following:

  • Specifically undertake hydrological assessment to assess the most effective methods of managing available water in a particular area in consideration of infrastructure development such as roads, warehouses, ports etc.
  • Analyse the effect of environmental changes on water flow likely to impact infrastructure projects.
  • Study the effects on flows brought about by changes in land use, such as afforestation or crop irrigation & climatic conditions.
  • Plan responses to specific weather conditions, such as droughts, floods & assess the impacts of such events on water catchments & supplies in relation to infrastructure projects such as river cleaning, dykes construction, ports construction.
  • Under take condition assessment for clearing river ways to support logistics river operations.
  • Undertake hydrological modelling where necessary to allow the development of flood forecasting & drought management strategy.
  • Assist in the planning of water resource development by forecasting & monitoring water usage & rainfall patterns.
  • Estimate water yields, taking into account the utilisation of water in a specific natural drainage area (catchment) which are likely to affect infrastructure projects such as dykes, roads, ports, waterways, etc.
  • Assess the relationship between rainfall, run off, soil & rock features for the catchment.
  • Assist the logistics & engineering units with enquiries from external bodies & individuals, such as water regulators, consultants & researchers.
  • Liaise with specialists, consultants, like minded agencies & clients on water related issues likely to impact on infrastructure projects.
  • Oversee data collection on site by hydrometrics, rain gauge & other project staff.
  • Supervise the collection, processing & evaluation of data for water resource planning & flood management in relation to infrastructure development.
  • Apply hydrological & statistical techniques to water resource modelling & analysis to provide informed decision.
  • Keep up to date with new research & techniques in all areas of hydrology.
  • Archived all hydrologic data.

Project reporting:

  • This role reports to the line manager.

Key competencies:

  • Degree / Advanced Diploma in courses that cover elements of Hydrology with at least 3 relevant years of experiencing in hydrological related fields.
  • Civil & environmental engineering ecology.
  • Environmental management.
  • Environmental sciences.
  • Geography (with a physical science base).
  • Geology.
  • Soil science.

Team management:

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information:

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

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