Invitation to Tender – Entrepreneurship Research Consultant At CARE International UK

CARE has supported hundreds of thousands of women entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and to have more control over their economic resources beyond strengthening women’s aspirations and skills. CARE entrepreneurship programming also tackles structural barriers by increasing access to market information, digital economy, advancing women’s leadership, and participating in the development of government policies. Also, co-developing gender-equitable financial products and services and working in allyship with men and boys to challenge patriarchal social norms.

CARE uses different approaches to enterprise development. Either as stand-alone project output where viable enterprises and economic empowerment are the main goals or integrated into other women’s social and economic empowerment projects and programs aimed to achieve other benefits such as education, health, food security, and resilience.

CARE is seeking a seasoned Entrepreneurship Research Consultant with project management experience working with micro and small-sized enterprises, including small-scale producers- particularly women engaged in agribusiness along different value chains and women members of VSLAs with income-generating activities.

The exceptional consultant will map and systematize CARE’s women’s entrepreneurship programming over the past 5 years (2015-2020/1) and in two phases:

1- Phase 1 will entail the detailed design of the research, in consultation with CARE’s Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) team and other core CARE stakeholders.

2- Phase 2 will encompass the desk and key informant research to understand better the scope and extent of CARE’s entrepreneurship programming across impact areas and geographic and contextual settings. Deliverable will include:

· Submission of the research report and recommendations.

· Virtual presentation of initial study findings and recommendations to CARE

To apply for this contract position, kindly submit the following via email to Atem Kingsly at by 31 August 2021.

· Your CV – no more than two pages, clearly indicating how you meet the experience, competencies, and requirements of the Terms of Reference (link below).

· A cover letter – no more than two pages

· A proposal for how you would deliver the work, including an approximate timeline, number of days, and day rate.

The consultant must have experience working remotely with a multi-functional team and pay all relevant taxes. We welcome applications from an independent consultant.

The hired consultant work closely and report to the Women’s Economic Justice Entrepreneurship Advisor.

How to apply

For full details and how to submit your tender, please view the Terms of Reference on our website at: