Micro-Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT) was established in November 2002 by the Government of Kenya, represented by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and the European Union to assume and continue with the activities of the Micro-Enterprises Support Programme (MESPT), previously implemented also by the Government of Kenya and the European Union between 1997 and 2002. MESPT began operations in January 2003 and started by offering wholesale loans to financial organizations, including micro-finance institutions, savings and credit cooperative societies and financial services associations, for onward lending to micro-enterprises. In 2012, the European Union relinquished its rights as a founder and passed those rights to the Danish Representation in Nairobi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA), represented by the Head of the Danish Mission in the Republic of Kenya.


Farmers’ Cooperative Management System is an application or software is designed to manage activities related to daily work such as inventory, purchases and supplies, production, sales etc. To reduce manual work, a farmers cooperative management System will help to make day-to-day cooperative activities easier.

Brief description of the co-operative processes

Kwale PAVI Farmers’ Cooperative is situated in Kwale county off Ukunda Ramisi Road. The cooperative gets produce supplies from farmers or other suppliers to bulking stores or central store. Aggregated collection in bulking stores is transported to a central location for feed formulation. Cooperative sells different types of feeds to farmers, offers extension services and knowledge dissemination to farmers.

The system should have functionalities

  1. Member’s registration: Register new members/farmers to the Society or import farmers details from a previously existing system. Capture member number, full names, National ID, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Route/Milk Collection Centre, addresses, contacts (phone #), Bank Details, Passport, Signature, next of keen etc…
  2. Purchases: Collect and analyze data relating to cooperative society. Handle processes starting from farmers to delivery to the bulking stores and member payment characterized by journal entries, deliveries, payments/deductions/ generate reports etc

3. Debtors/Processors: Handle all the credit transactions from the customer and offer a variety of features, such as customer statements and customer payments checks. **

  1. Store/Inventory: Track the quantities and costs of inventory items based on the receipts, issues, adjustments, and transfers of these items with accuracy society’s unique requirements
  2. Production and sales: Capture procedures involved in feed formulation and production of different variety of farm feeds from acquisition of cereals and other additives to the final product and sales
  3. Creditors: Handle credit supplies of stock, deliveries and payments.
  4. Finance and accounting: Manage cash flow within the Society: both income and expenditure (income from investments, income from dividends, income from loan interests, expenses from Sacco staff salaries, purchase of office equipment etc…)
  5. Analytics: Provide graphical representation of data or dashboards necessary for decision making e.g farmers production in a given period, sale of farm inputs, active farmers, gender composition in membership, cashflow etc
  6. HR and payroll: Handle leave management, employee performance management, employees’ salaries, deductions, record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data. Delivers payroll checks, maintain compliance with tax law, keep employee record, track of statutory deductions: NSSF, NHIF, PAYE etc…
  7. Administration: Assign access rights to system users, backup system data,creates new system users, issuance of passwords, activate or deactivate users, audit etc
  8. Bulk SMS: Send SMS messages, alerts and notifications to members/farmers of the Society e.g. annual general meeting, outbreak of diseases
  9. User friendliness: Be scalable, customizable to user needs, integrate with other system, reliable, easy to adopt and use, timely client support
  10. Integration with POS to capture sales
  11. Extension services and extension personnel management
  12. Reporting: Generate various reports to aid in cooperative management
  13. Hosting: The system should be cloud hosted

Technical requirements

a. Technical proposal of the proposed system

b. At least 2 references that are currently utilizing the system and whether it’s customizable

c. A link with a short demo of the system

d. Bidders should be ready to have a demo meeting after submission of the bids.

Give a breakdown of the:

a. Proposed software implementation breakdown including recurring costs

b. Hardware including their specifications required to support the software

c. Any other cost including deployment and training on the site

d. Prices should be inclusive of VAT

e. Amount should be in Kenya Shillings.

How to apply


Clarifications should be sent to

Bid submission should be done via email ( by 19th April 2022, latest 1700 Hours E.A.T.

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