Logistic Assistant At Population Services International

Below is the summary of the specific Roles:


· Processing and management of tenancy agreement

· Management of asset register

· A/C repairs, maintenance, and accessories.

· Repairs and maintenance of office furniture’s, electronics, and equipment

· Electrical repairs and maintenance

· Office doors and windows maintenance

· Any other task assigned by the supervisor.


· Vehicle routine servicing/maintenance

· Assigning of vehicles for trips through requisition form

· Establish and maintain a well-functioning logistics support operation for the office – effective coordination and use of vehicles.

· Vehicle tracking through tracking device

· Review vehicle logbooks to ensure proper record keeping and documentation

· Plans, directs, and coordinates the operation of vehicle maintenance and repairs

· Request for the replenishing of total fuel cards for the vehicles.

· Fleet data collation and reporting

· Identify and support in-service training programs for newly employed Pilot and annual refresher courses for ALL Pilots.

· Ensures that all vehicles have all essential accessories such as umbrella, map, fire extinguisher, toolkit, torch, medical kit etc. Each vehicle should have a checklist that is checked regularly.

· Receive and processes vehicle accident and damage reports.

· Organizes safety programs for all fleet staff

· Renewal of vehicle papers

· Tracking of fuel purchase through Total dashboard

· Purchase of vehicle accessories/washing kit

· Purchase of vehicles accessories

· Coordinate sending and receiving of commodities/parcels/working tools

· Vehicle records and reporting

· Engagement with vehicle maintenance vendors

· Liaise with the Procurement team to arrange the management of car rental and vehicle haulage organizations to provide necessary transport services between central and regional offices as and when necessary.

· Any other task assigned by the supervisor.


· Processing of monthly Payment of security guards

· Coordination and supervision of security guards

· Management of fire alarm system

· Management of fire extinguishers

· Facilitate staff training on fire related and emergency issues in collaboration with HR

· Ensure functionality of office security lights

· Any other task assigned by the supervisor.

What are we looking for?

· A Diploma in Business / Public Administration or related field.

· At least 1 year working experience in administration and logistics

· Fluency in English with excellent writing and speaking skills required.

· Demonstrable experience in office management and staff coordination.

· Excellent writing and speaking in English language

· Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.

· Strong team communicator and facilitator between the interests of different departments.

· Problem-solving ability with equipment

· Ability to work under pressure.

The candidate we hire will embody PSI’s corporate values:

· Measurement: You use hard evidence to make decisions and guide your work. You set clear goalposts in advance and explain clearly if you need to move them.

· Pragmatism: You will strive to deliver the best possible result with the resources available. You will not be paralyzed by a need to make things perfect.

· Honesty: You own your mistakes and are open about your shortcomings – it is the only way you will learn and improve.

· Collaboration: You will quickly establish a mental map of whom you can rely on for what, on your team, at headquarters, and in our country offices – if you try to do it all yourself, you will not succeed.

· Trust: You accept limits to your sphere of control and give colleagues the benefit of the doubt.

Commitment: You are in it for the long-haul and want to grow with the organization, just like PSI serves its consumers and partners with host-country governments through thick and thin

How to apply

All interested and qualified candidates should send their comprehensive resume with a cover letter as ONE PDF/Word document to the e-mail addresses careers@psinigeria.org.ng and dspecialist@psinigeria.org using the position title and location as the subject of the e-mail.

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