Logistics Associate- Alkufrah at CTG

Spectrum / Frequency Management Specialist- South Sudan at Committed To Good (CTG Global)

Position: Logistics Associate

Overview of position

These jobs are found in Regional Bureaux (RBs), Country Offices (COs), Area/Field Offices (AOs/FOs). Job holders report to a Logistics Officer, Head of Unit or the designate.

At this level, job holders demonstrate responsibility and initiative to respond independently to queries with only general guidance for all assistance modalities for both our clients and logistics common services. There is a requirement to use judgment in dealing with unforeseen problems on a daily basis. Job holders typically manage a small team, supervising and coaching staff.

Role objectives

  • Provide specialized support to logistics operations and activities, following standard processes and contributing, directly or indirectly, to the effective delivery of food assistance to beneficiaries.
  • Coordinate requisitioning and ensure timely delivery of commodities and supplies to authorised partners and destinations.
  • Manage logistics vendors’ contracting activities including performance monitoring and measurement.
  • Support gathering market intelligence, vendor assessments (e.g. transporters, retailers) to support vendor selection process.
  • Identify, resolve and/or provide recommendations on specialised queries/requests for support, using initiative and following standard processes, to ensure timely and accurate resolution of enquiries with excellent client service mind-set.
  • Prepare, monitor and revise budget for all delivery modalities, ensuring adherence to relevant procedures and in compliance with corporate standards.
  • Monitor inventory management processes to track trends and account for the inventory status from source to beneficiary.
  • Support oversight for commodity accounting data quality and integrity.
  • Analyse operational pipeline and contribute to assessments and operational planning for all delivery modalities, to ensure that supply chain requirements are taken into consideration.
  • Manage documentation processing for execution of logistics operations (e.g. customs clearance, invoice verification), take appropriate actions to resolve operational issues escalating complex issues to the supervisor.
  • Perform research, collect data and conduct analysis, produce reports (e.g. CCTI, SPRs, financial closure, physical inventory, transport performance) and ensure information accuracy in corporate systems to enable informed decision-making.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to support logistics operations management and contribute to effective service delivery.
  • Supervise the work of support staff, providing practical advice and guidance, to ensure individual and team objectives are delivered to agreed standards and deadlines for all assistance modalities.
  • Support logistics emergency preparedness and response activities including Logistics Capacity Assessment and Contingency Plan update, to support Our Client ’s response in emergencies.

Project reporting

  • Logistics Officer, Head of Unit or the designate.

Key competencies

Leads by Example with Integrity

  • Upholds our client’s values, principles, and standards.
  • Demonstrates our client’s values, principles and standards
  • Respects others and values diversity
  • Values diversity using respectful and inclusive language.
  • Stays focused and calm under pressure.
  • Stays focused and calm when under pressure.
  • Demonstrates humility and a willingness to learn.
  • Shows humility and a willingness to learn and share knowledge, seeking and acting on feedback, and taking up opportunities to develop

Drives Results and Delivers on Commitments

  • Delivers results for maximum impact.
  • Is accountable for the delivery of results.
  • Delegates appropriately
  • Seeks guidance and support where needed.
  • Adapts readily to change.
  • Adapts readily to change adjusting work as needed.

Fosters Inclusive and Collaborative

  • Is inclusive and collaborative.
  • Promotes teamwork by sharing ideas and openly raising issues.
  • Gives timely and constructive feedback.
  • Gives timely and constructive feedback to others.
  • Builds and shares new perspectives.
  • Listens attentively to others and shares views.

Applies Strategic Thinking

  • Communicates and fulfils our client’s vision.
  • Embraces our client’s vision and how it impacts their role.
  • Embraces curiosity and new ways of doing things.
  • Shows curiosity and implements new ways of doing things when relevant.
  • Analyses and evaluates data.
  • Gathers data and shares knowledge to inform team activities.
  • Considers the impact of decision.
  • Asks questions to understand the impact of decisions for their objectives.

Builds and Maintains Sustainable Partnerships

  • Build partnerships.
  • Acts professionally with external partners.
  • Collaborates to deliver common objectives.
  • Works together with partners to deliver common goals.

Further information

  • Supply Chain Management and Optimization
  • Planning, Project & Resource Mgmt
  • Information Management & Reporting
  • Market Analysis, Contracting and Operational Execution
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Technical Assistance and Coordination
  • Description of the behaviour expected for the proficiency level.
  • Demonstrates ability to design basic supply chain networks, including appropriately assessing and escalating challenges to ensure that our client is able to provide consistent and uninterrupted service to its beneficiaries and partners. Collects and analyses relevant technical data from diverse sources to forecast operational needs under various scenarios and makes evidence-based proposals.
  • Liaises with internal and external stakeholders to consolidate preliminary data analysis, draft reports and disseminate information that represents concerns and trends.
  • Demonstrates ability to collect market information and process and analyse proposals in line with our client standard rules and regulations in order to deliver efficiently.
  • Demonstrates ability to implement operational warehouse procedures and normative guidance in order to manage our client ’s warehouse, handle inventory effectively through corporate systems, and ensure loss mitigation. Demonstrates abilities to provide basic technical advice and maintain effective (inclusive, collaborative, unified) logistics coordination mechanisms with humanitarian partners and other relevant stakeholders.

Desired experience for entry into the role:

  • Experience maintaining corporate systems and running queries on ongoing shipments, pipeline information, insurance claims, and food stock.
  • Experience in administering third party service providers’ contracts.
  • Experience in compiling contract documentation.
  • Experience in contract execution.
  • Experience in budget monitoring and reporting.

How to apply

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on the CTG website as a candidate and apply for this role using this link:



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