Médecins du Monde International Network: Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services – Support to MDM Strategic Process At Médecins du Monde

The MDM International Network is made of 17 independent members (the MDM Chapters) with equal rights and responsibilities shared in a governance system based on collaborative spirit. There is no overarching governing body.

According to the Médecins du Monde Members’ International Network Agreement (MINA), « the MdM International Network looks towards the future to cooperatively build domestic programmes, standard policies, a united voice, and fundraising strategies by sharing individual members’ knowledge and experience. Through collaboration, we strengthen both global and individual initiatives and programmes ».

To achieve this, the 17 MdM chapter presidents participating to the 2021 Network General Assembly recommended elaborating a common strategic plan for the networks’ joint cooperation and development for a three-year period, starting in 2023.

The process will be led by a Strategic Plan Working group (SPWG) supported by a consultant whose role will be to provide expert knowledge on planning methodology and participatory process, as well as facilitate some activities, during the different steps of the strategic plan development. The candidate will play an active role in preparing and writing the different reports of the activities and in participating to the redaction and revision of the the Strategic Plan.

February to October 2022

  • The SPWG will already be formed when the consultant will be hired.
  • A draft version of the 2032-2025 MdM Network Strategic Plan has to be delivered to the SPWG before August 2022, and to the Network executive council (NEC) and Network presidents council (NPC), in September 2022.
  • A final version of the 2023-2025 MdM Network Strategic Plan has to be delivered before the next Network General Assembly, in October 2022.

Contracting authority
Médecins du Monde International Network

Presentation of proposals
In order to participate in this tender, the bidder must submit to Network@medecinsdumonde.net (please mention as Subject: “Consultancy MDM Strategic Plan”) before 12:00 pm on February 1st, 2022, the bid plus CV and workplan, in one pdf document.

Expected support services

  • Conduct a desk study of current strategy-relevant Network documents;
  • Perform methodological support for a mapping of stakeholders and contextual analysis together with the SPWG;
  • Plan and facilitate participatory workshops with representatives of the 17 MdM chapters to develop the strategic lines;
  • Perform previously agreed consultative activities with interest groups representing rights holders and donors, partner NGOs and other essential stakeholders;
  • Participate in drafting the draft and final versions of the strategic plan together with the SPWG


  1. 5 facilitated online workshops in which equitable and efficient participation and active engagement is ensured, 4 hours each workshop
  2. Online interaction and feedback with participants between workshops to follow up on deliverables proposed during the workshops.
  3. Draft a report presenting the stakeholders mapping and contextual analysis, as well as the detailed conclusions of the workshops, including narrative and visuals. The different parts of the report will need to be delivered to the SPWG in the predetermined timeline in order to be helpful in the elaboration of the Strategic Plan.
  4. Participate in the redaction of the draft and final version of the strategic plan in close cooperation with the writing committee of the SPWG


  • Desk study based on Network reference documents
  • Stakeholder and contextual analysis and consultations
  • Provide expert advice to the SPWG on the strategic plan development (Implies assisting to the SPWG meetings and exchanging with the SPWG co-chairs between the meetings)
  • Perform 5 online participative workshops 4 hours each, maximum 40 participants per workshop.
  • Preparation of workshops and support to participants to follow up on deliverables agreed during the workshops.
  • Drafting, reviewing and feedback-round on the report presenting the stakeholder and contextual analysis, as well as the detailed conclusions of the workshops. Additional input on other steps of the Strategic Plan development may be requested by the SPWG. The report will be delivered in different parts to ensure their optimal usefulness in the evolving Strategic Plan development process.

Estimated time-budget
35 full consultant days


  • Online meetings with the SPWG (Zoom or other similar platforms)
  • Exchanges with the SPWG co-chairs (email, text messaging or else)
  • Online workshops, with plenaries and break-out sessions if necessary (Zoom or other similar platforms)
  • Consultation on and validation of the different parts of the report (email)


  • should be available starting February 2022 until October 2022
  • extensive experience in strategy planning in multinational organizations
  • demonstrable experience or knowledge to develop a strategic plan mainly online
  • proven experience in developing strategic plans with SMART goals
  • experience with humanitarian organizations or other NGOs
  • efficient, demonstrable experience of producing high-quality deliverables in tight timelines
  • fluent in writing in English
  • working knowledge of French and or Spanish preferable
  • transparent, open and down-to-earth communication style
  • proactive, enthusiastic, open-minded
  • cultural sensitivity and safety in participatory approaches

Resources and/or sources of information

  • The relevant documents will be sent to the consultant once he or she is hired.
  • The consultant will refer to the chair and co-chair of the SPWG for any information. He or she may also refer to the Network coordinator if needed.

Timeframe and Deadlines

  1. Dissemination, reception of proposals and selection: January 2022
  2. Reception of proposals: By February 4th 2022
  3. Selection process / Interviews with the candidates: Between January 28th and February 8th, 2022
  4. Selection of Consultancy / Agreement, selection and communication to the selected company: By February 18th 2022
  5. Preparation to participate actively in the strategic plan development / Meeting with the co-chairs and with the SPWG and reading the recommended documents: February 2022
  6. Meetings and workshops on the strategic plan development / Stakeholder and context analysis, development of the strategic axes and other main components of the plan, elaboration of a consultation plan, consultation workshops and reporting: March to June 2022
  7. Reporting (written report delivered in different parts) / Prepare, validate and deliver the different parts of a report on the conclusions of the stakeholder and context analysis, as well as the consultation workshops. Other input may be requested as per discussion with the SPWG.: March to August 2022
  8. Strategic plan consolidation / Review the final draft of the strategic plan: September 2022

Name and Contact details for the people supervising the work

  • Chair and co-chair of the SPWG will be determined before the end of January 2022
  • The contact information of these two people will be sent to the consultant.

Property of the work developed
MdM International Network

How to apply

Presentation of proposals
In order to participate in this tender, the bidder must submit to Network@medecinsdumonde.net (please mention as Subject: “Consultancy MDM Strategic Plan”) before 12:00 pm on February 1st, 2022, the bid plus CV and workplan, in one pdf document.