Monitoring and Evaluation Protocol for SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Ltd at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Monitoring and Evaluation Protocol for SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Ltd at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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Monitoring and Evaluation Protocol for SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Ltd


The requested services are to support SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Ltd. in the graduation from the origination facility and progress to the Land Use Debt Facility. DFCD’s Monitoring and Evaluation due diligence indicates that the investment will have impacts which must be managed in a manner consistent with the below described reference framework(s).

Reference Framework

The reference framework(s) for the Monitoring and evaluation protocol will be (non-exhaustive list):

  • Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact and SoPact
  • Standardized frameworks for capturing impact in the different thematic areas aligned with Rio markers. E.g. GIIN / IRIS+, EVPA, Sustainable Food Lab, WRI, WUR, etc.


The assignment must be carried out by a suitably qualified and certified independent monitoring and evaluation expert, with appropriate background and experience working with social enterprises in the sector and region.

Scope of Work and Tasks

The scope of work comprises the independent assessment of all material on monitoring and evaluation aspects of the project, within the framework(s) stipulated in Section [3].

Specifically, this work will entail:

  • Review processes, procedures, and the institutional capacity of SokoFresh’s monitoring and evaluation strategy (impact, business, operational) and benchmark them against the Reference Frameworks, determine gaps and additional need
  • Develop an impact measurement and monitoring and evaluation framework;
    • Develop Impact Framework
    • Develop a ToC for SokoFresh describing how their interventions are achieving the desired impacts.
    • Align the Impact framework to SokoFresh ESG framework
  • Perform a site visit to assess the implementation of SokoFresh’s current monitoring and evaluation and data collection methods, existing touchpoints with customers to identify gaps and needs.
  • Based on findings and research, update the existing Impact Framework (where needed), and develop a comprehensive data collection approach and implementation guide.
  • Jointly with the Odoo software consultant, develop a plan on aligning the framework datapoints to be conveniently captured within the ERP system of SokoFresh (Odoo), allowing for automatic report generation.
  • Conduct training for SokoFresh staff to introduce the Impact Framework and M&E Protocol and instruct how to use it.
  • Develop a comprehensive and practical impact framework and M&E protocols to monitor and assess SokoFresh’s impact, as well as operational and business performance

Reporting and Deliverables

The Consultant will provide:

  • Preliminary Summary of Principal Findings – shortly after the conclusion of the site visit, the Consultant will provide a concise back-to-office report focusing on principal findings and identified risks, impacts, and opportunities. A meeting/conference call will be scheduled between SokoFresh, Enviu and the Consultant to discuss the principal findings and the timeline for the preparation of the ESDD report; and
  •  Impact measurement and Monitoring and Evaluation Protocols – the Consultant will provide a detailed report fully reflecting the scope of work.  Where monitoring and evaluation gaps will be observed in SokoFresh operations, the consultant will prepare M&E protocols and based on the review of the current M&E approach, develop a monitoring format and guidelines to use in monitoring progress and develop an M&E implementation plan, guidelines, and other tools.
  • Training Session for SokoFresh (field) staff – the Consultant will provide a training session to implement and action the M&E protocol, focusing on the proper capturing and inputting of data needed for tracking the KPIs
  • ERP integration of impact tracking for M&E– the Consultant will provide insights on the data to be captured towards tracking the impact, business and operational KPIs in SokoFresh’s ERP dashboard, in consultation with the technical consultants.
  • Theory of Change for SokoFresh– the Consultant will provide a theory of change for SokoFresh’s operations, business and impact tracking.
  •  Impact Framework – the consultant will provide a well-documented impact framework.

Additional Information

The proposal for the M&E protocols should contain the sections listed below:

Scope of Work:

The scope of work should include a description of the specific activities that will be performed to accomplish the required tasks identified in Section 5.  This should include any proposed site visits/reconnaissance, documents to be reviewed, interviews, etc.  If the Consultant feels that additional tasks or components within a required task are suggested or warranted, these should be stated and delineated as “Optional Tasks”.

Project team and qualifications:

This should include the name of the principal staff members and any sub-contractors and a brief description of their role within the project team. Qualifications of staff should include relevant technical capabilities, specific previous project experience similar to this Project, specific in-country experience and knowledge, and specific language skills.

Closing: August 10, 2022.

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